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And Fuck You Anyway

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Commonly regarded as the best line of dialogue in gaming history, and fuck you anyway is a brief quote from the game Alone in the Dark, recited by the protagonist before being abruptly thrown to the floor. Occasionally used as a standalone phrase, it is commonly used as a general addition to sentences on internet forums, chat clients, and irc.



I don't have your stone! And fuck you anyway!


Usage Examples

  • And fuck you anyway!
  • {{fuckyou}}
  • Life is like a box of chocolates." "I don't want your chocolates! And fuck you anyway!"
  • Say hello to my little friend." "He's not my friend! And fuck you anyway!"
  • Can I interest you in a Royal with cheese?" "I don't want your cheese! And fuck you anyway!"
  • Wait 'till they get a load of me." "I don't want your load! And fuck you anyway!"

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