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    I have been blessed by God. And if I'm blessed, there is one reason and only one reason, and that is to help others



    Child prodigy Akiane Kramarik was sent to earth by our lord Jesus Christ to spread a message of goodness and to end the world's suffering with divinely inspired art. Her poetry, drawings, and paintings, done in a style she has dubbed "imaginatism", are a shining light upon the world.

    Featured on national television Akiane can be seen calling attention to the evils of the world how great she is, and will work God into everything she says. This is interesting considering that her parents are atheists, and she had no exposure to religion throughout her life, of 13 years. Her parents however have recently converted to Judaism in light of just how much people are willing to buy a horribly disproportionate (though cleverly shaded) story-book illustration of Jesus or unicorns.

    Akiane lives in Post Falls Idaho and is a trademark of Akiane LLC (not kidding, look it up)

    Akiane is an inspiration to tartlets everywhere, and hopes to one day grow up to fully realize her furry nature.

    Divine Inspiration

    God looks to me like a ball of light. He's really masculine, he's really strong and big, his eyes are just beautiful.


    —Akiane, child prodigy

    Hair of pure gold. Veil of pure energy. Face of pure beauty. What the angel gazes at is of eternal significance. Yet what it is has not been revealed to me.


    —Akiane on herself


    Love is never alone
    Love is always crowded
    Love is the shared self

    We cannot own our love
    And we cannot teach our love

    The longest breath of love
    is the shortest distance to heaven

    The deepest life is love
    The deepest love is an embrace

    Love is not rest
    Love is peace
    Love is the purpose

    A typical poem by Akiane

    Interviews with Akiane

    What is your favorite food?

    When half of the world goes to sleep hungry, my favorite food is the food I can share with others.



    How do you feel about being famous?




    How much does a typical painting sell for?

    My self portrait sold for $10,000, a portion of which went to charity.



    Her Website

    Akiane's website is filled with Jew and pretentious fail, and is the only official place to buy god's merchandise.

    Akiane official site1.png


    Some art experts do not believe Kramarik is the sole creator of the artwork published under her name, though they believe she may be completing the artwork to some degree. When reporters asked the family if they could record a video of her painting a small image from start to finish, they declined saying that it wouldn't be a fair representation of her work.



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