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    Somewhere underneath this fabric is a shriveled, unwashed penis.
    This furry got bored with his fursuit.

    At some point in time, weeaboos came to the horrifying realization that they weren't keeping up with furries in terms of sick-fuckery and employed an expert team of perverts to tackle this problem. The solution was animegao, or 'the wapanese fursuit'. Just as furries rape your eyes with their cum-stained costumes, weeaboos have provided a way for you to go blind in horror by dressing up as their favorite anime characters.

    While this may sound exactly like cosplaying, it differs in the fact that the weeaboo, or 'doller', in question leaves absolutely no skin showing. A full anime-style mask bathes the doller in complete anonymity, which means that the person underneath may be a man, an obese man, or even an 80 year old Chinese man in panties. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that nearly all animegao costumes are female.

    That's right, It's just like Fursuits: Unattractive gay men wearing expensive handmade costumes to impress other gay men into having sex with them. Like furries, they claim it's actually "For the art" but anyone with half a brain knows better. Nobody would pay hundreds of dollars to dress up like an abomination unless they were getting their brains fucked out for it. NOBODY.


    As can be expected, animegao originated in the godless shitpile that is Japan. Eager young basement-dwellers from the superior Western world came in their pants as soon as they found a new way to disguise their lumpy, pale bodies, and so the trend spread like herpes through Europe and the USA. While animegao remains somewhat obscure within most cosplaying circles, its popularity will inevitably skyrocket as weeaboos learn that they can cover their acne-ridden faces with smooth, beautiful anime masks.

    Components of the Suit

    Anime characters would look like this IRL.

    As mentioned earlier, the purpose of the animegao suit is to hide the fat rolls and asymmetrical face of the wearer. It does this by covering every single inch of the disfigured gnome within. Each suit comes in two parts- the bodysuit, which is also called a zentai, and, of course, the mask. While a regular cosplay outfit can cost a couple of dollars with some creativity, each part of the animegao costume is profoundly expensive. Bodysuits may run from $50-$200, and even the cheapest mask is at least $600. These outrageous prices ensure that only the most determined cosplay enthusiasts participate in the subculture, as only the truly dedicated can save enough from their welfare checks to buy these outrageously expensive outfits. It must be noted that all body suits come with zippers upon the crotch and ass, an innovation undoubtedly swiped from another bizarre fandom. Dollers may also attach sexy accessories to their costumes, such as anatomically accurate plastic penises and supple fake tits.


    It is no surprise that animegao is yet another sick fetish manufactured by Japan. While some dollers find no sexual satisfaction in wearing a full anime bodysuit, many of them can barely zip the costume up without blowing a load. Most dollers are men, and climbing into an animegao costume is the closest to being inside a woman that any of them will ever be. It is no wonder that these men love having sex with other men within these costumes. However, it remains unclear as to whether these knob-jockeys are men who get off on being lesbians, men who get off on being dickgirls, or men who are simply faggots.

    Animegao Porn

    Although animegao is a fetish-based subculture to the core, there is relatively little porn involving it. This may be due to the fact that even most niche fetishists find it so strange that even their weathered cocks won't raise to it. There are, however, many videos on youtube of masked sissy-men showing off their sexy costumes.

    If you achieve erection it means that it's time for you to reevaluate your life.


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