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    Anime Theme

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    Anime Theme is a website that was made sometime in 1997, but closed down at some point and re-opened in 2001. The once impressive java programing and guide ladies have fallen into an old and clunky interface that no one wishes to be a part of. Featuring 8 bit midi music, and a "MMORPG" that's hardly ever updated, Animetheme makes you want to advert your eyes and ears away. Unless of course you like the guide ladies, where in that case you'd be better off looking at hentai.

    The Forum

    It's a graveyard.

    The forums started as a fun place for fans of anime to hang out and have a good time. By 2004 it seemed only good things were ahead for the forums. Those feelings were short lived as 2004 became the start of a disaster for the forum. Now only a hand full of members still go to the forums, and half of them to make fun of it.

    The Moderators

    This is a list of the current moderators on AnimeTheme. It is important to note that all forum mods who served more then a year joined the forums at very early dates in the forums existence.

    • Butz/Baka Baka: The creator of the site in 1997 and known as Animetheme to it's members. Butz refuses to update the forum hardware claiming there has been too many "custom" changes. He rarely does any moderator type work, posts in conversations, or anything for that matter. He only swoops in to deal with matters that Ash and Nuku Nuku bring to his attention. Despite being the admin of the site, no one really respects him.
    • Ash: The server admin of the site. Ash started out quiet, but eventually became more vocal. He had a mid-life crisis brought about people making fun of him for his pirate costume and banned himself from the forums. However, he continued to post after that. Ash has an unhealthy obsession with scythes and it's rumored that there is a scythe where his penis should be. He is currently banned for banning Chrono1219 in anger. However, since he is the server admin he's not really banned.
    • Nuku Nuku: Supposedly joined the forums in 2001 under a user name that she can't remember, Nuku Nuku is the current Alpha of the forums. She mysteriously had her mod position handed to her and the popular theory is that she took Ash's virginity for it with kinky cat on pirate action. Nuku Nuku really likes cats for some unknown reason and many members have been found to be allergic to her. At one point she was involved on the forums with several underaged boys and went as far to make some go emo.
    • Ecchi Mahou/Zerofreez: Your standard perverted fat Asian guy strait from the manga. Zerofreez admits to having a large hentai and h-doujinshi collection. He has resorted to getting ass-fucked by Nuku Nuku.
    • Deathguy: A member who was known for his love of video games. He never really talked much upon becoming a moderator and managed to stay out of most of the drama. He is currently inactive, but still has his mod status.
    • Boomba: The enforcer of the moderators. Boomba was the most unforgiving out of all the mods. He is well known for making fun of other members like in the Animethief and Matt topic. He has been known to go to malls with Pikachu and to wear diapers in public. He is currently inactive, but has his mod status.
    • MisTiC MisTee05: The first member to reach 1000 posts, and among the youngest members on the forums when she joined. MisTiC MisTee05 was in and out of the forums often. She is currently not active, but her mod position remains intact.

    Former Moderators

    • Chrono1219: Originally a rapid poster, Chrono1219 turned heads with his early 40 post a day average in the pre-rpg forum era. He quickly over took MisTiC MisTee05 for the top spot. He became a mod at the same time as Deathguy and was considered to be the obvious choice for the job. He created the Newbie Adoption Agency (NAA) and was the primary pusher for the role playing forums. Later in his tenure he had constant run ins with the other mods and Ash. Eventually he left the site, and was banned by Ash after, who in turn was banned for banning Chrono1219. However, Ash is the system admin and can't really be banned.
    • Tidus: Tidus emerged as a very prolific and detailed poster. He quickly raised flags when several female members reported private messages, and posts by Tidus of a sexual nature. He got into a small feud with Boomba, and ironically got his mod position when Boomba took a temporary leave. He had a major feud with Nuku Nuku which many agree to be responsible for the start of the decline of the forums. Tidus was demodded because of his interaction with the female members on the forums.
    • Zemekis: Known as the Yaoi-Knight, Zemekis was one of the original moderators from the 1997 animetheme. Not much is known about him besides him being Yaoi. The name Zemekis is a randomly generated name in Final Fantasy Tactics.
    • Xchan: Known as the Yaoi-Fairy. She had a kind of a partnership with Zemekis. Not much is known about her.

    Game Mods

    Technically all mods have the ability to mod the games, but some members specifically have game mod powers. (Currently there are no members who are game mods)

    • Leon82804: Had a well known dislike towards Nuku Nuku. He had many VERY public breakups with Millenia. He eventually went mad and got banned for venting his feelings in a going out post.
    • MasterofShadow

    Important Members

    Some member have had huge impacts on the forums. The following is a list of members and their accomplishments, or destructive doings.

    • Ami: Originally a friend of Nuku Nuku. Ami was apparently friends with Randy Orton. She broke some rules and caused some drama early on and felt relatively bad about it and started to seek attention. Ami was proven to be to unstable to remain on the forums and became the only member to be granted requested deletion from the forums.
    • Miyavi: Miyavi type started as an average member, but got into fights early. After the warnings from several members she eventually calmed down enough to enjoy the forums. She got into a tussle with Boomba and was quickly banned for breaking multiple rules. Despite her actions she remained moderately popular with a fair portion of the member base. She later returned to the forums, with restrictions, but quickly got into trouble again and was banned for a second time.
    • Kaneda: Brought onto the forums by Chrono1219, Kaneda is prone to heavy drinking and even heavier arguing. He was one of the few members to miss most of the drama episodes on the forums. He tends to choose arguments he knows he can win. He has some sort of power over the female member base as most of them tend to swoon over him.
    • Khclupus: Considered to be the first casualty of the "new" Animetheme. He was banned after posting explicit material.
    • ShorinRyuKenshin: Commonly referred to as "Cher Bear", she is a level headed peacemaker of the forums. One of the few member who did not take sides during drama, she has some self-image issues that other members have tried to help her with. She is currently involved with MercyBlowz. Unlike most Animetheme relationships, they have actually met, and hooked up outside of the initial love bug episode.
    • Tenchi/MasterInuYasha: Obviously obsessed with girls, Tenchi proved to be a completely average member. He later emerged under the guise of MasterInuYasha and was one of the first members to start publicly pointing out things thought should be changed on the forums. Tagging it as a "revolution" his ideas were met with hostility. He was officially banned for "disturbing the peace" but has since been reinstated.
    • desparado: One of the first respected members to literally ask to be banned. He was banned for breaking several rules around the forum and for threatening to hack the system.

    Important times on the forums

    • Hentaitheme: Shortly after the forums were reopened in 2001, a member named Hentaitheme started to steal the source code for the site and use it for his own. After threats to hack the site, and proof that he was stealing, he was quickly banned. The webmaster, and moderators still kept a look out for him months after his banning. His website has since gone into retirement.
    • The Chat Room Period: For a short time the forums was devoid of any safety features like flood control. This let forum goers post extremely quickly. The forums gained a chat room like feel with Mistic Mistee05 and Brooklyn leading the charge. Flood control would be implemented sometime later, but for the time being Mistee was the queen of the forums.
    • The rise of Chrono1219: Chrono came onto the forums mid 2002. He brought forum experience from several other places. He made a name for himself speed posting, averaging over 40 posts a day. He quickly over took Mistee's post count and became a force on the forum.
    • The NAA: Chrono created the Newbie Adoption Association a few months after he joined. It started out slow, but quicly became a hit. In the pre-forum game era the only topic that generated more traffic was the bar. The NAA was designed to have veteran members show newbies the ropes. It would eventually include member clans, and family systems. Since Chrono's departure, Night Eclipse now runs the NAA.
    • The new breed of posters: 2003 was a slow year for sign ups of active members. However, in 2003 several notable members joined the forums, Yumi-san, Eriol, and nweasel. Eriol would make the first post a pic topic. Yumi-san started on the forums shaky. Nweasel quickly gained multiple warnings, but many of them were dismissed by the webmaster. Eriol quickly because popular after posting several pictures of herself, while nweasel quickly became a character many people tried to ignore.
    • The new mods: In September of 2003 Deathguy and Chrono1219 both became moderators with the absence of Zemekis, NNM, and Zerofreeze. Everyone agreed that both of them were excellent choices to fill the positions.
    • The rise of Tidus: Several members made their appearance in 2004. One of the most notable was Tidus. He came onto the scene with long, detailed posts, and a thing for underaged girls.
      1. Tidus versus Zerofreeze: Tidus had a minor altercation with Zerofreeze over a picture he (Tidus) posted say he (Zerofreeze) sucked. Zerofreeze gave him a warning, but the motion was that Zerofreeze was too biased to make the call and the ultimate decision was that the warning was over turned.
      2. Tidus versus Boomba: In the midst of the Miyavi Type incident Tidus and Boomba started having flare ups of their own. Both of them made accusations, but there was no clear winner.
    • The Miyavi Type Episode: A member named Miyavi typed joined the forums and made a splash with her hostile attitude towards the mod team. She cooled off, and compiled several thousand posts, and gained many supporters. She was eventually banned after an altercation with Boomba, but was brought back some time later. She was banned again, for much of the same reason. Her banning(s) brought a tribute topic, and questioned the validity of the mod staff. Ash supported Miyavi type coming back, but agreed that the rest of the staff would not let it happen.
    • The Ami Episode: Nuku Nuku would bring, a new member, Ami to the forums. She acted normally at first, but showed signs of being unstable. After she received some news that people were "out to get her" she became increasingly paranoid. After a mental breakdown over Night Eclipse committing suicide over the issues on the forums she asked to be removed from the forums. The request was granted as it was deemed she was not fit to be on the forums.
    • The Sienna Episode: While not much is remembered about the business except that Sienna is the primary cause of the Rumor Milling rule.
      • The Love Bug: Supposedly originally started as a joke, and because of a lack of reasoning, the Anime Theme match making process started. Chrono1219 and Mistic Mistee05 led the way for several internet relationships. This emerged just a month after the consensus that online relationships were "stupid." Almost all the members got involved, it went so far that match making topics and services were springing up. There was talk of "suicide" over break ups and even people hooking up in real life. Very few, if any relationships that have sprung up during the initial love wave are still continuing.
    • Tidus versus Nuku Nuku: From about the time Tidus joined the forums he was making contributions. He was also having altercations with other high powered members. The battle of Tidus and Nuku Nuku was almost a battle of old members versus new members. A fair portion of the newer crowd focused on Tidus as their "savior", while Nuku Nuku rounded up as many trusted veteran members as possible. At this time members like nweasel, Kaneda, Night Eclipse, Stealthhawk, ShorinRyuKenshin, and others became extremely vocal. While Zerofreeze, Boomba, and Deathguy seemed to stay out of most of the fights, Chrono1219 and Mistic Mistee05 both were actively working towards a solution. Reportedly, Chrono1219 was specifically elected to be the mediator of the situation.
    • After Tidus: Tidus was eventually forced to leave due to his relationships with female members on the forums. Around this time Ash banned himself from the forums because of all the drama, but he still continued to post, therefore not really leaving. It was also found out that Mistic Mistee05 and Nuku Nuku were all of a sudden not on good terms. Soon after floods of complaints about Nuku Nuku came into the forums, but none of them were addressed.
    • Chris2k67: "Secretly" in love with Kikki, another user of the forums, although he protests he spends a lot time in emo corners being a fag and lusting for kikki's sweet sweet legs. Whenever confronted on his feelings for her, he hides behind Kikki and asks for them to be whipped, secretly wanting to lash her with his emofaggotry.

    The Game

    AnimeTheme World Online (ATWO) is the worst Final Fantasy ripoff ever. It's called an "MMORPG", but there has never been more than two people online at a time. One can spam and all caps as much as they want, since none of the mods can be assed to login and ban you from the game.

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