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    The Internet is on computers now? A+!
    Angyl took CSIII. Only 1337 niggers like Angyl are even allowed to enroll in CSIII, and you couldn't pass it... Ever. In fact, Angyl ALREADY has your DNS Numbers. Better buy a dog and hang some curtains. Angyl is a HACKER ON STEROIDS who wrote the software that powers the INTERNET HATE MACHINE.

    Info non-talk.png According to Anonymous "Once we are done with Angyl her pal XyriX is next."
    Info non-talk.png ANGYL IS MAKING HER OWN CHAN. http://www.dookiechan.org

    She seems a bit confused.
    Playing a dangerous game with her new -chan.
    Angyl: No win. Just a fat wannabe camwhore.
    Angyl slash! Bitch gave her girlfriend oral sex during the wrong time of the month.
    File:Angyl cunt.JPG
    Her downstairs

    Angyl, also known as "Dusty Summers", "Nicole Myers", and "Jezabel Kinkade" is an Gypsy Injun sweetheart attention whore/skiddie from g00ns who believes herself to be the queen of lulz. Boxxy is a better chan leader than this pink-haired harlot.

    She also loves the mutant cock, and stares at it any chance she gets. She holds the record for being fastest, most hated user on ED IRC next to Gimpyd. She also wants to have lesbian sex with Stephanie from LazyTown as is evidenced by her website "I fucked the girl from lazytown".

    In cahoots with her fat fuckbuddy g00n XyriX, she is currently claiming responsibility for pwning 4chan. When she called m00t with her 'terms', he told her "brb, compromised."

    Whether this is true or not, this will end in tears since winding-up Anonymous is SFB. This also serves as a classic example of why there should be no girls on the internet.

    Initially, it was suspected that her former skiddie crew teamdouche did 14/12 after an e-detective had found compromising IRC chat logs. Howevar, it turns out that she'd long since been on the outs with them after they dropped dox on her for anon.

    Harlot: Teamloosh needs to quit tryna capitilize off me tho, I rejected them once. Must I really do it again?



    Chlogs from Angyl's former crew who later went and dropped dox on her: irc.bluehell.org #teamloosh (6667) Saturday 14:02 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ (&SubZ) your chan is like epic fail Saturday 13:01 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ a0 is crying on msn "i thought we cud still be friends m8" SHOULD I? Friday 11:01 (2007-12-14) Saturday 12:02 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ we 0wn3d 4chan :O dont fucking tell ANYBODY

    Her Other Boyfriend

    File:Angyl bf comment.png
    Her gay bf Obi Rob Kanobi

    She is also shacked up with a high school student called Riot (aka Nopi-one Rob and BinaryTerrorist). Presumably, he's not the one who put the bun in her oven since he's just hit puberty. On Nopi-one Rob's MySpace Blurbs he says:

    Hey, My names rob, I'm 13. I love music, producing hip hop, working in the studio with my people, working local shows, and sampling. I am a graduate of South Charleston High School. I love anything involving creativity, and technology. I was one of those kids that took stuff apart to try and put it back together.. haha. I'm also real big into computers, and real fucking good. So hit me up already. <3 angyl AIM- Nopi304 If you are an emcee, producer, promoter or just interested in learning get in contact with me. I love to network, and teach.


    Angyl after being beaten by her boyfriend.

    Rob lives/lived in Charleston, West Virginia. Angyl is currently being hunted for there.


    "Turns out that the party van is very real and they've contacted me and fellow g00nies about our exploits, not just on 4ailchan, but around the internets. They don't have a good grasp on lulz. Anyway, the point here is, I'm not quite sure what I need to do to exonerate myself and make sure I don't hit by the v&. I'm going to call m00t and try to organize a treaty and see if he's willing to drop charges because he was the largest plaintiff or whatever name is proper for this stage of investigation. I just felt like you all should know first before I move forward. Thank you."

    This is bullshit, she didn't get vanned. It was a prank.

    IRC Faggotry

    Loves the cock

    <Angyl> notice in the frenum wiki article
    <Angyl> ol boy has bumps on the head of his cock
    * paraphimosis notes how long Angyl has been 
      studying the detail on that cock
    * Angyl is still staring at it.

    In reference to a normal looking cock

    <Angyl> ive never had a cock where it looked like that

    Hypocrisy lol

    <Angyl> you're probably fat and ugly
    <Angyl> thats why you say nothing

    On being Glined & repeatedly banned from server.

    <stilllulzin> lawlz
    <yiri> oh well
    <stilllulzin> yeah
    <stilllulzin> colin gave up to
    * yiri sets mode: -bb *angy*!*@* *!*angy*@*
    File:Angyl almost raped.jpg
    Angyl about to be raped by ED cock!


    Despite the whole of ED IRC hating her, she doesn't seem to realize this. Please let her know by kicking her from IRC any chance you get. UPDATE: Looks like most people in ED IRC don't even know her enough to hate her, thus making this another case of unwarranted self importance. video of angyl drawing on her face for credit cards can be found on http://teamloosh.com/ or a direct flv link: http://www.teamloosh.com/angyl.flv



    Now if Moot was fat, she must be pretty anorexic. lulz

    Script Kiddy

    The bitch that stole 4chan.
    Some fanart of the BBW by Evangeline. It needs moar neckrolls.

    Angyl ran off, thinking people still loved, hated, or cared about her, and joined some SK group, g00ns, made up of 12 year olds who are too poor/underage to afford an SA membership. Now no one would care about this, until the /i/nsurgency was calling GameStop one night in IRC and found a link to the g00n website. They stumbled upon Angyl fapping over herself in the channel. Here are some fun clips between Angyl and everyone's favorite /i/nsurgent Locutus of Lulz/Loli/b/org/whatever:

        <%aNGYL> how about shut the fuck up
        <%aNGYL> with the name switches
        <%aNGYL> before i just ddos you

    before i just ddos you... we need an article on that phrase...

    [17:10:25] <%AngylLuvzBTardz> amazing
    [17:10:29] <%AngylLuvzBTardz> fucking
    [17:10:32] <%AngylLuvzBTardz> flood right
    [17:10:37] <%AngylLuvzBTardz> or get packetslapped
    [17:10:41] <%AngylLuvzBTardz> fuckin newfags
    [17:10:41] <Will_Smith> OH NO
    [17:10:45] <Will_Smith> BAAWWWWWWWWWW
    [17:16:56] <Angyl> i dont need 4chan memes explained to me
    [17:17:03] <Angyl> o.O u rly must not kno [[Juggernaut|who the fuck i am]]
    [17:17:13] <Will_Smith> I rly don't.
    [17:17:13] <Will_Smith> Idea
    [17:17:18] <Will_Smith> I'll tell you who I am
    [17:17:21] <Will_Smith> if you tell me who you are
    [17:17:34] <Angyl> im angyl
    [17:17:35] <Angyl> :D
    * You are now known as Locutus
    [17:17:43] <Locutus> I am Locutus of Lulz
    [17:17:49] <Locutus> You will respond to our harassment
    [17:17:55] <Angyl> o coo
    [17:17:58] <Locutus> ahh, good times...
    [17:18:10] <Angyl> ur harassment just bringz me lulz
    [17:18:12] <Angyl> so carry on
    [17:18:21] <Locutus> Umm

    We rly must not kno who the fuck she is

    [17:19:36] <Locutus> Oh, I see you have an ED article.
    [17:19:41] <Angyl> yep
    [17:19:42] <Angyl> i do
    [17:19:50] <Locutus> Nice
    [17:19:59] <Angyl> yep
    [17:20:05] <Locutus> the lumped me in with others
    [17:20:09] <Angyl> i kept ed down for a month. was pretty luzlz


    [17:21:26] <Angyl> are you confusing g00ns with somethingawful goons
    [17:21:27] <Angyl> btw
    [17:21:31] <Angyl> cause theyre dif goons
    [17:21:35] <Locutus> Well that's what ED said you were
    [17:21:36] <Locutus> but then
    [17:21:39] <Locutus> ED is always wrong.
    [17:21:41] <Angyl> i happen to be both
    [17:21:42] <Angyl> o.o
    [17:21:50] <Angyl> actually im currently banned from sa
    [17:21:55] <Angyl> had an accnt since they were free tho
    [17:22:05] <Angyl> things went downhill after another goon killed themselves over me
    [17:22:07] <Angyl> o.o
    [17:22:11] <Angyl> tho
    [17:22:12] <Angyl> lulz
    [17:22:26] <Locutus> suurree
    [17:22:38] <Locutus> Yeah, aren't you charming/
    aka Harlot....e-celebrity.

    Another goon killed themselves over her?

    [17:22:48] <Locutus> So, ED said to kick you if anyone ever sees you
    [17:22:55] <Angyl> yep
    [17:23:02] <Angyl> except they gave up
    [17:23:03] <Locutus> but since I'm not an op, kindly kick yourself.
    [17:23:06] <Angyl> too many proxiez
    [17:23:08] <Locutus> Also, ED down for a month?
    [17:23:09] <Locutus> seriously
    [17:23:11] <Locutus> that is fucking funny
    [17:23:15] <Angyl> yes
    [17:23:17] <Angyl> seriously
    [17:23:17] <Locutus> where do you SK come up with this shit?
    [17:23:18] <Angyl> lol
    [17:23:24] <Locutus> let me guess
    [17:23:31] <Angyl> im not a skiddie
    [17:23:32] <Angyl> rofl
    [17:23:33] <Locutus> your botnet is almost as big as your penis?
    [17:23:43] <Angyl> i dont hvae a penis
    [17:23:43] <Angyl> :[
    [17:23:48] <Locutus> suurrreee...
    [17:23:55] <Angyl> k. well
    [17:23:57] <Angyl> u got boring
    [17:23:59] <Angyl> so..
    [17:24:12] <Angyl> im going to troll aim skids then play wow
    [17:24:31] <Angyl> if u find some amusing invasions. hit me up
    [17:24:36] <Locutus> yeah, whatever.
    [17:24:37] <Angyl> aim is 'Harlot'
    [17:24:40] <Angyl> bye now :D
    [17:24:52] <Locutus> goodbye.  I'm going to #ed to make fun of you now

    In conclusion, her AIM is Harlot. The harlot AIM account has been stolen by anon for great justice. Edit: No it hasn't that's a lie, she's still on it. Newfags are newfail, gg nm. Her secondary AIM account is now 'Sexy'. She gets off on stealing AIM accounts from other people. The following accounts are known to be owned by her: Elite, Harlot, Angyl, Carve, Benoit, Ruca, Scorn, Seraph, Liar, Unfaithful, Unforgivable, Wail, HoMeGiRL, DNS, Sympathy, Sexy, Pedophilic, and Mommy. She can normally be found in the AIM chat room, internationalhouseofgoons with at least five of these names. She uses the same away message for all her accounts so they are easy to spot.

    Freechan Chat

    nymphology.deviantart specs.
    Harlot is her AIM sn. I'm talking to her right now.
    [15:09] KanailWasHere: Hey
    [15:10] Harlot: hi
    [15:10] KanailWasHere: You're Angyl, right?
    [15:10] Harlot: yep
    [15:10] KanailWasHere: Good job.
    [15:10] Harlot: fuckin lulz
    [15:10] KanailWasHere: No.
    [15:10] KanailWasHere: lulz is stupid.
    [15:10] Harlot: NO?!
    [15:10] KanailWasHere: No.
    [15:10] KanailWasHere: It's not funny.
    [15:11] KanailWasHere: Just good.
    [15:11] Harlot: IDK, faggots reactions to me on the phone are kinda funny
    [15:11] KanailWasHere: Not really, it's just faggot being faggot.
    [15:11] KanailWasHere: He's always like that.
    [15:11] Harlot: itll get more amusing
    [15:11] KanailWasHere: I doubt it.
    [15:11] Harlot: oh it will :D
    [15:12] KanailWasHere: He'll just sit around and wait it out.
    [15:12] Harlot: and when his dox her dropped?
    [15:12] KanailWasHere: I mean really, he doesn't know anything about computers, like he says.
    [15:12] KanailWasHere: So what can he do?
    [15:13] KanailWasHere: The only thing that it's affecting is the advertisments on the site.
    [15:13] Harlot: lol
    [15:13] Harlot: Man. So whatsup?
    [15:13] KanailWasHere: Nothing.
    [15:13] KanailWasHere: You sure did piss off the /b/tards.
    [15:13] KanailWasHere: I mean.
    [15:13] Harlot: Mostly newfags.
    [15:13] KanailWasHere: I post on /b/.
    [15:13] Harlot: I came from /b/
    [15:14] KanailWasHere: /b/ is shit
    [15:14] Harlot: faggot wont answer
    [15:14] Harlot: :[
    [15:14] KanailWasHere: Because he's sleeping.
    [15:14] KanailWasHere: It is faggot.
    [15:14] Harlot: he got raged @ like the 5th call and took phones off hook
    [15:15] KanailWasHere: So what's the point of calling him?
    [15:15] KanailWasHere: You just want pictures of him?
    [15:15] Harlot: He killed /b/
    [15:15] KanailWasHere: No he didn't.
    [15:15] Harlot: Opinion.
    [15:16] KanailWasHere: /b/ was bound to fail after some time.
    [15:16] KanailWasHere: I mean jeezs, it's the internet.
    [15:16] Harlot: Was a good ride tho.
    [15:16] KanailWasHere: Meh.
    [15:16] Harlot: What?
    [15:16] KanailWasHere: It was alright.
    [15:16] KanailWasHere: I mean, memes are only funny the first 100 times.
    [15:16] Harlot: ;P Yea
    [15:17] KanailWasHere: So what exactly is the point of taking down 4chan?
    [15:17] KanailWasHere: Just to get at faggot?
    [15:18] KanailWasHere: Or are you just on the rag?
    [15:18] KanailWasHere: Do you want a trophy?
    CaptainHowdyng (5:02:24 PM): wtf h4x
    Harlot (5:02:34 PM): omg no waiz
    CaptainHowdyng (5:02:53 PM): wrrryyyyyy
    Harlot (5:02:59 PM): lulz
    CaptainHowdyng (5:03:35 PM): not in the least
    Harlot (5:03:55 PM): maybe
    CaptainHowdyng (5:07:20 PM): your an e-celebrity how does it feel
    Harlot (5:07:29 PM): i was one before. no real change
    Harlot (5:07:40 PM): few more idiots iming me. big whoop
    CaptainHowdyng (5:08:55 PM): did you ever get ahold of faggot again or no
    Harlot (5:09:09 PM): about 5x before he took phones off hook
    CaptainHowdyng (5:09:26 PM): haha
    Harlot (5:11:51 PM): yea ill ul rest of calls l8r. im lazy
    CaptainHowdyng (5:12:13 PM): gr8
    Harlot (5:12:18 PM): sk8 

    #goddessmine IRC

    [1-02][02:16:52] <Angyl> http://www.redtube.com/6625
    [1-02][02:16:52] <Angyl> http://www.redtube.com/6625
    [1-02][02:16:53] <Angyl> http://www.redtube.com/6625
    [1-02][02:17:31] <buckangel> http://www.redtube.com/3115 this aint bad
    [1-02][02:18:15] <Angyl> thats so hot
    [1-02][02:18:16] <Angyl> rofl
    [1-02][02:18:33] <donotwant> carebear.. SHARE
    [1-02][02:18:37] <buckangel> THE APPLICATION SAFARI HAS QUIT
    [1-02][02:18:41] <buckangel> FUCK YOU FLASH
    [1-02][02:18:44] <buckangel> FOURCHAAAAAAAN
    [1-02][02:19:59] <donotwant> there's just something amusing about chicks who blow dildos
    [1-02][02:20:09] <donotwant> like come on.. now you're just putting on a show
    [1-02][02:20:56] <donotwant> the part where she starts.. um.. slapping the carebear around is pretty odd too
    [1-02][02:21:07] <CrypticAnon> XD
    [1-02][02:21:37] <Angyl> dude
    [1-02][02:21:41] <Angyl> that was fuckin hot
    [1-02][02:21:48] * Quits: Konakona| ([email protected]�) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]�)
    [1-02][02:22:24] <Ratti> angyl likes furries with strapons
    [1-02][02:22:34] <Ratti> wtf
    [1-02][02:22:35] * Parts: rar ([email protected])
    [1-02][02:22:38] <Angyl> thats not a furry
    [1-02][02:22:39] <Angyl> wtf
    [1-02][02:22:43] <Angyl> its a carebear bro
    [1-02][02:22:50] <buckangel> lol
    [1-02][02:23:33] <Ratti> http://www.partyvan.info/index.php/Furry#Plushophilia
    [1-02][02:23:39] <Ratti> lulz
    [1-02][02:23:46] <buckangel> oh shit


    People of 4chan, this is the bitch who took down your website. Does Anonymous forgive? Has Anonymous forgotten? Or will Anonymous rise to the challenge - creating epic lulz of a kind not seen since the Fox News broadcast? Do you want that glowing article, that whispered meme, the epic photoshops that are the result of all truly great campaigns of lulz? Prove to me, the #chans, the Internet at large, that you are not some cancerous blight, but a mighty Internet Hate Machine, a vigourous collection of villians who have it in their hearts to crush weeaboos, bitches, furries, and retards like this.

    Do it. Do it faggots.


    Anonymous on raiding Angyl

    To do it faggots, plox see dox at Angyl/General Info


    As of late it seems that Angyl has been on the run with two other well known blackhats by the alias of Nemesis and Venom. This run has thus far lasted two months. When questioned, Angyl seems to be vague of the reasons why or how long she intends on running. The run has been dubbed the 'Blackhat Run '08' by the three. The journey however is becoming somewhat known as of late and the stories are intriguing at the very least. Between being drugged by the mob in new york, and chased through times square one is not sure where to begin. However it appears that she has since parted ways with 'Nopi' aka 'Riot' somewhere in West Virginia after the group decided to invest several hundred dollars in crack for profit. From there it appears they moved south, but those whom have spoken to the members of the so called 'Children Of The Cron' say that the group refuses to give many details. What has been known however is that Angyl has recently hooked up with one of her accomplises who is only known as Nemesis and the pair are currently dating. Wildcard love affairs, it seems are bound to happen. When Angyl was questioned she simply stated that the entire thing was over with much work, and it wasn't so much a relationship as it was social engineering. Sorry buddy! Better luck last time.


    Current plans of hers are unknown, she seems to have mostly dropped from the scene, what we have found out however is she is back with long time love affair who is simply known online as Myth.

    The Anti-Christ is on the way?

    [22:45] Kitten: How are you doing angyl?
    [22:45] Elite: overly pregnant
    [22:45] Elite: and cold
    [22:45] Elite: ;P

    Gallery of DO NOT WANT (with her actual captions from MySpace)

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Claims to not be against Anon, but rather hot for m00t.

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