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    This is just in case your pregnancy test doesn't come with instructions

    A notorious sink-hole for sex newbies.

    Amipregnant ostensibly exists "to help you understand your body and what is happening to it." It is truly difficult to try and encapsulate just what makes Amipregnant special - it is gestalt; more than the sum of its parts. (Which are fat girls who, at the age of twelve, just lost their virginity)


    The people who post in Amipregnant fall into two categories:

    We can understand what the vaginal warriors of Amipregnant deal with on a daily basis through this excerpt from the community's userinfo:

    If you are experiencing extreme pain and/or heavy unexplained bleeding, do not post - go to the emergency room or call 911 immediately.


    —apparently, people do need to be told this

    Recent Drama

    In October 2005, the fat middle aged Jew moderator DinDin removed the original founder of the community, devoted Belieber and Twi-hard, Testarossa, from the moderating team on account of dumbassery and putting little hearts in front of her questions.

    As with any good drama, a number of LJ Abuse reports were filed on both sides and the new moderators were forced to create a second community for idiots who can't take a pregnancy test, Am_I_Pregnant.


    Am_I_Pregnant's userinfo reveals that it is staffed by elitist fascists who disallow any opinions other than "Yes, you're pregnant" and "No, you're probably not". In addition they disallow fundamental freedoms such as drama, harassment, and netspeak.

    They also expect you to thank each and every person who responds to your post.


    Amipregnant and Am_I_Pregnant recently shut their doors to the amateur troll -- posts are moderated, and the number of moderators has been increased. In addition to this, the community now has strict posting guidelines so that posters do not simply ramble on about their erect nipples.

    As a result, trolling opportunities exist only as expertly disguised parodies, or simply joining the community and telling everyone -- regardless of circumstance - that they're pregnant. (You will be banned for this, despite it conforming precisely to the rules stated in the userinfo)

    Am I Pregnant?

    This is what you should do if you're pregnant

    Yes, you're pregnant.

    What do I do?

    You should have an abortion. You should also join teenmommies immediately.

    External Links

    Awful Link of the Day, one reason the community is heavily moderated