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Anne in all his glory
Ms. Onymous proceeds outdoors only twice a year
Expect furfagottry, narcissism, magic, and shitty art: you will never be disappointed.

Anne Onymous is the pseudonym for the creator of the extremely amateurish webcomic The Wotch. But if you hadn't noticed that it was a pseudonym before now, I am surprised you're smart enough to operate a keyboard and internet browser; perhaps you're some sort of five year old or caveman, randomly bashing the keyboard and mouse together until you stumbled upon this page.


Anyhow, Anne Onymous is a name cleverly created from the word "anonymous" making her a /b/tard cunt. Anne uses it so she can continue making her terrible webcomic without fear of a sex starved /b/tard finding out where she lives and hitting her with a truck so she stops making this shit.


Speaking of how terrible the comic is, if you don't know The Wotch, you can imagine it like so: take Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sabrina the Teenage Witch and remove anything that makes those shows original, creative, interesting, or entertaining (lol). Now make the main character a Mary Sue self-insertion character. Finally, have all the cast randomly switch genders with no explanation besides "magic", solely to appease the fan base comprised of nothing but transformation fetishists. Imagine thousands of obesitized, blobby "sensitive boys" who want their manboobs turned into melons and their junk into rock-hard steel cumrockets. Then they put on gurly-gurl miniskirts, sparkly pink tops and heels, and jack off into a gallon jar full of My Little Pony toys. This is the audience that Anne and Robin have got themselves, and they deserve it.


Do you ever feel uncomfortable with the idea of people masturbating to thoughts of your characters?

Anne: Not really. It's not like I can really control that anyway.


What else is Anne Onymous hiding behind her pseudonym? I'll give you a hint: it would be more appropriate if the name was "Man Onymous" amirite? But then you'd almost expect the creator of a comic where boys become girls and girls become boys and they all have sex to be a guy pretending to be a girl on the internet. Anne (more like Man amirite) and all the other major characters in Wotch are based off of a series of role play sessions on #tgroleplay located on undernet (that is on IRC for you newfags out there.) Anne even invented a fake finance to try to hide from the exposure of this fact to her fanbase. Despite "Robin" one of "her" co-creators is actually in love with the female persona of Ann.

It would appear that abomination that is The Wotch has a suitably abominable heritage. Yes, the family fun that is The Wotch, the transformations that Anne insists are 'just for fun,' all of this hails from the bleating of a number of sexually frustrated wildebeests. They've even archived their sexlogs; no wonder the plot reads like fanfiction. "Anne" claim's to have created the many "characters" of the Wotch universe, when in reality they are all based on characters made by the admins on #tgroleplay. So "Anne" is profiting and stealing from the creativity of other people.

It's unusual that they don't mention that on the FAQs or their interviews. I'm sure their fans would love to hear of the comic's glamorous origins! Also do try to troll the wotch forums about it. Last time some one discovered this stuff it lead to Anne, Robin, and the rest banhammering their forums.

Disturbing Trends

In Anne's comics the characters will oftentimes to be mentally and physically transformed. Their former brains and bodies are wiped out with a single thought, replaced with perfect new ones. The collective memory of their existence is erased, replaced with a stock personality, usually always female - like a vapid cheerleader or a Japanese schoolgirl. Anne lives out Godlike fantasies, erasing her childhood bullies and former schoolteachers from existence.

Some might find such fantasies frightening and perhaps seek a psychiatric ward, but not our Anne. She rationalizes them with the belief that her alterations are making the town a better place, drawing inspiration from a 20th century political organization.

Additionally, why are all of the characters in a fetish comic 15-16 years old? What the hell, Anne?

Minors in Annes Shitty Comic.jpg


File:Anne is a jew.JPG
Her real name is actually Anne Frank.
Even her fans think her comic should die.
Ha ha. No.

Besides being a TG-wankfest this comic has only one other point: Making Money. Anne’s shitty comic manages to get thousands of dollars for her simply through selling shit merchandise, shit art and doing shit donation runs. Her fans continue to send her their welfare money in hope of seeing special animations of all her characters turning into furry dragon cow centaur dickgirls. I shit you not. She doesn't quite seem to get the idea of the donations though, since she hasn't even updated the news feed in over 6 months. A number of these animations aren't even drawn by her, but by Naga from the fetish site Naga's Den. Absolutely nothing suspect about that.

The worst thing however isn't that some people buy plastic crap like a "Wotch watch" or an Anne butt plug disguised as a figurine, it's that enough people buy this crap. Enough for the Wotch to have appeared once on Wikipedia's list of self-sufficient webcomics. Yeah, Anne actually makes a living with this comic.


It is their sycophantic fans who have led these men to believe that their dull writing, 2-D personae, and shitty art are of a publishable quality.

In the worst decision an publisher could make since the publication of The Beautiful Boy, infatuated Anne Onymous and Eric Robinson have shat the Chris-Chan of comic books out of their intellectual poison womb.

They claim that many of the cardboard cutouts included within their scribble are crude representations of people they've seen/met/stalked. When in actuality they are still based on people from #tgroleplay. "Ann" has no original ideas.

Hence if God hates you, you'll either raise several hooting mongoloid manchildren or appear in the fap rack of your neighborhood hambeast. You'll find it wedged between the hentai written by professional writers and artists, the ones with such difficult techniques as shading and drawing straight lines mastered. Within its gooey pages, you may even find an artiste's note reminding you to take your psoriasis medication.

CMX 910

Predating Fresh Epic and even Snafu comics, Anne decided to gather his own webcomic artist collective and name it CMX 910. Drawing in every shitty fan of his shitty comic who wanted to make his own shitty comic, he opened a shitty webforum where he pretends to have some kind of actual control over them. Sadly for them and every person who reads these comic they are all crap. 90% of them are either dead or on an extended hiatus, and 100% of them are about gender bending, people turning into animals, people turning into furries, people turning into centaurs, statues and every other kind of sick fetish fuel for people who jerk off to the thought of transforming into a dog and having their dick sucked.

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