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    Angie The Atheist

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    Angie JacksonFedora icon.png, or antitheistangie to her Twitfag advocates and enemies, is a 27 year old woman who, quite rightly, thought that it would be an absolutely awesome idea to Tweet, in full and graphic detail, every God hating foetus flushing moment of an abortion she was having performed. The resulting shitstorm united many fundamentally opposite communities in outrage and disgust. Christfags and Atheists, trolls and the stupid, and those who just wanted to mindlessly weigh in on the personal choice of someone who they should not give half a fuck about all had their say. Opinions flew back and forth, ignorance flourished, but the main thing here was that Twitter finally had a bit of drama to call it's own.

    The jury is still out as to whether Angie is an epic troll of Godfags or simply a fetus-flushing nobody with an inexplicable desire to air her shit in public.

    An Incredibly Odd History

    Angie Jackson, of Tampa Bay, Florida was born into a cult. Whilst being badly raised within, she was sexually abused for many years, which left her with a lifelong penchant for seeking the wrong kind of attention. Angie already has a legitimately retarded, reportedly inbred child around the age of four, and it has been reported that she may have misunderstood abortion law in her state and been under the impression that this was the child she was having flushed, as opposed the potentially normal and lovable one growing inside of her inhospitable yet freshly minimalist uterus.

    Did She Think It Through?

    Some argue, that this is a cynical publicity stunt from a woman who has, in the past, spoken publicly about her alleged sexual abuse, as well as every controversial aspect of religion she could even vaguely comprehend (hence her awesome username). We at Encyclopedia Dramatica disagree, and think that she is simply a dumb whore who wrongly felt that the internet was a valid support network and that she could become an internet celebrity by involving the public in her stupidity.

    No one notices the contrast of white on white


    —Deep stuff from Angie there, which she stole from a Counting Crows song.

    The Good News

    Since many Christians are also pro-choice they should feel happy, not only that atheists are baby-killing attention whores, but that Angie will never pass on her baby-killing attention whore genes to the next generation.

    However Christians don't believe in evolution so fuck them and their worthless judgements.

    Public Outing

    In case you do not have a Twitter account, Angie kindly provided several YouTube videos surrounding the subject of her seemingly neverending quest to get the abortion. Please note the dirty whorish mouth and wicked lies:


    it's nice to see at least one kid managed to dodge the coat hanger


    mbsells77 on YouTube, who incidentally favourited the EBM video recently.

    hate to say this but the cute ones end up killin when they grow up k bye


    —True dat, holmes.

    Yeah good idea, kill mom and then we have TWO orphans


    —A staggering gap in the knowledge of what an abortion consists of there.

    But she has been astonished her decision has attracted so much attention and vitriol.


    —Lol Sky News

    Ms Jackson maintains Tweeting was the only way for her to get the support she needed


    —Are you sure she wasn't just doing it for the lulz?

    You can't possibly be a Nazi. You aren't Christian


    —A friend, showing knowledge of history.

    "get fixed"? srsly, @antitheistangie is not a dog or cat.


    —Please don't be offensive on this twitter.

    Why the fuck did she have to fit the atheist stereotype perfectly?


    —Every butthurt atheist on the internet.

    Proof that atheists have no morals.


    —Every butthurt Christtfag on the internet.


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