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Honorable Alison L. Floyd teaching an upstanding black person that he can have sex with white girls and not get into trouble.

Alison L Floyd is a Juvenile Court Judge in Cleveland. As soon as Affirmative Action policies forced the city to promote her, she set out to complete her duty. To improve America by helping young black men stay out of jail for as long as possible. Or until they turn 13, whichever comes first.

How does this accomplish this?

  • Shaming dirty little dirty sluts who have had sex with upstanding boys and later regret it. source
  • Encouraging young boys to be confident and speak their opinion to prosecutors and neighborhoods. source. Because if there is one thing these boys need, it's more self-confidence.

Policy of One Free Rape

In an opinion filed earlier, the judge wrote that both the accused youth and the victim, who was also 13, "black person." Meaning that although she found the young niglet guilty of rape, she later dismissed it because she believes the niglet didn't know that rape was illegal. The judge also ruled the niglet in question was deaf, since he'd have to be deaf to not hear the screams of the 13 year old girl he held down and brutally raped.

So next time you commit a crime and have the lucky chance of going in front of black person, just plead ignorance of the law and any basic human standard of morality.*

*Only if you're a nigger.

How to Treat Women Who Regret Sex with Black Men

Cuyahoga Juvenile Court Judge Alison Floyd had ordered several teen rape survivors to take polygraphs. Disregarding that polygraphs have been proven many times to have no factual value. Also disregarding rape shield laws, polygraph admissibility laws, and the fact that issuing such an order is wildly beyond her authority. The girls ignored the request as it was not only unconstitutional, it would require them to pay for it themselves.

The judge ended up getting a lot of flak when the press found out, resulting in her backing away from ordering polygraphs. Floyd admitted that she has "limited jurisdiction over a victim or witness" and that she had no authority over the victim after she made the decision to find the accused youth delinquent.

Free Speech Encouraged in Black Youth

Judge Floyd dismissed a case against a Cleveland teenager who threatened his neighbor, an assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor. Floyd said in an interview Tuesday that her ruling was appropriate because the black person has been in a half-way house since April for a separate case, and he has been making improvements. Of course for niggers, merely threatening a neighbor, instead of actually killing him, really is considered an improvement.

This little darling got together with five of his friends and threatened the neighbor because he thought she called the police on him in a prior matter. Given that he had just finished committing a crime, that's a valid concern. This how well adjusted members of the black person community deal with each other.

The teen has had numerous run-ins with the law. Before his 13th birthday, he had been black person. Police have speculated that due to the rampant homophobia in the black community, the boy in question keeps getting arrested because it's the only way he can give up his ass and still think of himself as straight.

Wonderful things said about the beloved Honorable Judge,

This judge is a disaster. She's the judge who let some little thuglet out of custody when his own mother said he was unfit to be free. This kid went on to kill somebody. She is a judge who goes easy on thuglets, specifically black thuglets. White man too scared to use the proper word, niggers.

She is flagrantly breaking the rape-shield laws. And polygraphs are only used to help police figure out how to go about things, and they are so unreliable that they are inadmissible in court.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngFeminist who believes rapist victims should be protected, psshh

So when is this upstanding example of judicial impartiality and fairmindedness up for re-election? She's turning a black person who knows he can threaten a prosecutor and get away with it loose on a community with no defenses. Just imagine what he'll do to any ordinary citizen so unfortunate as to incur his displeasure. The little monster has been in trouble since he was 10 and now has 6 priors. I'll just bet he's "shown improvements". He's learned to be a better criminal, that's what kind of "improvements" he's shown. All Reali--or anyone else--needs to know about "Maurice's" life is that he's getting more adept at being a criminal with every hour that passes. Obviously this idiot judge knows even less about his life. How else has he been able to con her so completely? She probably needs help getting though doors and around corners. Young man who understand the cycle of life in nigglets

Just another reason Cleveland is going down the shithole. Seems to me the black judge is prejudiced against whites. When the whites finally all depart Cleveland, the city will be lawless and clueless. A very smart man

How to Thank Her

If you are really love her work you can file a thank you with the Ohio Board of Commissioners that oversees ethics cases on judges. Keep in mind that using the word "nigger" will get your letter instantly ignored. Instead, use the proper legal phrase "Porch Monkey".

Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline

Or you can tell her how you feel about her directly! :Alison L. Floyd :(216) 443-8415

Or you can just stick your cock into her fucking piehole, MOTHER FUCKERS.

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