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    Alyssa Rosales

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    We KNOW this sick fuck posted a video of herself fucking a dog. We at ED DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT! If you add any screenshots they better be censored or you may be BANHAMMERED!
    i lost a bet so what can i do, a bet's a bet..


    For some human beings, pride rises above all other emotions. Such is the case of Alyssa Rosales, a Mexican barely-legal from Florida who respects the ideal that "a bet is a bet" and was willing to go to extremes to do so. For Alyssa, who believes in "going big or go home", this meant fucking her dog on cam and proudly sharing it on Facebook for the public to view. A bunch of self-righteous mouth-breathing duffucks then proceeded to rag on her for fucking the dog, while presenting the sick little doggie pervert getting his rocks off as a mere innocent victim. This mirrors their wider political philosophy that homeless people are lazy good-for-nothings should be chopped up as food to maintain all those poor innocent dogs in luxurious accommodations at no-kill shelters. Currently there are several (fake) Facebook pages listing her as everything from comedian to writer to an event. Hopefully when her 5 minutes of fame is up she'll move on to bigger and better things or become famous another way until then she's enjoying her fame.

    The Video

    The entirety of her episode lasted about 50 seconds, and was composed of her four-legged-friend furiously humping away at his owner, before receiving a second-round of oral sex. All the while Alyssa continues demanding that the dog "stay," and moaning, seemingly in pleasure, only further confirming her status as a connoisseur of dog dong.

    The lucky gentleman himself


    Dog lovers abound
    You are such a nasty person. That would post a video of yu and yur dog fucking. Nasty dirty eww like is it dat bad dat yu cant get a fucken human to have sex. Nasty bitch


    On Facebook I have just witnessed a girl having sex with her own dog! And here's me thinking twitter is weird!


    Number 1. YOUR A SICK BITCH and 2. Your not famous you think you are people actually HATE you and think you should be in a mental home and 3. Where you from just so I can report you this is animal cruelty and you should be put away for this!!!!!!!!


    Pics or it didn't happen.


    — Sick fucks


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