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Probably smelling her own farts


Anisa Jomha, (also known as Annie Jay) is an online whore that was born on July 25th 1993 and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. Her mother, Maureen, was Irish Catholic- now converted) and her dad is Lebanese Muslim. Growing up its been speculated that she's always had a severe case of a pick-me mindset. She's not like the other girls, she was the only female on her lacrosse team in school by bullying the school being stunning and brave. Anisa is most well known for dating confirmed beta cuck iDubbbz since October 2016. Anisa’s online presence did not start with Ian surprisingly though, she use to go by RaihnbowKidz as a titty streamer playing LoL on Twitch, however like most things she sticks her head into, it didn't last. So much that she felt the need to make a statement that she was done being a twitchthot for good. Despite now having an OnlyFans.

Anisa has always been an attention whore early on in her life.

Career Change

”I would play ranked games on stream and I would lose every single one because I was just so focused on the fact that my fucking straps on my stupid push up bra were digging into my shoulders,” she said. “And I would look over at chat, and like every second comment is calling me a slut and a whore. It’s just not fun for me anymore.”


—Anisa, whos only smart enough to put on a tank top instead of fucking shirt

After deciding that being a twitchthot wasn't good enough for her, she tried her hand at Youtube. Uploading videos that nobodies remembers because she also gave up trying that as well. The only thing more dead than Anisa herself is her own Jewtube channel. Not even her most popular videos could break a million despite having Ian’s clout, leading one to ask: [wouldn't want to watch a video of Anisa reacting to dick pics lol?]

What a boring bitch

Shitty Personality

If you’ve ever heard of Anisa before she started dating the beta male iCuckkkz himself, it's because like most women, she couldn’t keep her god damn mouth shut. When she’s not too busy taking nudes while looking depressed, you can find Anisa either talking shit or telling people that guise she’s just so misunderstood!!!!!

When the pear can no longer defend herself, she retreats back into her tree before coming up with a sob story. Not only are the things that she spews are true, its most likely used to make you feel sorry for her. When being a bitch doesn't work, that means it's time to tell everyone that you're so poor that you didn't know how to dress yourself. Or that she felt triggered while in school after 9/11. Nobody should ever fall for the shit that falls out of her ass. Her face and asshole maybe be indistinguishable but the biggest rule on all whores is to ignore their cries for attention and attempts to make you their next victim.

Bonus:my dad has alzheimer's so buy my onlyfans):

There are multiple occasions where over the years Anisa has taken a shit online, touting off a holier than thou attitude on everyone who dares criticize her. This includes her relationship with Ian, being lumped in with other camwhores, called out for lying, being Muslim, and in general not being able to properly deal with her own shit like the fucking 27 year old woman that she is. Its almost fucking unfathomable how awful she is both inside and out. Physically and mentally she is tied with a rotting pear that was left outside on a bench. She somehow manages to be so insecure she can’t even stop herself from insulting the women that her own friends are dating to them, even if they're streaming together. Anisa has never successfully dug herself out of her own problems because she's too busy sperging about women who have taken the place she thinks she deserves.

Women That Are Better Than Anisa:

Ugly Inside and Out

Anisa has such a bad habit at lying and saying things she hardly ever mentioned again, if she ever does at all. Seriously, I don't even think this bitch remembers all the stupid shit she spews. Some speculate this is to stay interesting to literally anybody willing to listen to this dumb bitch. This is all tied into the fact that she barely has any friends to begin with, maybe talking shit about your friends WASN’T a good idea! If you ever run into the rotting pear herself, give her a gentle reminder that two faced bitches usually have at least one pretty face, since we all know she can't read this whole article.

Just like Anisa’s ideas, her hobbies and interests have never amounted to anything valuable or remotely special. One day she wants to be a graphic artist, then the next she's spouting off about how she was totally going to be a cop, because she went to school for two years. She knows all about canadian gun laws guise! She recently bought a tattoo gun so she can practice and become an apprentice despite never expressing interest previously.



The perfect way to get to know what kind of person Anisa is just take a minute to look at her TikTok. Just like most late 20 year old’s in Anisa’s mind, the best way to vent about your problems is to do it online. And on the one platform zoomers and doomers alike swarm- TikTok. This is where she:

  • Spends a full minute recording herself crying about alzheimers
  • Getting triggered that people only come to her profile to see Ian
  • TikTok dances of her talking about her sexual trauma
  • Whining that she doesn't understand why people are so mean, she's so nice!
  • Recording herself having a mental breakdown over what people say about her OnlyThots
  • Lying about face filters like every e-thot thats ever fucking existed
  • Dancing like a total autist with stiff tits

Before you ask why would anybody do this? The answer is nobody fucking knows. Ask yourself first what age did you think Anisa's was first touched as a child?

iCuckkkz (Ian)

She couldn't help herself

Anisa started dating Ian in late 2016, coincidentally the same day she broke up with her last boyfriend, Akaadian (another LoL faggot). And to no ones surprise, she's also just as much of a two faced partner as she is a friend. Because of her severe GOTI syndrome, she couldn’t help but tell her discord server about her troubled relationship around a year after dating. All thanks to her lack of control over her own life she reveals that Ian’s room constantly smells like shit and looks like a trash dump, he himself also smells like bad and is a manchild. Anisa had to be a coward though and whine for asspats instead of once again being an adult. And like the spineliness cuck he is, wouldn't stand up for her. But Chris Ray Gun would! Is anybody surprised? No.

He peed on her
  • Things Ian has done since dating Anisa:
  • Fuck her
  • Forced to move houses because she accidentally doxes his address even admitting she didn't listen to his advice
  • Defend OnlyThots
  • Pay for her boob job that she ruined because she doesn't know what self care means
  • Become a beta male cuck
  • Things Anisa has done since dating Ian:
  • Thirst over Chris Ray Gun
  • Gets tits that feel and look like two giant pieces of shit
  • Become an online whore

Besides dating Ian, Anisa has only further spiraled down. Despite his negative remarks on women with retarded looking tattoos and shitty life choices, he has defended Anisa and continues to sit down like the little bitch boy he is. All while Anisa whips him to take more pictures for that OnlyThots bux. Instead of trying to help Anisa he has only taken the passenger seat on this inevitable trainwreck. Maybe he enjoys being a bitch boy, or he's waiting until she has successfully ruined her life like the Lolcow she truly is. Either way, there is no sign of the rotting pear changing her impulsive, attention whoring ways anytime soon.


Much can be said about their relationship, but a pivotal factor that always seems to overshadow is insecurity. She has let her insecurities dictate her life choices and one of those led her to a manchild. If Ms. Jomha didn't ruin her own appearance by catering to her daddy issues, she would've had a chance to look somewhat decent. Instead, she is now nothing more then an Ogre faced bitch with saggy titties who is incapable of understanding that not everybody will like you at almost 28. Anisa can’t seem to understand that she doesn’t need to skinwalk other women to be with her own boyfriend. Ian's girlfriend went great lengths to try to reincarnate what she thinks he likes despite not realizing how fucking stupid that is.

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And because he doesn’t have the balls to abandon her ass, the best way to cope is to practically never acknowledge her existence online.

Current State of iCuckkkz

Ian is now merely a shell of a man that isnt even real because too many faggots are delusional. Before Anisa came along, iDubbbz actually had a reputable career on Jewtube. Since then his viewership has steadily declined, along with the frequency of uploading videos. Much of this is due to the era of YouCuckz that had ended, but even then all three of his former collaborators/ friends have moved on to successful projects. These days he's embracing his new welcoming nicknames. Such as cuck, bitch boy, beta male, incel, soy boy, simp, to name a few.

Remember, Ian has always been a simp.
Who knew Ian was into niggers?

Ian's First Bitch Boy Tattoo

Holy shit guys, Ian finally got a tattoo on April 21st, the same day as Anisa got copy cat tattoo of a design she already has. You would think someone that puts a nautical star on them for lulz wouldn't go out and get an American traditional tattoo, but we should know better by now. His permanent mistake only cements the fact that he is on a one way street of decline. There is no hope of a comeback and he is entering territory of being too far gone to even live a happy life even if he were to run for the hills now. Not even God could save him.



I would be shocked if they weren't related

With the sex appeal of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, new giant fake tits, and a fishbowl level knowledge of Photoshop and facetune, Anisa launched her OnlyThots career on March 9th, 2020. This gained the attention of many people who came running with one question- what does iDubbbz think? The answer is he doesn’t care, you fucking faggot. What else did you expect out of a father figure lookin’ cuck? After being silent wasn't working and he could no longer deal with the faggots that call themselves fans, he made a video about it. In this video he said he had no problem with it and among other bullshit, but not once did he ever say her name or her online handle. Instead he referenced her as 'my girlfriend', probably to not to bring attention to the absolute abomination that is Anisa.

Anisa has filed three fraudulent DMCA complaints against Kiwi Farms and presumably other websites because she couldn't put two and two together and realize her shit was going to get leaked. Once previously publicly shaming sex work, she now rides on the same slipperly slope Momokun does. Going from no nude whatsoever to spectators betting on when she will reveal her asshole to the world.

Botched n' Shopped

She sucks at the one job she has

Ever since she decided to finally do the one thing OnlyThots was for (showing tits), it has been discovered that not only does she photoshop her own body, but that her nipples are indeed botched. Admittedly, this is not the worst boob job ever. However, it makes it even worse knowing it all could’ve been avoided if she would’ve done her after care. Instead of actually taking care of her tits from surgery, she spent her time editing her nipples to please the simps. But why should she care? It’s not like it’s her job. She doesn't plan to have them in for a very long time anyways! It's a gift from Ian, she never gets gifts guise! If it weren’t for the fact that the pear herself is dating iCuckkkz, nobody would give a shit. For someone who claims to work out and have modeled previously, she can only make the face of a teenager who just got rejected from the local psychiatric ward. Only a simp or a coomer would buy her OnlyFans, but i'm sure its worth tying your government name to a sex service forever, right?

“Would you pay for her OnlyFans?”

“I would pay for her to cover up.”


— - Everyone

Pictures of my Tits will Save my Father

What a lovely purse for her dying father!

Don’t worry though guys, pictures of Anisa’s boring mundane body are all to help her father who is slowly dying (alzhemiers). I would say her fathers lucky since he can’t remember Anisa’s autism, but who am I kidding? She doesn’t even live with her family to help take care of him! After tweeting once to help find her missing dad in 2019, he's been the only person to mentally decline faster then Anisa herself. It's no wonder Anisa looks like she's three seconds away from killing herself when she's jumping around topless for her simps, she's thinking about her father. Surely, she will put this money to good use and find her father a well respected living facility. Anisa is so sad!!!

Ongoing Tattoos

When venting online and starting an OnlyFans wasn't enough, the pear had to find new means to cope. A retard at a distance may not particularly notice Anisa's tattoos, but take a better look at the style, placement and subject choice though and you'll easily want to run away from her on sight. If she catches you trying to say anything about her tattoos that isn't kissing her flat ass, be prepared to be faced off with a triggered pear. We just don't understand American traditional tattoos! How could we not be as educated as Anisa!?!

Before starting OnlyFans she only had two tattoos. In the span of four months this dumb bitch got herself eleven tattoos. Not even god knows what was going through her head when she used her goldfish like memory to make all these stupid fucking choices. To make matters even worse, they were all from the wall or previously done before on other clients. This means that not only did she get tattoos with no meaning at such an expedited rate, but she couldn't even be original with any of them. Very smart for someone whose job relies solely on how you look! Keep up the great work, retard Anisa!

# Date Subject
1 Nov. 22nd (2020) Skull with snake
2 Nov. 25th Chicken foot
3 Nov. 26th Sternum demon
4 Dec. 10th Pegasus
5 Dec. 10th Red riding hood
6 Dec. 11th Rose
7 Dec. 11th Spade
8 Jan. 29th (2021) Dragon
9 Feb. 2nd Cheetah with snake
10 Mar. 31st Demon girl
11 Apr. 10th Vulture
12 Apr. 21st Panther (see tattoo #9 LOL)
13 TBA ???
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Tattoo Apprentice saga

Her father is lucky he could forget he saw this.

Tattoos aside, the rotting pear puts on a clear display of the fact that she either doesn’t have anybody in her life that will tell her no or she isn't willing to listen. Can you guess which one it is? It's both.

Let’s not forget that the reason why she's been getting all inked up is so that she can become a tattoo apprentice! After all she now has her own tattoo gun to practice with, can’t you tell she's just oozing with talent? What better way then to just get as many tattoo's as possible in the shittiest style imaginable? They're only one step up from watercolor tattoos. But we shouldn't count on Anisa for anything better considering she doesn't know how to be original even if her fathers life depended on it.

Her Future

Time will only tell if she actually does follow up with this though, either way it's all bound to end up with her moving on to something else because she can't commit to anything long term. Her tattoos and her OnlyThots are all part of a phase out of the many that make up the clusterfuck that is Anisa Johma. The only difference is that once she wakes up realizing the mistakes she has made, she’ll be even more bitter because her impulsive shitty tattoos will be there forever. Maybe one day she’ll learn that you can't tattoo yourself a personality. They don't substitute for the rotting, shitty, bitchy, attention whoring person that she is to the core.

Her Mom (Maureen)

At least she was honest

Just like how pears grow on trees, Anisa’s despicable behavior did not always come from herself. Her mother, Maureen, spends her free time on Twitch watching others and teetering between white knighting for Anisa and making snarky comments. This does not just include the pear herself but also Ian, her friends and their partners. And similar to her daughter, she cannot stop herself from getting triggered. While her comments can come off as a joke, she herself is weird and should get a fucking life.
But hey, if you want to come pick up her father and keep him just hit up Maureen!

Can you blame her? Yes

Because Anisa's life is lonely, she relies on her mom to moderate her streams. This includes notifying the public chat when her father went missing as a means to reach Anisa. Her mom, just like her daughter, can’t seem to keep her negativity to herself! Due to Maureen being the primary caretaker of her husband and watching Twitch all day, her autism is kept on a contained level. However, that doesn't stop her from being bitter that Chris Ray Gun was dicking down Laci Green over her beautiful daughter. It's easy to see why Maureen wouldn't ever approve of iCuckkkz, which is why she almost never misses an opportunity to passive aggressively take a shit on him. Unfortunately for her mom, she makes it no mystery why Anisa is the Lolcow she is today. Maybe she's assmad that the pear didn't hand over some money for her dad to live at a facility, and instead cried online about it like a little bitch.

Maureen's Bittnerness About missing Pics
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As of April 24th 2021, Ian and Anisa are now engaged. That's right, our favorite cuck and whore to hate are now going to tie the knot in what appears to be Vegas. We're currently taking bets on who will have regrets first: Anisa with her tattoos or Ian marrying a whore? Only time can tell what's in store, but if there's one thing for sure, it won't last. Only thing to do is kick back and watch this train wreck only go further down into the tunnel of doom.


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The best way to deal with Anisa is to ignore her like every other online whore.

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