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    A drawing of Amuria IRL. Of course, one can exaggerate their looks through drawing...

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Amuria is yet another overrated anime artist that hails from the sinister wasteland known as DeviantART.

    At first when she joined, people praised her artwork assuming that she was the 14-year-old that she claims to be. Unfortunately, as investigations began to unfold, people stopped seeing her as the child prodigy she made the illusion to be, but then saw her for who she really was -- a ban-evader, abuser and an overall untalented person. Additionally, her affiliation with Ramy, her boyfriend, and her socks is what made her crowned as DeviantART’s drama queen even rivaling Snapesnogger, herself.

    Her "Art"

    Don't feel like reading? Just see this image and you'll understand.

    As we all know, deviantART is filled with weeaboos that eat, breathe and practically live on anime. And as such, they submit everything that is directly related to anime such as drawing, journals and even comments. In this regard, Amuria is no different from the average weeaboo. At first, when her account was young, Amuria collaborated with popular artists. As she gained a little more experience, she began making the same thing: fantasy girls that weren’t hot. Like typical anime artwork, Amuria’s drawings have an anatomy of ridiculous proportions; big heads, small bodies and many other deformities. What makes Amuria stand out from all the other unoriginal tARTlets is her Super Specialty. That specialty is the hyper-majestic-shiny dodge tool.

    Indeed, the dodge tool is a tool included in Photoshop to light up flats within the image. To Amuria, this is the only tool utilized for shading; something that is highly criticized by other artists. With her abuse of the dodge tool, her artwork gives off a “shiny” impression. Because of this, many trolls began calling her the “Queen of Shiny”, “Shiny Girl” or any moniker that contains the word “shiny” within it. This also spawned a micro-meme among the trolls. These micro-memes are “shiny desu” and “dodge tool plz”, however, there are much more micro-memes relating to Amuria, entirely.

    Additionally, the emotions and anatomy of her characters are also panned by critics. Of course, anime, and cartoons, entirely, often portray poor anatomy. But on deviantART, the users pretend that there should be much higher standards for artwork. Amuria’s artwork all bears the same anatomical features; large heads, thin necks and the body of a loli. Often it is questioned how said character could possibly stand with such an unstable body build. Not only are the coloring style and anatomy the same in every picture, but the facial expression, which in fairness, isn’t even considered to be one but merely a blank stare, is the same within every submission. Needless to say, variety is something that will never occur within Amuria’s gallery.

    The Drama Queen

    Wannabe Loli

    She's fourteen, really, guiz!
    Aren't we glad that Amuria filtered out the crap?

    Popularity; something every tartlet on deviantART wants. No matter how much they deny it or claim that it's useless, they all want popularity. Amuria, herself, was aching for it and didn’t care how it was achieved or what kind it would be. The first step Amuria preformed was whoring herself to various half-assed animu (SURPRISE!) artists in hope for them to watch her back. Because these half-assed artists will see her in their inbox, they will get over-excited, piss their pants and return her favor as a result. But the thing responsible for a majority of her watchers is her lie of being underage. After all, it’s much more interesting to watch a talented young girl.

    After gathering her herd of watchers, people began to feature her in articles about talented underage users. All was well until one day her cousin, File:Deviantart-favicon.png Shinmachan, came by and uttered the words that forever stained Amuria’s page leaving her with shame. Those very words were “How’s College?” Left on her page, people began questioning if Amuria was an actual 14-year-old. In response, Amuria blocked her own cousin from her deviantART account and will deny any claim of her not being 14.

    Let’s move on to the time when Amuria began to show her true Jew-self on deviantART. Because many people praised her artwork she decided to sell them as prints and make a profit. Unfortunately for her, in order to sell prints on deviantART, one must be at least eighteen years old. But since she was just too damn egotistical, she still (poorly) masked herself as a 14-year-old. This did not please the DA Gods, and so she was banned for a while.

    i'm not banned it says that i was suspended because i made pictures prints but I'm not old enough to have prints on da @[email protected] but i think it's ok if my parents say they let me make prints so i hope i get unsuspended soon @[email protected] please tell everyone!! i didn't steal art or harrass anyone or anything like that ^___^


    The Senra and Ramy Saga

    Moar info: Ramy.
    Both of them sitting in their thrones in the shiny kingdom. @[email protected]
    Notice anything?

    Let’s go back in time, shall we? Once upon a time, there was a user on deviantART under the name of File:Deviantart-favicon.png ryo0oki. Ryo0oki was a popular artist who drew anime that was –yes, shiny. Although receiving praise from her talentless fan base wasn’t enough to satisfy her e-clit, she wanted more. That “more” was to have every single submission on the front page marked as one of the popular deviations. However, her crowd of brainless watchers wasn’t enough. So ryo0oki came up with the most ingenious plan of all; make a bunch of sockpuppet accounts and used them to favorite her own submissions. Genius, indeed!

    However, the DA admins finally noticed her doings, and banned her circa March 2007. This birthed one of her most infamous sockpuppets, File:Deviantart-favicon.png Senra, an account that openly showed its close affiliation to Ramy, another shiny artist. Both Senra and Amuria joined deviantART around the same time; Amuria joining deviantART the same month ryo0oki was banned. Users began to see the link between Amuria and Senra when they were confused about their artworks belonging to the other on the front page.

    After Senra was banned from deviantART, users began to do some internet investigation to find any possible relation to Amuria. Of course, they found a goldmine. Deviations were heavily compared to each other. Shading, hair texture and clothe folding were examined and it was concluded that Senra and Amuria were the same person. Additionally, to prove their stalking ways, they figured out her real name, Sylvia Shi. However, despite what they have dug up, Ramy absolutely denies that Amuria and Senra are the same person.

    I´m an older manga artist that loves to draw, and my art is my soul. I had some accounts before -_-' I promise this is my last one!

    ~Seokai is mine, it got hacked, not funny guy´s -_-.


    • I do not respond to childish comments.
    • Be rude, become blocked :3

    Honestly your offensive comments won´t make me react, nothing to post on ED then , :-P , And the images are done in pinup style, meaning they are posing , ^-^'

    Comments are blocked because people keep on posting rude stuff that has nothing to do with the artworks. Now , stop asking about it. Also I will not answer you when your rude.


    —Ryoshikai, her first sockpuppet of 2010.

    Moreover, investigators have noticed the style change in Ramy’s art after Senra has joined DeviantART. Prior to the banning of ryo0oki, Ramy’s art style was more expressive and realistic. When Senra was created, his watchers noticed that Ramy stopped drawing realism and instead began adapting the style of his girlfriend. It was then concluded that Ramy actually stopped posting his own drawings and colored his girlfriend’s lineart instead. In other words, the Ramy account pretty much converted into a ryo0oki sockpuppet.

    Anime Con 2008

    Amuria showing off her duckface.

    Since lying about her age, multiple sock puppets, and raping kittens weren’t enough to satisfy Amuria, she decided to go up an extra step to piss off weeaboos all across DeviantART. To do this, Amuria needed the assistance of her ugly boytoy, Ramy. Together, they formed the Shiny Desu Duo and together, they targeted the main breeding ground of weeaboos, anime conventions.

    The first convention in which they started their trolling was Anime Expo 2008. There, they had four to five tables registered under different names displaying the same artwork at the Artist’s Alley. If there were any questions asked about her being Amuria on DeviantART, she will violently deny it. According to witnesses, she appears to be an anorexic Asian with long, unwashed hair who lacks the ability to communicate.

    Amuria , Ramy , Senra, or-whoever-is-sylvia's-new-account-this-week

    Thank you* for buying up 14 tables to walmart your shiny desu instead of sharing space with other artists who couldn't get a table, thank you for offering $200 per table to other artists for their own tables to increase your count, thank you for using friends and family to register their names for your tables and getting them to claim they did your art (and thus cheating your customers and AA rules), thank you for cheapening our profession by reducing the AA into walmart and not a gathering of artists and art appreciators (but it's okay isn't it, since you're just hobby artists) and finally thank you for saving us having any shred of sympathy or respect for the both of you as artists or human beings with feelings for anyone other than yourselves.

    * fuck you



    However, what they have done at Anime Expo just wasn’t enough to satisfy Amuria's e-clit. Later on during the fabulous year of 2008, she and Ramy wanted to strike another convention. This time, their target was none other than Otakon located in Baltimore. In this convention, the Shiny Duo did what they have done in Anime Expo. However, instead of merely five tables, they have registered a grand total of fourteen fucking tables. All of them were registered under the names of their siblings and, again, displaying the same shit as last time. During the first day of their infestation, the Otakon staff argued with the two of them and their breaking of the rules. Let’s review shall we?

    • Registering table under the name of different family members breaks the code and can lead to a ban.
      • Those tables could have been bought by at least thirteen other artists with better talent.
    • Multiple tables used to display the same artwork is prohibited.
      • The Otakon staff even had to resort to hiring a lawyer in order to examine them.

    Upon examination, the lawyer noticed that Amuria’s artwork used copyrighted anime logos and even threatened to shut down the entire artist’s alley because of it. However, Amuria being the girl who only cares about herself never gave a fuck about it or how it will affect the other artists. Of course, the artist alley was not shut down and the Shiny Duo continued to spread their AIDs. Instead of banning them from the convention, the Otakon staff actually harassed other artists that had copyrighted logos within their artwork.

    Other Users

    Her FanBase

    File:OMG lyk @[email protected]
    Typical Amuria fangirl.

    Even after all that was exposed throughout DeviantART, Amuria still managed to keep her own fan base. Needless to say, these people are known to be ignorant on purpose. Although, many of the examinations made by trolls are spread throughout DA, they still choose to embrace their unthankful drama queen. Before her fan base died out and when the drama was little, any flames they found on Amuria's page will be automatically responded to. Their responses would be along the lines of white knighting, ass kissing and undeserved praise towards their shiny bitch. Her fans adored her because she seemed like a true child prodigy and they were inspired by her. With that given the obvious words to summarize them in a nutshell are untalented, stupid and cancer ridden.

    Of course, the best way to form your own opinion on them is to read the comments below.

    yah uh huh y the hell do u care? oh i have a great idea! maybe u should mind ur on dam business and leave the artist alone cuz as u said "it SEEMS true to me" well unless u have an proof then u have no right to accuse. the ED itself was a load of shit and x30 analysation.

    uh apperently u dont considering uy read every single thing the ED said where as i realized it was shit just by skimming its for about 5 minutes -_-. and if u wanna speak ur mind then go speak it on ur own page and off the jennifers 0_o And i do kno about her k so u can stfu."


    —Minzah, showing the infinite wisdom of an average Amuria fan.

    ... ... ... yah okay listen here u little dumbass fckin mentally retarded bitch ass whore. if theres one thing u should kno. its tht im 15 for ur dumbass information. and its not like U should be talking. "Are you comepletely aware of your FUCKTARDEDNESS?" okay srsly? fucktardedness? kay cmon ive been on yt for 2 yrs and ive heard 11yr olds with better baddass comments. and amuria rox ur art is really beautiful. & shes doing it for fun,wich includes dodge.so stfu and bak the hell away from me...


    —Minzah... again, proving that fun includes dodge. @[email protected]

    yup i thought so thts it. *smiles* u just now regreted EVERYTHING U TOLD ME FOR THE LAST 7 MONTH PAL. i said it sooooo clearly and soo understandable my stuffed dog would have understood. i said type one of the two choices on the other comment if u believe anything u say AND U DIDNT WHICH MEANS U JUST BACKFIRED STUPID DUMBASS. NOW IT NO LONGER MEANS ANYTHING TO ARGUE WITH U CUZ i made perfectly clear to not type anything but the answer AND U DIDNT U




    i love to watch anime! japanese or english i un care i love it if i can understnad it! im trying to learn japanese but its kinda hard. and uhhh wat else i wanna kno how to make those heart thingies!! so yah uhh if u have anything to say to me then go ahead and sayit im a baka! (idiot) hehe! ;D :D :P :)


    —-The typical ways of a weeaboo from Minzah's YouTube page. I WUNNA LRN ABOUT DA LANGUAGE OF [email protected]@

    its called SELF IMPROVING lemme give idiots liek u an example. *ahem* wen ur in kindergarden u first learn how write the alpahbet and ur handwriting pretty much sux but as u keep writing it gets better and better. and wen ur relly slow at running. u keep running and PRACTICE u get better. same with art u draw a horrid circle at first then after practice it turns into the perfect circle. some find criticizem extremely helpful. others find it annoying. do u GET IT? dumbass


    —Minzah on why we must all just let children fend for themselves.

    yah well thts ur own opinion dumbass. hmm im disappointed... i made such kich-ass comments last night and only got one sad one its not even worht replying. aww im sad :,[ yah well anyway my grammer iz fine and i dont need ur comments regarding my awesome typing cuz im not trying to impersinate a 40 yr old man. lolprostitute :D"


    —She's not trying to impersonate a 40-year-old man... yeah right. @[email protected]

    hmm u remind me of some lifeless whore on the streets singing this song. u kno u sound really fat so tht kind of scars my mind. wow like i said before SO lifeless


    — Her going BAAAWWWW when she hears her idol's theme song.

    If you read my username and thought, "Oh boy, another Amuria crackhead.." You were wrong. :D I am an Amuria Pothead


    —We noticed.

    Her Haters

    Moar info: Writing Yourself Into An Article.

    Since Amuria has caused a massive shitstorm on DeviantART ever since she has joined, there is no surprise of her having haters, flamers and trolls. The number of them grew rapidly as time moved slowly. Many of them hang out at Amuria’s page on DeviantART leaving the same exact comment. These comments consist of icons of the dodge tool, “How’s College?” and simply posting the iconic @[email protected] Many talented artists on DeviantART absolutely abhor Amuria for she gives a bad name to anime art.

    When confronting an Amuria fan, they will link them to this article heavily, including images and screenshots. Additionally, if they are blocked from any of Amuria’s sockpuppets, they will rush down to this article and add their own fucking name to the list of “blocked users” and comment on how much of a “hero” they are. You can help by reverting their edits.

    banned for "@[email protected]"ing, "how's college,is it shiny desu?"ing, ":dodge1::dodge2::dodge1:"ing, giving out lots of links to this article and telling EVERYONE how lulzy she is


    —Yes, real epic lulz. No shit, somebody actually wrote this in the original version of this article.

    I as well as MANY of our other members agree that her artwork is very pretty. Me and other members have been ticked off by her attitude. One member had wanted to make a fan club for amuria before she had one, but amuria said 'I don't need a fan club stop sending me notes @[email protected]!!!'

    A few days later the member finds out that there is a fan club. The fan club [told by amuria] says 'Amuria will not be accepting anymore fan clubs. She has to approve of any of the incoming fanart, and it HAS to go to this fan club. If not she will report you. Be sure to use proper credits.'

    Many others have faced this kind of attitude from Amuria, not exactly with the club or anything like that, but with destructive crit. of their fan art of her work, notes of harassment telling them to remove their fan art of her work because it wasn't approved by her, her complete disregard of important notes, and the list goes on.

    I know these reasons seem so trivial, but it's what I and many other members [190 to be exact] have faced because of Amuria herself


    —Amuria hateclub

    Hi. I hate you :) I joined your club ~Amuria-Haters



    Hows college?



    Moar @[email protected] shiny dodge please です




    I used to like your art back a few years ago. Now I finally read on ED why you were banned for a bit...Mystery solved.





    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Evidence, Comments and Screenshots

    What? This article does not need any more shitty screenshots of comments not made by Amuria, not at all.
    You can help by not adding anything, especially not shitty screenshots of comments not made by Amuria.
    All the evidence against this bitch About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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