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    Alan "Brenlo" Crosby

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    Alan "Brenlo" Crosby is the fat former senior producer of SOE's MMORPG, EverQuest II. In mid-April 2010, seemingly out of nowhere, he resigned from his position and David Georgeson was made to be the next producer. (It is interesting to note that Georgeson is a Gaiafag.)

    Brenlo's former coworkers had "no comment" to say about his leaving, and many MMO gamers were shocked by the sudden leave. Where would he go next? What exactly happened? Who cares?

    Some, such as some commenters from the above link to Massively, wished him well: "Here's wishing him the best! He will be hard to replace!" But that is not the point of this article.

    It's pretty obvious to mention that this news hit EQ2Flames and HARD.

    So what was the problem with him?

    This video is quite long, so here's a summary: Brenlo promised things for the launch of EQ2's new expansion Sentinel's Fate. Things like a new city, New Halas (the original melted due to global warming in the game's lore, but Solusek Ro would suggest otherwise!), which was delayed due to retardation, battlegrounds, which was delayed due to retardation, the fact that he looks like Gabe Newell, being a forum mod for years and praising the game-destroying update to Star Wars Galaxies that was the NGE, and being fat.

    Brenlo Blow

    On April 15, 2010, a thread discussing Brenlo's leaving was posted. Brenlo is fat. Aside from discussions on what exactly Brenlo fucked up, problems with the most recent expansion (Sentinel's Fate), and the fact that Brenlo is fat, Locke returned again to talk about his time at SOE and how he developed the early ingame memes such as the lucky hat and the dead kittens.

    The discussion on the game's original content released in 2004 continued... until Gaige had this drop in his PM box after a visit to Del Taco:

    from what I hear he definitely couldnt pull off being a tiger woods very well with another employee to put it mildly. but you didnt hear that from me


    —????; on Brenlo, who is fat

    One of ZAM's community managers, Calthine, told him that posting such rumors just trying to start drama or something with such gossip. They argued about Tiger Woods and his OWN affairs and how Woods also has a wife and kids, like Brenlo. This went back and forth until Snooppy, another poster, attacked Niber for releasing the PMs of Aeralik and him sputtering off about "one immature posted" two years ago, and how this is no different. Snooppy said on page 25, "I brought that one up because it demonstrates how much you're willing to fuck people over/break the rules/stroke your own cock for some attention." He then said "I don't follow MMORPG news, because I've got better things to do." Better things to do, as in, post on EQ2Flames? Okay then.

    By page 26 Snooppy got banned. Some claimed he didn't deserve it because it's EQ2Flames and trolling is A-OK. He was unbanned after people whined to Niber.

    The morality question popped up once more: rumors [Y/N]? Another user called Xalmat posted, "Why should [Brenlo• deny any of the sexual approach claims]? I'd tell people it's none of their damn business what goes on in my personal life, or what my exact reasons for doing such-and-such were." Gaige retorted with "I'd say it stops being his personal life if he was fired from SOE for his infidelity, not to mention Faarwolf had accused him of sexual harassment when she worked there."

    Xalmat also thinkgs that Brenlo will go after EQ2Flames with a lawlsuit. Still more people white knighted for Brenlo, others claimed Snooppy and Gaige were attention whores, how Brenlo carpooled often with Kiara and Amnerys (two SOE community people,) and finally, how Kiara, a SOE employee who posts on Flames sometimes, has not posted lately (lately means one day for these people or something.)

    ... and then the community rep Kiara showed up with this:

    You guys are adorable.

    I took a day off... I do that on occasion, and I managed to break my internet over the weekend, so have been sadly off the grid.

    I know that telling you guys not to put any stock in rumours will do no good at all, being as this is flames ;)

    Alan chose to leave SOE for his own reasons. Any rumours you hear out of the team are just that, and much as I love you guys, I'm not gonna spill the beans here or anywhere else, cause I like my job and cause Alan is my friend and it isn't my business to spread his around the web.

    Incidentally, since you guys are so worried about me <3, I'll be taking off this coming thursday for kicks and giggles, May 7th because my grandmother has a doctor's appointment and I need to drive her to Rancho Cucamonga, and May 31st cause my bff will be in town.



    —Kiara, on Rancho Cucamonga;

    Mystery solved on those fronts. But was Brenlo fucking someone?

    •who is fat


    It is known to many people that Kiara came here and lied about not having an affair with Brenlo.

    And that harmed this site because, while the prohibition against SOE people posting here would have gone away when Brenlo left, the additional drama and publicity caused by Kiara's lie-post here resulted in a new rule that SOE people can no longer post here without approval from their manager.

    So we are again back to square one with SOE, once again based on actions by SOE personnel rather than this site or our own administrators or mods.


    —LFG, on affairs on May 1, 2010;

    September 2010: Gaige's Big Reveal

    It turns out Brenlo is dating Kiara after all! Gaige claimed that this is breaking holy matrinomy or something but he is an aspie and an aspie's thoughts don't count. Crabbok said that "oh boy, who cares about how people live their lives," others laughed into oblivion, and Pink Poodle, after starving herself, rushed off to ED with this information.

    EQ2Flames Thread on Brenlo Screen Pix

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]




    Thayo in #wiki

    Yeah I can agree there's lots of little things that some people might dislike about it. His Shadowknight Oddessy joke, suggesting Halas will be ready for SF launch, achievements which I know can be a contentious issue. Also the fact that he's fat and isn't too crash hot at public speaking/presenting might not go down too well.


    —sakkath, in EQ2Flames, on why people disliked Brenlo

    I'm under the impression SOE fired him. When Scott left he had that big ass goodbye post, hard to imagine Alan would just fade away without saying shit he has been at SOE for way over a decade.


    —Gaige, before rumors surfaced

    Does this mean I get to rip off the plaque that says "Brenlo's Office, Authorized personnel only. No rangers." from his office door in the community lounge?


    —Liviya of EQ2Flames

    Of all the people that have worked for/with him the only person to ever defend him to me is Kiara. Every single other person either got all quiet and refused to comment at all or threw Alan under the bus. Just saying.



    fat fucks fucking fat fucks


    —Pudaan putting it perfectly

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