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The manchild himself

Aleximus Prime, also known as Alexander Smyth, is yet another in a long line of 24 year old sick fuck horsefuckers, and hails from the hellhole of deviantART. He describes himself as a "graphic artist", yet simply draws his ponysona in the same dick-hungry pose endlessly. Not only this, but he also graces the 'original' characters of other horsefuckers in the same cut-and-paste pose, lacking any knowledge on anatomy, despite the fact that these horses are the easiest pieces of shit to draw. This manchild, like all the brony fan base, preaches the idea of love and tolerance, but we all know this virgin faggot is only looking for something to stick his unrecognizably tiny "penis" inside. He also claims to spread diabeetus due to the cuteness of his art, but he's only giving AIDS to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be exposed to the hell that is his 'art'.

I'm a down-to-Earth, shy, sometimes random, guy who loves to draw ponies and make other people smile. I do what I do to keep my friends and followers entertained but most importantly for my own enjoyment because I love art.


His STDs, passed off as "art"

Once Alex finishes clopping, he takes a good nap to load his stinky ballsack again.

As you can expect from a brony artistic autistic, Aleximus-Fatass-Prime's gallery is made of fail and aids. All that he "draws" is composed of the worst possible things you could even imagine. Most of his "artworks" are, obviously, ponyfag shit, such as poorly-drawn ponies, and his shitty OC with the exact same ass-hungry poses, recycled hundreds of times. However, his deviantART account also hides a darker side of his obsession. What is more sickening than the act of clopping ? Nothing. And Alex understands that. In fact, he attempts to act innocently, by constantly informing his watchers that any sort of porn disgusts him.

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"I will NOT draw porn"

Not only is he fugly, but his dental hygiene is also awful.

Alexander Smyth once wrote a TL;DR journal (Here) about MLP porn and how he found it digusting to draw porn of "things he doesn't approve". Also, he banned porn through his commission guidelines, and also claims to cringe whenever he sees porn. Strangely he has a rule 34 account were he draws clop material for other horsefuckers and likes to draw "sexy fat anthro ponies". Somehow, Aleximusprime lacks the shame to realize that all this is material from a children's TV show.

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Despite claiming he is straight, Alex enjoys drawing his ponysona's ass spread out wide, simply asking for a penis to be inserted between the disgusting shit-colored cheeks. Not only this, but it seems he enjoys to draw dicks on female characters, for some strange reason. In the end, it's obvious this dick-hungry horsefucker is too embarassed to reveal his faggotry.

Jewtube Account

Notice the double chin.

It seems that the huge ponyfag also has a Jewtube account ! How surprising. But it is pointless (like most Jewtube accounts). He tries hard recording his videos with a shitty camera displaying his collection of childrens toys (truly a 24 year old at its finest) and some faggotry such as his BronyCon experiences. His account contains:

  • Him showing his ugly custom MLP figurines, so he can sell them to take advantage of brainless kids or other manchildren
  • Him doing pointless kid toys review such as transformers, bionicles, and mlp as well, showing again how retarded he is. No one gives a shit either way, but he hasn't realized this yet. His collection of fap material is huge.
  • Him trying too hard revoicing the characters from the mlp show, but even with his manly voice he still acts like a retarded faggot in these poor attempts.
  • Him recording his time in BronyCon and commenting, but no one fuckin need to see this demonic fuckfest and no one cares about it, but, again, Alex enjoys displaying his faggotry out in the open.
  • Him attempting to poorly animate things with flash or doing half-assed stop motion, but he obviously can't since he has no artistic skills and just know how to trace horny ponies in the same pose, revealing their pastel-colored anuses.

Tumblr Faggotry

Somehow, he has also over 9000 shitty tumblr accounts, where he reblogs pointless trash and adds horsefucker comments, no matter the post topic. If that's not enough, Alex enjoys posting about how much he would enjoy fucking the fat folds of cartoon horses. One of his tumblr account is called "Alex the Chubby Fatass Pony" where he posts art of his ponysona with a hungry butthole, ready to take yet another a huge dong up its loosened insides. It shows how insane the manchild is, because he obviously has a fat fetish, yet still denies it.

He dedicated another horrific account to a character from his disgustingly written fanfiction, an ask account, but no one gives shit and no one asks him stuff because he's just another talentless faggot. Due to this, Alex is stuck with the only option of sending himself questions, both anonymous and non-anonymous. The poorly drawn 'answers' are just as disgusting as his need to fuck a horse's ass.

Finally, his last account is just his "personal" account where he reblogs furfag shit, generic pony gifs and memes, and shows his hellish face when he attends to BronyCon and other pointless events for horsefags like him.

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