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    Anthrochat, A.K.A. AnthroChat.Net, is a Furry IRC network filled mostly with the some of most self-absorbed furries you'll find throughout the internets. The staff don't care about what its users do at all, so it's pretty much impossible to get banned from the entire network, unlike FurNET, Who will K-Line you for "trolling". Notable channels include but are not limited to:

    • #Furry (Self-explanatory.)
    • #Fursuit (Also self-explanatory.)
    • #hackerfurs where losers like Pi and weev hang out because they think they're hackers
    • #anythinggoes (Anything goes? Think again. Full of butthurt)
    • #yeah (yeah is very truth music. John Garcia hangs out here)
    • #fluff (You walk down the street, see dogs fucking. This chan is like if you didn't turn away.)
    • #Gayfaggotinc (see gayfaggotinc.)
    • #Nonfurs (Talk about drugs, fucking, making fun of everyone, and drugs.)
    • #FurryCoffeeShop (Drama filled channel, mainly over OP struggles.)
    • #zoofurxxx (I'm an Anthro, He's an animal...So what's the problem?)
    • #Inflation (Fetish channel, awkward moments and reasonably weird stuff. This is why we can't have nice things.)
    • #Babyfur (Self-explanatory.)
    • #YiffyCubs (Never has more than three members active, also name suggest more reasons why nice things cannot be had.)
    • #Eatshitanddie (More nice things cannot be had because of this channel.)
    • #nonanthro (The "I wish i was an Animal, so I could fuck one" channel.)
    • #BakedFurs (Drugs and Fun, sounds like the good stuff. It feels good man, feels good.)
    • #F2FYiff (Nice Things void in this channel. Nice people idle here sometimes.)
    • #babyfur.me (Idiots ahoy! Register your nick and have fun trolling, mods don't care)

    Typical IRC Log

    Jun 13 22:43:40 <Whitefang>	arfarf?
    Jun 13 22:44:27 <ignashia>	arf arf barf?
    Jun 13 22:44:53 *	ignashia snuggles up to Whitefang 
    Jun 13 22:45:19 *	Whitefang snuggles you close and he kisses deeply
    Jun 13 22:45:38 <ignashia>	heeee, someones energetic
    Jun 13 22:46:38 *	ignashia slips tongue deep into your maw
    Jun 13 22:46:53 *	Whitefang mrowls to you as he licks his tongue along yours, his paws caressing over your sides
    Jun 13 22:47:43 *	ignashia forgets about all the dumb ass hats that were annoying today and pushes against Whitefang 
    Jun 13 22:48:59 *	Whitefang smiles as he wiggles against you, playfully rubbing up and down your back
    Jun 13 22:51:09 *	ignashia wraps her arms tightly around you, kind of wanting you
    Jun 13 22:52:07 *	Whitefang wags his tail and he kisses at your muzzle, murring happily to you as he caresses and woofs lustfully
    Jun 13 22:52:47 *	ignashia slides her hands down your back and gives your rump a good fondeling
    Jun 13 22:53:56 <ignashia>	quit playing and just give it to me, 
    Jun 13 22:54:01 <ignashia>	its been that kind of day >.>
    Jun 13 22:55:10 *	Whitefang blinks and he sighs, nodding. "Alright, alright.." He pulls off his clothing and he licks at your maw. "How do you want me?"
    Jun 13 22:55:34 <ignashia>	If its like that we can play it your way this time.
    Jun 13 22:55:56 *	ignashia wriggles out of her clothes, letting them drop to the floor with out a care
    Jun 13 22:56:40 *	Whitefang growls at you and he nips at your cheek
    Jun 13 22:57:03 <ignashia>	oh rough eh?
    Jun 13 22:57:22 *	ignashia gets on all fours and takes a submissive posture to quell the nipping
    Jun 13 22:57:40 *	ignashia winks
    Jun 13 22:58:49 *	ignashia flags, showing you how ready and willing she is
    Jun 13 22:59:13 *	Whitefang is annoyed but is quelled as he sees your posture, then moving behind you, letting his paws caressing your sides. He takes your hips and he roughly presses his wolfhood up against and then into your waiting depths
    Jun 13 23:00:08 *	ignashia gasps at being doven into so suddenly, and attempts to crawl away slightly
    Jun 13 23:01:40 *	ignashia wimpers 
    Jun 13 23:02:25 *	Whitefang woofs at you as he bucks stronger, holding your hips with his strong paws as he nips at you. "Shush"
    Jun 13 23:03:24 *	ignashia wriggles her legs and hips a bit trying to get use to the size of your ample wolf penis pounding away inside her softest of spots
    Jun 13 23:05:25 *	Whitefang chuckles as he bucks harder as he leans over, nipping at your ears, growling happily as he feels the slickness inside of your hot sex.
    Jun 13 23:06:38 *	''ignashia bites her lip, only to let out a few more muffled wimpers, knowing how much she is giong to suffer when you knot swells inside of her.
    Jun 13 23:09:12 *	ignashia kicks her hind paws, trying to shake you off for just long enough to catch her breath
    Jun 13 23:09:36 *	ignashia knows she hasn't a chance of escaping the clutch of your powerful paws.
    Jun 13 23:11:20 *	ignashia has sudden change of mine
    Jun 13 23:11:31 *	Whitefang grins as he nips more at you, pawing your legs, scratching there a bit as he become more feral in this love making
    Jun 13 23:11:38 *	Whitefang blinks. "What?"
    Jun 13 23:11:44 *	ignashia finds a knife on the floor and out strches herself to grab at it
    Jun 13 23:11:55 *	ignashia has an 8" blade at her finger tips
    Jun 13 23:12:05 <ignashia>	if only i could just get one finger on it
    Jun 13 23:12:36 *	ignashia times her last grasp for the knife with your bucking, takes it fully into hand and slams it home deep into your sides
    Jun 13 23:13:24 <Whitefang>	jOkay
    Jun 13 23:13:28 <Whitefang>	I've had enough
    Jun 13 23:13:29 <Whitefang>	Bye
    Jun 13 23:13:56 <ignashia>	oh yea?
    Jun 13 23:13:58 <ignashia>	well fuck you
    Jun 13 23:14:01 <ignashia>	some boy friend you are
    Jun 13 23:14:07 <ignashia>	your all into your fantasies
    Jun 13 23:14:09 <ignashia>	what about mine!
    Jun 13 23:14:11 <ignashia>	huh?
    Jun 13 23:14:14 <ignashia>	dick
    Jun 13 23:14:17 <ignashia>	you fucking dick
    Jun 13 23:14:24 <ignashia>	your all into tearing my vagina to shreads

    Both are basement dwelling sexually confused boys as is typical of furfaggots

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