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    File:Anonymous Thought.jpg
    Oh hay guise, I know what I'm talking about, right?

    YouTube Favicon.png AnonymousThought is a JewTuber and pretentious newfag from Clearwater that thinks it's a good idea to project Anon as a knight in shining armor on a white horse.

    The Mission

    About the only thing of value about this borgfag's video is the production values as in his attempt to win new demonstrators for Project Chanology he both humanizes and belittles Anon by denying everything that Anon has built up and stood for while severely breaking rules 1 and 2. The video is essentially an overly didactic diatribe from some overzealous dbag who claims he is not speaking for or on behalf of anyone and that he is a neutral party, yet he makes a YouTube video informing others what Anon is or is not about. But hey after all srs business is more important than lulz, amirite?

    The Vid(s)

    Who is Anonymous?

    See also a slightly less tl;dw but equally gay YouTube Favicon.png abridged version.


    Anon the poor misunderstood kid

    They are racist because...It is offensive~♪



    They are sexually perverse because it's outlawed.



    They are cruel because they can.



    Yet we cannot disown these aspects of anonymous, as much as we can't disown the human race.




    Now the sum of Anonymous has changed even more, every day the immaturity and disgust is diluted by the intelligent and the educated.



    Lol wut?

    Don't expect your opinion to be taken any more valuable than mine.



    Remember there is no opinion.



    There's those of you out there that disagree with my opinion, my understanding of anonymous - and to them I'm saying - and what is the point of that?


    — AnonymousThought

    He's been posting CP for years

    But the thing is, half these people who are against it aren't making anything, all they're doing is posting tinyurl links to child pornography and writing desu desu desu desu a lot. And I tell you I've been doing this stuff for years.



    He has diggs and points, you don't

    It's obvious that there is a huge response of people who did enjoy the video and enjoyed this kind of interpretation of anonymous - based on the diggs, based on the points and the amount of messages I got.



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