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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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All Your Base is one of the oldest of old memes that has literally been around for at least 100 Thursdays [1]. It is a culmination of the efforts of many websites and forums, including Something Awful and Fark. Japanese game company Toaplan created a space shooter entitled Zero Wing and SNK imported it into Europe with a ridiculously bad Engrish translation. Years later, the Internet found it and photoshopped various catchphrases from the intro onto everyday items.

The meme is so ancient and powerful that it has spawned many smaller memes, which are now so ubiquitous that they are not even recognizable (i.e. "For great justice!"). It has also been turned into the pussy dance level of FlashFlashRevolution, a shitty rip-off of DDR using arrowkeys and the internetz. Great for fatties too lazy to just step on the arrows. Imagine the look on her face.

In A.D. 2001, Meme was beginning

In A.D. 2101
War was beginning.
Captain: What happen ?
Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.
Operator: We get signal.
Captain: What !
Operator: Main screen turn on.
Captain: It's You !!
Cats: How are you gentlemen !!
Cats: All your base are belong to us.
Cats: You are on the way to destruction.
Captain: What you say !!
Cats: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Cats: HA HA HA HA ....
Captain: Take off every 'zig' !!
Captain: You know what you doing.
Captain: Move 'ZIG'.
Captain: For great justice.

Other versions

Recent use wherein a priceless expression ensues

Sony / Lulzsec

In A.D. 2011 war was beginning.

Howard Stringer: What happen ?
System Administrator: Somebody set up us the bomb.
System Administrator: We get signal.
Howard Stringer: What !
System Administrator: Main screen turn on.
Howard Stringer: It's You !!
Lulzsec: How are you gentlemen !!
Lulzsec: All your SQL are belong to us.
Lulzsec: You are on the way to destruction.
Howard Stringer: What you say !!
Lulzsec: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Lulzsec: HA HA HA HA ....
Howard Stringer: Take off every FBI !!
Howard Stringer: You know what you doing.
Howard Stringer: Move FBI.
Howard Stringer: For PSN justice.

William Shakespeare

In the year of the Lord 1501, a great war hath begun.

King: What hath taken place?
Servant: Some unknown entity hath set up us the petard.
Messenger: Sire, a messager bares word to us.
King: These are not my words!
Messenger: I shall impart these news onto thee.
King: Coxcomb !!
CATS: I bid you a good morrow, my most worthy lords !!
CATS: All thine keeps art ta'en.
CATS: Thy undoing near at hand, you hie to it strieght.
King: Hold thy tounge, base slave !
CATS: Had you but time (as this fell sergeant, Death, Is strict in his arrest), O, I could tell you— But let it be.
CATS: Merry.
Messenger: My king?
King: Dispatch all zig until they are spent!
King: Thou knowest what must transpire.
King: Zigs, go to! Away!
King: In the name of our lord!

Grand Theft Zig

McDonald's Drive-by.

In A.D. 1992, Ballas was beefing.

CJ: What happen?
Big Smoke: Somebody set up us the motherfucking bomb.
CJ: We get call
Sweet: What?
Press TAB to answer your cellphone
CJ: Speak.
Ballas OG: How are you niggaz?
Ballas OG: All your hoods are belong to us
Ballas OG: You're on the way to gettin' fucked up
CJ: What the fuck you saying fo'?
Ballas OG: We're gonna roll over you real soon so get the fuck outta here.
Ballas OG: Ha ha ha!
Sweet: We get drive-by.
Sweet: Take off every god damn nig.
CJ: You know what you doing bitch.
Sweet: For the Grove motherfuckers!


In A.D. 2001 war was begining.

Bush: What happen?
Mayor of New York: Somebody set us up the terror attacks!
Cheney: We get signal.
Bush: What the?
Cheney: Main screen turn on
Bush: It's you?!
Osama bin Laden: How are you gentalmen?
Osama bin Laden: All your WTC are belong to us
Osama bin Laden: You are on the way to destruction!
Bush:(hearing aid losing its battery) What you say???
Osama bin Laden:You have no chance to survive make your time
Osama bin Laden: HAHAHA!
Bush: Take off every marine.
Bush: I dont know what I doing
Bush: Move marines
Bush: For great justice

Half life 2

Handheld Base

In 200x AD combine were invading

Black Mesa: What happen?
Gordon Freeman: I set us up the teleport.
Scientist: We get signal.
Black Mesa: What?
Scientist: Main screen turn on.
Black Mesa: It's you!
Combine: How are you scientists?
Combine: All your earth are belong to us.
Combine: You are on the way to being conquered.
Humanity: What you say!?
Combine: You have no chance to win make your time.
Combine: Ha ha ha.
Humanity: Take off every rocket.
Black Mesa: You dont know what you doing
Humanity: Move every soldier
Humanity: For great justice


In 2006 AD a bomb has been planted
<beep beep beep>

GIGN: What happen?
SEAL: Someone set up us the bomb!
SAS: We get signal!
GIGN: What?
SAS: Main communication channel turn on!
SEAL: It's you!
1337: How are you gentlemen?
1337: All your bombsite are belong to us. You are on the way to Terrorists Win!
GSG9: What you say!?
1337: You have no chance to defuse make your time. Ha ha ha ha!
SAS: Buy Defuse kit! For great Counter-Terrorists Win!
1337: BOOM HEADSHOT! LOL!!!!!1111!!!111!!!ELEVENELEVEN!!!!!!

Star Wars III

Nutritious Base.

In a galaxy far, far away a war is starting...

Yoda: Happened what?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Someone set us up the clones!
Nameless statist: We get holomessage.
Yoda: What say you?
Nameless statist: Main projector turn on.
Yoda: You it is!
Palpatine: How are you jedis !!
Palpatine: All your clone are belong to us.
Palpatine: You are on the way to extinction
Yoda:What say you?! (He's old and he admits it...)
Palpatine: You have no chance to survive use your Force.
Palpatine: KE KE KE KE....
Yoda: Off take every 'jedi' !!
Yoda: What you doing know you.
Yoda: Move 'jedi'.
Yoda: May the Schwartz Force be with you.


In Aggrammar...
...war was beginning.

1 [General]: King of Stormwind: What happen?
3 [Local Defense]: xXxGIMLIxXx: Somebody set up us the horde!
1 [General]: Legolazz: We get "whisper".
1 [General]: King of Stormwind: What !
1 [General]: Legolazz: Channel "whisper" to Speak channel:General.
1 [General]: King of Stormwind: It's You !!
1 [General]: HandsomeHorde: How are you n00bs !!
1 [General]: HandsomeHorde: All your cities are belong to horde.
2 [Trade]: Hjassan: WTB CRUEL BARB!!!
1 [General]: HandsomeHorde: You are on the way to being nuked.
2 [Trade]: Meister: LOl U cant buy it it bounds!
1 [General]: King of Stormwind: What you say !!
2 [trade]: Hjassan: What you say !!
1 [General]: HandsomeHorde: You have no chance to survive make your time.
HandsomeHorde laughs at King of Stormwind. Hahaha!
4 [Looking For Group]: King of Stormwind: LFG '70 lvls'!!
4 [Looking For Group]: King of Stormwind: Stormwid is under Hored attack! We need al alliiance players heer now!!!
4 [Looking For Group]: King of Stormwind: Move '70lvls'.
4 [Looking For Group]: King of Stormwind: For great honor.
[BloodThirser] whispers: monay plz

Maple Story

Bright lights, big Base.

In 2006 AD summoning bag has been planted.
<typing noises>

XxSinThief91xX: wht hppn lah
lolthegame: Someone set us up the Pink Bean!
RapidFire: we get the whisper!
XxSinThief91xX: wht
RapidFire: (turns on whisper cheat)
XxSinThief91xX: its u
Nexon: How are you maplers?
Nexon: All your jewgolds are belong to us. You are on your way to buying NX.
XxSinThief91xX: wht u say!?
Nexon: You have no chance to refuse make your time. Ha ha ha ha!
xHermit1337: mesos plz
Nexon: Your NX transaction is complete. Thank you.

Snakes on a Plane

Good question.

In AD 2005 / 2006... Snakes on the Plane...

Samuel L. Jackson: What happen?
Sean Jones: Somebody set us up the snakes!
Pilot: We get transmission!
Samuel L. Jackson: What the?
Pilot: Earphones play channel 2.
Samuel L. Jackson: Hell no!
Eddie Kim: How are you FBI dudes?
Eddie Kim: All your planes are belong to us!
Eddie Kim: You are on the way to Snakes on a Plane!
Samuel L. Jackson: What the fuck?
Eddie Kim: You have no chance to get antidote, make your time.
Eddie Kim and Snakes: Ssss... Ssss.... Ssss....
Samuel L. Jackson: Enough is enough!
Samuel L. Jackson: I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!
Samuel L. Jackson: Everybody strap in!
Samuel L. Jackson: We're about to open some fucking windows!


Erzähler: Im Jahr 1939, Lebensraum beginnen gewesen.
Herr Kapitän: Was ist los?
Mechaniker: Jemand der Bomb zu uns prepariren hatten.
Operator: Wir erhalten Signal.
Herr Kapitän: Was!
Operator: Hauptmonitor an.
Herr Kapitän: Sie!
Hitler: Wie geht es euch meine Herren!!
Hitler: Alle eure Länder sind zu uns gehören.
Hitler: Ihr seid auf dem Weg zur Zerstörung.
Herr Kapitän: Was Sie sagen!!
Hitler: Ihr habt keine Wahrscheinlichkeit zu überleben bilden Sie Ihre Zeit.
Herr Kapitän: Was meinen Sie! Ich verstehe nicht!!
Hitler: Der Übersetzer ist ein Arschloch. Er kann kein Deutsch!!
Hitler: HA HA HA HA... HEIL!
Herr Kapitän: Nahm weg jede "Zig"!
Herr Kapitän: Du weißt was du machst.
Herr Kapitän: Nahm weg "Zig".
Herr Kapitän: Für grosse Gerechtigkeit. Scheiße!!


Translation from Latin: "All your base are belong to US government."
Anno domini MMCI
Pacare iniearat
Caesar: Quid actum esse ?
Faber: Aliquis explosivum nobis supraponebat.
Operator: Signum proficimus.
Caesar: Quid dicitis
Operator: Linteum primum vertere.
Caesar: Et tu Fele !!
Feles: Quomodo valetis viri clementes!!
Feles: Omnis tui substructio sunt possidere ad nobis.
Feles: Via ad pernicidem tuam estis.
Caesar: Quid dicere tu!!
Feles: Nullam facultam vivio habetis facete temporem vestra.
Feles: ECCE ME ....
Caesar: Deponite cuncti 'zigi' !!
Caesar: Scitis quid tu facitis.
Caesar: Movete 'ZIGem'.
Caesar: Justicia magnifica.

Lord of the Rings

In the Third Age of Middle-Earth
The war of The Ring was beginning

Gandalf: What happen?
Saruman: The Nine have left Minas Morgul.
Saruman: We get message.
Gandalf: What!
Saruman: Palantir turn on.
Gandalf: It's you!!
Sauron: How are you old wizards?
Sauron: All your hobits are belong to us.
Sauron: You are on the way to slavery.
Gandalf: What you say?
Sauron: You have no chance to destroy the ring make your time.
Sauron: HA HA HA HA!
Gandalf: We must save every 'hobits'!!
Saruman: We must make alliance for Sauron!
Gandalf: You have chance your wise for madness!
Gandlaf: For Middle-Earth, I will beat you down.

Super Mario

All your base are belong to us, old chap.

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: Mamma mia! What-a happen?
Luigi: Somebody-o set up us the Bob-omb.
Toad: We got an intruder.
Mario: What?!
Toad: Open the door.
Mario: It's-a you!!
King Bowser: How are you plumbers?!
King Bowser: All your Mushroom Kingdom are belong to me.
King Bowser: You are on the way to losing a life.
Mario: What-e did you a say?!
King Bowser: You have no chance to get 1-ups make your time.
King Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAA....
Mario: We gotta save a 'Princess Peach'!!
Mario: I think i know what-e i'm doing-a.
Mario: Rescue 'Princess Peach'.
Mario: For the great-e spaghetti!

Metal Gear Solid

All your base in the MSN bot Encarta® Instant Answers
Snake: What happen?
Otacon: Somebody set up us the bomb.
Otacon: We get signal.
Snake: What?
Otacon: Main screen turn on.
Snake: It's You!
Liquid: How are you gentlemen?
Liquid: All your Metal Gear are belong to us.
Liquid: You are on the way to Outer Heaven.
Snake: What you say!!
Liquid: You have no chance to survive make your time!
Liquid: HA HA HA HA HA!
Snake: No... I has a mission. I has to destroy the Metal Gear.
Snake: For Great USA!
Liquid: Die Snake!
Colonel Campbell: Snake! What happening? Snake! SNAKE!

Battlestar Galactica

All Your Bush

In B.C. 148000
War was beginning.

Adama: What happen?
Tigh: Somebody set us the nuclear bomb.
Gaeta: We get signal.
Adama: What !
Gaeta: Main radio turn on.
Adama: It's You!!!
Cavil: How are you humans?
Cavil: All your colonies are belong to us.
Cavil: You are on the way to destruction
Adama: What you say !!
Cavil: You have no change to jump pray your so-called "gods".
Cavil: Mu ha ha ha ha...
Gaeta: Admiral!
Adama: Take off every 'Viper' !!
Gaeta: You know what you doing.
Adama: Move 'Raptors' too.
Adama: For great Kobol.


In A.D. 1998
War was beginning.

Hammond: What happen?
O'Neill: Somebody set up us the naquadah warhead.
Walter: We get signal.
Hammond: What !
Walter: Main screen turn on.
Hammond: It's You!!!
Apophis: How are you Tau'Ri?
Apophis: All your stargate are belong to us.
Apophis: You are on the way to the slavery
Hammond: What you say !!
Apophis: You have no change to survive make your time.
Apophis: Mu ha ha ha ha...
Walter: General!
Hammond: Take off every 'SG-1' !!
Walter: You know what you doing.
Hammond: Move 'SG-1'.
Hammond: For great Texas.

Red Alert 3

Somehow In A.D. 1955
War was beginning.

Aircraft Carrier: WHAAAT HAAAPPEN?
Hydrofoil: Somebody set us up the time bomb, mon!
Assault Destroyer: We get chronosphere.
Aircraft Carrier: WHAAAT !
Assault Destroyer: They make appearance
Aircraft Carrier: IT'S YOU!!!
Tsunami Tank: How are you heathens?
Tsunami Tank: All your seas are belong to The Empire!
Tsunami Tank: You are on the way to obedience
Aircraft Carrier: WHAAAT YOU SAAAY !!
Tsunami Tank: You barbarians have no chance to survive make your time.
Tsunami Tank: AIYEEEEEE...
Assault Destroyer: Sir!
Century Bomber: We move.
Century Bomber: For cream gravy.

Red Alert 2

All your Boxxy...

In unspecified time period, war was beginning (again)

President Dougan: What happen?
Carville: Somebody invade us up the butt.
Carville: We get signal.
Carville: Main screen turn on.
Romanoff: How are you president?
Romanoff: All your America are belong to us.
Romanoff: You are on the way to Soviet Union.
President Dougan: What you say!?
Romanoff: You have no chance to be free make your time.
Romanoff: Ha ha ha.
President Dougan: Take off every nuke.
President Dougan: You know what you doing take off every nuke.
Jerry: We mov-
Yuri': For great justice.


All your POVs are belong to us

In A.D. 2004 Edit war was beginning.

Jimbo_Wales: What happen?
Neutrality: Somebody set up us the POV.
Grunt: We get talk page.
Jimbo_Wales: What !
Grunt: Main page down load.
Jimbo_Wales: It's you !!
Mr. Treason: How are you gentlemen !!
Mr. Treason: All your articles are belong to us.
Mr. Treason: You are on the way to vandalism.
Jimbo_Wales: What you say !!
Mr. Treason: You have no chance to edit protect your page.
Mr. Treason: Ha ha ha ha ....
Grunt: Jimbo !!
Jimbo_Wales: Take off every 'ArbCom'!
Jimbo_Wales: You kow what you doing.
Jimbo_Wales: Elect 'ArbCom'.
Jimbo_Wales: For great encyclopedia.


Several people dubbed their voices over the intro in an overly dramatic fashion, and eventually most of the Photoshopped images were gathered by Bad_CRC and incorporated into a flash movie that every veteran of the Internet has seen by now. It should be noted that AYBABTU (as it is affectionately acronymed) has slid so far into the negative zone of comedy that quoting the exchange is now legally considered justification for assault and murder, which is the punishment soon to be faced by the creators of the MSN bot, Encarta® Instant Answers.

Anon Remixes All Your Base for Project Chanology

All Your Base are belong to 3/15! 'All Your Base are belong to May 10

All Your Base: The Song

The "All Your Base" text, in the form of a Johnny Cash-style acoustic guitar number.

Correctly-translated version

This is the correct translation (from the Japanese version of the game to the English one):

All Your White House Are Belong To Us

All Your Pics Are Belong To Us

You have no chance to survive make your time About missing Pics
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