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    Alizee dick.gifAlizee dick.gifAlizee dick.gif
    Alizée's dance — AKA Female Night Elf dance — giving WoWtards everyone around the world erections.

    Alizée Jacotey (August 21, 1984, Ajaccio, Corsica) is most known among nerds as the origin of the female night elf dance in WoW. Having invented this dance makes her the biggest source of masturbation by WoWgeeks. And most likely by all nerds alike. Everybody has fapped to her at least once in their lives, including the gays, women and priests.

    FUN FACT: Aside from dancing, she actually sings, too.


    Thanks to her short skirts in combination with the low standing cameras, she was able to make...

    1. Short skirts
    2. Dance
    3. Prostitution Sales
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT!

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