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    AnonOps at work
    Fight me on IRC not IRL faggot and see what happens.

    AnonOps was an irc network and website created by famed journalist Barrett Brown some time in the mid 80's which contains many Moralfags, furfags, and butthurt foreveralone network staff. It's home to a plethora of internet activists, 12 year olds, and pedophiles. Started somewhere in October 2010 it has been the starting ground for a number of projects including the rape of famed recording artist Gene Simmons, the attack on Mastercard, Visa, Bank Of America, that Swiss bank no one can remember the name of and the over throw of Pretty Cool Guy Hosni Adolf Mubarak. AnonOps contributed a great deal to fame of Anon so it can now be labeled and sold in any number of digital entertainment products. AnonOps became the media front-end for a leaderless organization, assuming power in a 1984-like information takeover where dissent was silenced and history was rewritten. AnonOps used to be frequented by hackers, not anymore.

    Children's minds were wiped clean by AnonNews, the brainchild of Ryan Cleary. Thousands of dollars were made in advertising, begging for donations, and general attentionwhoring.


    AnonOps decided to attack Sony, most likely just to make money off of the attention and recruit thousands of newfags. Inevitably, every single organization possible stole everyone's PSN information. Some of these groups were Sony, the FBI, the CIA, Anonymous, AnonOps, and you. AnonOps and Barrett Brown pretended that they were actually moralfags and for some time, people even believed them. Jesus of the Dickheads descended in the form of Ryan Cleary and 808chan and AnonOps was shattered just like they had planned.

    Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous

    Because Anonymous = OH HEY HERE IS MY FACEBOOK

    In the beggining, AnonOps pioneered popularizing the anonymous culture to wider audience, or, at least webchat IRC. This heartly welcome for newfaggery buttrape led to the inevitable corruption of morals, and even the granted right to just idle in a silent channel for days.

    As the tradition with IRC goes, network opers and chanops grew increasingly incompetent and while claiming to be anonymous leaders (wat?) becoming lucrative lulzcow in itself. It was impossible for the staff to tell the difference between a troll and someone who genuinely disagreed, and wanted a voice. Eventually, they just banned everyone who didn't DDoS or research Aaron Barr's stolen documents. This led them to be accused of acting as a honeypot for the mentally retarded. Barrett Brown then demanded that all potential Anons report to him for approval, and refused those who simply wanted to be "lowercase anonymous."

    IRC teen angst

    Sometime in May of 2011 the newbie crapflood inexplicably exploded and rogue opers dissatisfied with the situation (and nickserv abuse) decided to eradicate the network. Packets were thrown both ways (even ED IRC), sites were rmed, DNS hijacked, conversations and passwords were sniffed and leaked, cloaked hosts disclosed. Simply the usual IRC teenage drama, too unfunny to describe. Thank you Ryan!


    After all this, Anonops' security has taken a lot of damage and will take a while to patch up, setting them back a long way (although the site was only off for twelve hours or so, lol DDoS). It has also become apparent that this was a petty feud that escalated, making everyone suffer needlessly because both parties involved in the argument - including all the sysops from both sides - were dickheads who acting too short-sightedly to realise that they were needlesly ruining something decent and nearly screwed something else wonderful over too, and that this sort of bullshit should never happen again.

    Anonops & 4chan

    Sometime around early November, Anonops and their team of 1337 hackers declare war on 4chan, posting DDoS threats on /b/. Although someone else got to it first. They were offended when /b/ pointed out that they were nothing but 12-year-old skids. They thus proceeded to spam /b/ with pictures of the Chanology logo and screencaps of using javascript.


    After AnonOps getting back to normal, some guy called "carlos1337", some wannabe latinamerican nigger 1337 h4xx0r was angry with all the IRCops there, specially the most retarded of all, Power2All (Thanks to him, with CGI:IRC just almost all the IPs were leaked), because he had got a lot of butthurt and the newbie (useless people too) crapflood came back. Just used a 0day in Anope and leaked all the configs files. The biggest epic fail ever seen.

    AnonOps killed Anonymous, and today, we at HEP have avenged them. We cannot

    bring Anonymous back to the state it was, but we've burned the abonimation that took its place to the ground. For that, we are proud. We hope you enjoyed reading this little 'zine half as much as we enjoyed owning these pseudo-activitists for the Nth time. We've personally been responsible for nulling somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 of their servers, and will just keep dropping them as they put more back up. Ryan Cleary had the right idea, in trying to get Anons to spread out, but the namefags didn't want to listen. This time, we can only hope that they do.



    Eventuall. a private security firm infiltrated Anonops ,and using an opped nick "Celeste" doxed everyone and banned all the clones, bots and BNC shells in order to narrow the field down for Law Enforcement and make prosecution of individuals involved in anonops easier.

    Note: Carlos1337 uses Google translate for spanish phrases, if you backtranslate the spanish phrases would say thing like: "LOL ANONOPS I'M DEAD" and "ZERO DAYS VULNS".

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