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    Evan's normal special face

    YouTube Favicon.png Alphawerewolff, also known as Evan, is a pussy bitch Troll from YouTube who achieved internet fame with his I HATE YOU JOSH! IM A TEEN WEREWOLF! video, in which he declares his hatred of his fellow classmate, Josh, and attempts to rationalize his own belief that he is not, as one might think, an irredeemable twilight fag (although he would love to bone Taylor Lautner), but in fact a functioning member of society. A self-proclaimed teen werewolf as well as a raging camwhore, it is unknown how he's made it this far without becoming an hero or being pwned by his mom for destroying all the expensive shit she gives him. It is understood that when Josh encounters the so-called "Alphawerewolff", he responds the way that any rational person would, by ridiculing the emo fuck. Though it should be noted he has sold out to YouTube and is no longer a funny troll, but a faggot.


    I will be uploading new videos soon but u guys are probably just going to call me an "emo faggot/furfag/queer/pussy/gay kid/daffy duck dick sucker" when i do.



    The Original Video

    The video begins innocently enough, with an apparently respectable young woman declaring her love of Twilight. All too soon however it it revealed that this nice girl is, in fact a man, who has a bone to pick with someone called Josh. He introduces himself as Evan, a teen werewolf, who doesn't mind being made fun of for his choices in life (unless you're Josh of course). He believes that all of us, even You, has something supernatural within us.

    After he's introduced himself, we get to the meat of the video, a long, drawn out tirade on the one they call Josh. This tirade could easily be a cover for a massive homosexual crush on Josh. He begins by contradicting himself by saying that he hates being made fun of by Josh, who apparently has discovered, Alphawerewolff's love of Daffy Duck's dick (no, rly). After letting out some frustration, he proves that, no, humans aren't vulnerable to the holy power of silver.

    Other Videos

    All of his videos feature him screaming like his ass is getting rammed by a 9 inch niggerdick.

    List of Things He Has Destroyed in Each Video

    A faggot werewolf Hates Copperfag

    After months of being compared to Coppercab, AlphaWerewolff decided the best way to become more like Coppercab was to become his friend. This attempt failed, and on October 11, 2010, AlphaWerewolff decided to join the Coppercab haters. The irony in this is both AfaggotWerewolf and Copperfag suck Daffy Duck's dick, likely together.

    Epic Troll in Disguise?

    If he is it's a fucking good disguise. Many think Alphawerewolff is so retarded and emo that he simply must be a troll. Others believe he is no more that the furry wannabe Edward Scissorhands equivalent of Chris Crocker. Look at the evidence and judge for yourself:

    Evidence For:

    • Uploaded a single video on May 27th 2010 (the day after he joined). The original article about him was written on May 28th.
    • Following this he began uploading again in July. Was he thinking up ideas for new videos or simply fleeing from unwanted attention?
    • Videos follow the same format - scream "Fuck you I'm a werewolf!" and smash something.

    Evidence Against:

    • He first caught the public's attention by appearing on on a KENS5 News report in San Antonio, Texas before joining Youtube. Most trolls try to avoid appearing on TV, prefering to remain anonymous.

    So is Alphawerewolff simply a member of another group of teenagers howling over how hard it is to be a white middle-class kid living in America and masturbating to Twilight or does he genuinely think he is a werewolf? You decide.

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