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    Animu archetypes

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    This is a list of the typical character archetypes in anime. All characters on all the animu fit into one of these. Every. Single. One. Which goes to show you that outside of schoolgirls being raped by tentacles, the Japanese are actually pretty uncreative.

    The Whiny Main Character (WMC)

    The Whiny Main Character is just that, a pathetic twat who whines constantly about everything throughout whatever fruity magical adventure they're on. They only actually do anything if at least three other characters are in mortal danger and have spent the last five minutes yelling their name. This archetype was probably meant for nerds to put their faces on so they can pretend they're the one getting beat up by the Strong Independent Chick (who always secretly loves them, no matter how much of a fuck-up they are). Nearly every animu has a WMC because Japanese males hate the fact their penises are so small, and they express their impotent rage by projecting themselves onto the character. Most WMCs are, of course, male, but can be female, such as in the case of Gunbuster. Other typical characteristics are that they eat more food in one sitting than all of Africa eats in a year; when faced with a threat they become suddenly "brave," "cocky," and "gallant". This archetype is blissfully naïve and always enjoys a challenge.

    Notable Whiny Characters

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Strong Independent Chick (SIC)

    This chick's one and only purpose is usually to bean guys over the head with mallets if they suggest a date or sex with anything for any reason. Fanboys laugh their asses off when this happens, but intelligent people will say "That wasn't funny." This character will most likely fall in love with the main character for some reason, no matter how whiny his voice is. She will always express her love with extra abuse. She'll also prevent the Pervert from getting any tang round here. Nearly all fanservice is of these characters. Not to be confused with the Introvert.

    Notable Strong Independent Chicks

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Minor Strong Independent Chicks

    The Pervert

    This guy will usually steal and/or try to look at girls' panties, for that oh-so-necessary pantyshot. These characters are meant to portray the average Japanese male. Groping of breasts is also required of this guy, which is why they get kicked in the nuts by the SIC most often, usually after copping a feel from them. Perverts are always sniveling manchildren who can't even think about a pair of breasts without losing a pint of blood.

    Notable Perverts

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Minor Perverts

    The Small Annoying Thing (SAT)

    No series of Annie May can get the okay without having one of these little shits around. The only reason SATs exist is because they're marketable; weeaboos love to buy plastic crap based on them. SATs usually can't talk but if they do, they usually have annoyingly high-pitched voices and spam godawful catchphrases that will never leave your head. Some also have a dumb gimmick like being obsessed with desserts or burrowing into the digestive tract of the SIC, triggering an ever-popular colonoscopy episode. The Beautiful Airhead is of course drawn to these things.

    Notable Small Annoying Things

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Minor Small Annoying Things

    The Pissed Off Guy (POG)

    POGs are only there to look angry, however they usually end up looking constipated due to the limitations of the anime drawing style. These guys are the embodiment of Internet tough guys as they always bitch about something and don't care about anything besides fighting or their hair. But that doesn't matter as they always end up getting their asses kicked the most, even compared to the SATs. So it is always up to the WMCs to come in and save their ass. Just so you know, most slash is between these and the WMCs.

    Notable Pissed Off Guys

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Minor Pissed Off Guys

    The Grim Angsty Guy (GAG)

    There's much overlap between this category and the one immediately preceding it; the difference lies in the tendency of this bunch to turn their angst inward, resulting in reams of boring introspection, monosyllabic speech patterns, and often figurative - though sometimes literal - self-destruction. As well as anime, many video game characters exemplify this archetype.

    Notable Grim Angsty Guys

    The Beautiful Airhead (BA)

    Usually female, the BA serves no other purpose than to stand there and look stupid while a stiff wind blows up her skirt so everyone can see her panties. Clothes are an alien concept to BAs, as they can never seem to keep them on. The BA's hobbies include bending over countertops, hanging around practically naked, watching her clothes fall off with a blank expression, and screaming at pitches high enough to shatter glass.

    Notable Beautiful Airheads

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Introvert (INFP)

    This character is always a girl with dark hair and/or long bangs. She starts off meek and introverted, always spying on the WMC, but from the WMC's bravery she learns to be herself and evolve into a Strong Independent Chick.

    Notable Introverts

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Batshit Insane Guy (BIG)

    This character has no grip on reality. Rarely doing anything constructive and generally confusing the hell out of everyone, the BIG is capable of anything and everything that makes no sense at all. Notable for their powers to store insane amounts of large, random objects up their ass for use when the world is in danger. The BIG often transforms into a Pissed Off Guy when someone points out how crazy they really are.

    Notable Batshit Insane Guys

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Minor Batshit Insane Guys

    The Annoying Perfectionist (AP)

    These guys are a little hard to find, but they are still out there. These characters have serious OCPD. If one little thing is out of place or order, they will ALWAYS scream at the top of their lungs about how imperfect the thing is and try to fix it. It does not matter what dire situation the other characters are in, and because of this, the AP usually holds the characters back from whatever their current goal is. However, if they can't fix whatever is not perfect, they start feeling suicidal and in some cases they literally try to kill themselves. Unfortunately they usually fail. Their attitude and antics are usually an unfunny running gag throughout whatever series they are in.

    Notable Annoying Perfectionists

    The Convenient Prodigy (CP)

    Usually, this character can whip up whatever you happen to need whenever you happen to need it. A new robot arm? An interdimensional gate? A gun bigger than the planet? None of these are a problem. Alternatively, this character is a misunderstood genius who always wonders why everyone thinks he/she is so weird. Mostly, these freaks are around as deus ex machina who are employed to usefully explain the inexplicable.

    Notable Convenient Prodigies

    The Macho Guy (MG)

    Unlike all the other annoying archetypes, this guy is somewhat likable. This is because, whenever there is a problem, this guy solves everything with violence while laughing his ass off in the process. When this happens, he often destroys most of the scenery around him in the process. These guys are rare to find because they just barely fall under the POG and/or BIG archetype most of the time, and also because they make the other characters look like pussies. (See also: RIKI-OH)

    Notable Macho Guy


    Pussies That are Almost MGs but Fall Short

    The Ambiguously Gay Guy ([F]AGG)

    The exact opposite of the MG. Generally, the only reason they're considered guys is because they have penises. Also known as "bishies," they dress pretty like all the Japanese male idols, because Japan thinks that's manly. They tend to cross over with other archetypes, typically the WMC or on occasions, the Pervert. If they are neither, they'll probably just be a douche. Despite their ambiguously gay appearance, they are usually asexual or straight, depending on the main character's gender. They are guaranteed to have tons of fangirls who write fanfictions featuring them and another AGG having buttsecks.

    Notable Ambiguously Gay Guys

    The Trap

    A once rare commodity, now located in the bargain section. Like the AGG, they look gay. Unlike the AGG, they are gay. They are at least 100 times girlier than the girliest girl in the show. Their ultimate wish is to have his ass plowed by the main character. It's supposed to be hard to tell they're guys, but ironically, it's usually completely obvious from the start. As far as personality goes, just take a generic female character and attach a penis onto it. Yeah, having a penis is a personality trait that makes for deep characters.

    It is a common fact that they have a much smaller fanbase of girls than boys, because they're made to appeal to closet homos who draw comics of them sucking off 37 faceless dudes' dicks in a row while being fucked in the ass by guys who haven't the common courtesy to give them a reach around.

    The Lesbian

    This is an archetype that is usually split into two groups, A and B. One of these girls are usually found in an anime/manga where the main character, or even one of the main characters, is a girl, and sometimes in harems. If there isn't a girl who is a main character, they are usually so subtle about their preference that a lot of people do not notice. This is because the lesbian is a dyke who pretends to be the main character's friend, just so they can get in bed with her someday. She is usually subtle about this, but this is subtle by anime standards, and half the time she fondles the main characters breasts and says "good things" about her. The main character usually tells her to stop, but she doesn't think too much about it and stays friends with the lesbian because she's obviously a fucking moron. If the lesbian isn't this way, she is a group B lesbian, and she often goes through these "hilarious" sequences where she questions if she likes her best friend in "that way" or not. These sequences are often followed up by even more "hilarious" bits where she encounters her friend nude, much to her shock.

    Notable Lesbians

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Minor Lesbians

    • That one chick in that one Higurashi spinoff who was Natsumi's friend. You know, her.
    • 50% of the SICs.
    • Yolei from Digimon season 2. Had a huge boner for Mimi (NA) but ended up marrying Ken (AGG/GAG).
    • Yoruichi from Bleach, you know, the only black girl?

    The "Foody"

    While a rare commodity in Animu, they appear as the "comedy relief" of the series, by never having screentime without stuffing their face full of food, or taking bribes relating to food from other characters. This archetype can be split into two groups; The first is the character who doesn't give a shit about what they eat, they just stuff their face and never seem to get full or ever complain. The second is the type of character who has a fucking orgasm when they taste the food in a shrilled, screechy voice while then overexamining what they can taste and not shutting the fuck up for 5 minutes.

    Foodies are never portrayed as fat, even though they can eat enough in one episode to feed a fucking city.

    Notable Foodies

    The "Plot"

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