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Mmmmm. Sexay.

Andikins and her sock puppets amanda, crashdoll, and shadow are members of every pro ana board she can find and are registered on every blog and journal site. A complete lack of nutrients to fuel her two brain cells ensures lulz and drama whenever she expresses her opinion.

Rumor and Hearsay

While participating in a chat group for anorexics called Lunchbox, Andikins is reported to have generated much drama.

  • Sent a bottle of ephedrine to someone in recovery from an eating disorder
  • Sent triggering pictures to people in recovery from eating disorders
  • Sent self-injury pictures to people in recovery from self-injuring
  • Sucking cock then vomiting it back up because she was "Watching her weight"

Not limited to using pictures to drag healing anas and emos back into the pit of self-destructive despair in which she dwells, Andikins is also a master of literature. Gathering interested readers to her threads, she gleefully shared the heart-warming tale of "when she was in her fifty pound coma and took five boxes of exlax and excreted her intestines, which then had to be put back in her ass." How one takes laxatives while comatose has yet to be determined, though everyone believed her capable of crapping out her colon.

Andikins has also been helpful to members of a forum called Thin Pages.

  • Claimed that she had been raped and was responding to the despair by eating two boxes of laxatives. Not having heard of Andikin's abilty to eject her innards like a sea cucumber, two compassionate members made a five hour bus trip to comfort her IRL.
  • Andikins welcomed her rescuers by crapping out her colon five or six times, just to prove she could. Foolishly, her victims stayed the weekend leaving only when Andikins recovered from her stupor, chugged down a pint of JD and yelled, "Booyah! Let's puke and then go screw some dobermans!"
  • After being left alone, Andikins reported she had been raped again. According to her story, she visited someone she met OL. She was innocently passing the time locked in his bathroom, puking and cutting herself, when he broke down the door, leapt upon her alluring shoulder blades, and gave it to her in the ass. She detached by using her superhuman powers of viscera ejection and fled, leaving her startled attacker with his dick buried in a steaming pile of entrails.

Having covered anorexia, cutting, suicide, and rape, Andikins felt a lack of drama in her life so she created a sock puppet named Danielle and then killed her. She built a tasteful memorial site, as is appropriate for the death of a fictional character, and basked in the glow of sympathy from the gullible.

Death of a Sock Puppet

Someone saved some screen shots from the danielle memorial page. Click to zoom in.

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