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    New high score anyone?

    Anthrocon is a convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where furry artwork, memorabilia, and other crap is sold to fat guys with glasses. It's also a convention where fursuiters prance around and talk about how Minevra Mink is hot. No women attend these furry conventions, they are all transvestites. These "women" that attend Anthrocon are fugly bulldykes.


    As furries are notorious for drama, the only way an accurate listing of recent drama originating at or involving Anthrocon could be kept would be to hire all of FOX News and CNN, and even then some things would be missed. Here are a few most furries are still Bawwwing over:

    Prawst B& over his YouTube

    On February 3, 2010, a FurAffinity user by the name of Prawst (a.k.a. Sterling Richter), the hero who organized the fake protest outside Anthrocon 2007, posted a journal in which he linked to the letter he received from God himself stating he was banhammered from Anthrocon for "2010 and beyond".

    After reviewing your collection of postings on YouTube and elsewhere, we have come to the conclusion that it is not in Anthrocon's best interest to accept a registration from you for Anthrocon 2010 and beyond.


    Uncle Kage

    This reaction by Kage and the Anthrocon Board of Directors may have been triggered by the interview Mr. Richter gave to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review more than seven months earlier. It is not known why Anthrocon took so long to respond to the article, but it is believed they had been too busy yiffing during previous meetings. Prawst now joins Sibe in the Banned from Anthrocon hall of fame.

    The Great Furry Pedo Roundup of 2009

    Although not directly involved with the con, the arrest of the pedo Alan David Berlin just a month before the con caused much butthurt when the local news organizations dug out file footage from the year before for use in their stories. Many rumors then started to spread that the news would stake out the convention, the FBI would be present, and Chris Hansen would be making an appearance. Unfortunately, July came, and nobody in the local media cared and covered the convention as normal.

    Meanwhile, in Denver...

    As fursuiters readied their murrsuits and dog cock dildos in Pittsburgh, a 45 year old woman in Denver was arrested for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old male furfag. The same day KDKA-TV of Pittsburgh visited Anthrocon to shoot video for their coverage of the convention (Coincidence?! I think not!). This video was fed back to Denver likely via a series of tubes allowing the media to have fresh video of fursuiters to use. Instead of worrying about the sudden spike in pedo busts and their relation to the fandom, a number of furries whined about the media and how they shouldn't be allowed at the convention.

    Classic Drama

    Pending the coming of 2012 and/or Raptor Jesus, the Smithsonian plans on erecting a Lulz wing with the following articles included in the "Hall of Furry Drama".


    In 2007, after noticing the small amount of money the con was making was not in proportion with the large number of people milling about the hotel, a non-drunk (We think.) Uncle Kage decided the best way of dealing with the matter was to find out what rooms the "ghosts" were staying in and have the hotel charge them the full rate for the room instead of the discounted convention rate.

    2007-06-26 06:03:00 Well, wasn't THAT a bit of fun! Yesterday's lament, inspired by my dismay at people who saw nothing wrong with spending four days partying with their friends in a space that I paid for, without helping me to pay for it, somehow turned into a savage debate about my apparent practice of assaulting and robbing any person who walked within fifty feet of the Westin. I think that's a rather amusing image, myself, but I thought the discussion got out a little out of hand. Inevitably someone mentioned Hitler, so I invoked Godwin's law and decided it was time for everyone to take a breather. For the record, I have never personally flogged anyone nor instructed the Dorsai to do so (though temptation has at times been strong), nor have I ever mugged a person who stopped by the lobby to say hello to friends from out of town. My disapproval lies specifically with those people who spend more than a reasonable amount of time in our company without paying their fair share...



    We deal with it on a case by case basis. There is no standard protocol. Commonly, what we will do is verify that the person we catch is indeed ghosting the convention. At that point, we determine if the person is staying in the hotel (easier to do than you would imagine, though I'm not prepared to discuss how we do it). If the person is staying in a hotel room, then that room, regardless of who rented it, is taken out of the Anthrocon room block. The room charge reverts to the standard rack rate, which usually exceeds $300 per night. The person who rented the room is then free to speak to me when presented with the bill, so that I can inquire why a "ghost" was permitted to stay in the room. The few times that we have done this have resulted in the person in question buying a membership ($50 was a lot less to pay than $800 or so). At that point we are happy to return the room to our block-rate.



    People question if this practice is legal after the person reserving the room makes the contract with the hotel and signs the room rental agreement/receipt. People also plan on ghosting the convention this year.

    Baseball Drama

    Due to the hotel's proximity to PNC Park, it has become epic lulz for the Pittsburgh Pirates to book opposing teams in the Westin Hotel while the convention is going on. Because of all the yiffing going on, the opposing team can't sleep and therefore loses their games.

    2007 with the Milwaukee Brewers

    In 2007, the first incident involving Anthrocon and a baseball team occurred. The Milwaukee Brewers were in town for a 4-game series when suddenly the furries descended on the hotel.

    For those of us know had no knowledge of these types of people, it was kind of like being dropped into the middle of a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" movie. The lobby was packed with human beings dressed in various animal costumes. Going up the elevator is unsettling when you are packed in with a bunch of people who look like they hadn't left their mother's basements since the last convention. Virtually everyone, even those who looked otherwise "normal", had a tail sticking out of their clothes in the back.


    —Jim Powell, Former Brewers Radio Broadcaster.

    This provided much lulz for the radio broadcasts for the rest of the series. For the record, the Brewers lost the last three games of the four they played. Players and staff reported hearing animal noises being made in other rooms late into the night.

    2009 with the New York Mets

    The following report from WABC-TV in New York City says enough:

    The furries turned the hotel into an animal house... carousing in the halls, making it difficult to get any sleep.


    —Rob Powers, WABC-TV Sports Anchor

    Fun Facts

    It is known by few non-furs and is a Furluminati imperative that at a con, every odd-numbered room is to be used for massive gay yiff orgies near the end of the night ("female" furs have dicks, btw). This fun fact can be used to troll the shit out of any fur, IRL or online.

    Most furries vehemently deny this; they don't want the fandom to seem sex-oriented and consider these their sikrit club roomz. If you find a furry who denies this they either a) are an active and eager participant or b) have not taken part in one of these, which makes them a double-loser. This also gives prospective trolls a good target for troll practice.

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