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AkewsticRockR (aka Kyle J. Hendrickson) Is a self-proclaimed "holier than thou" YouTube Christian whom breaks many of God's laws on a frequent basis in a desperate attempt to create YouTube Lulz and is clearly going to hell when he dies.

AkewsticRockR is guilty of making a constant practice of the sins of pride, wrath, hypocrisy, homosexuality, lying, and not loving thy neighbors like he loves himself (and he loves himself a lot). Despite all this, AkewsticRockR is happy to preach to any and every person who says a single curse-word on YouTube about their sins and how they are to be condemned for it.

AkewsticRockR's main hobbies include sucking up to Lisa Nova, criticizing everyone on YouTube for being sinners (the majority of which are saints compared to AkewsticRockR), dissecting other users' videos (picking out the minutest and most insignificant of imperfections) and generally pointing out to everyone at any opportunity that he's now a "YouTube Partner".

The Birth of Jesus AkewsticRockR

AkewsticRockR started out on YouTube by directly and unambiguously plagiarizing the Angry Video Game Nerd's TMNT review in a horribly unfunny, Christian Bawwwfest. His subsequent videos have proven equally talentless. Thus when he realized that his videos weren't bring in the hits, he followed the path of Satan and started warz with other basement dwellers.

AkewsticRockR Versus...

AkewsticRockR is infamous for his whiny, butthurt YouTube wars that he starts with all sorts of people all the time. This ranges from butthurt over curse words, to just general dislike of the fact that he's been criticized. And if you really get on his nerves, he will summon the YouTube police. He also has a nasty habit of deleting any comments on and off of his channel out of butthurt. What Kyle doesn't realize is that people have caught on to this and have been archiving his comments and comments that his haters post on his channel so that he can no longer cover his ass.

Vs. Undercoverfilmer00v

In the beginning, there was the Undercoverfilmer00v, an equally egocentric and overtly sensitive YouTube film maker who prided himself on his, 45 minute opuses of video perfection and accuracy to detail while wearing a white plastic bag over his head.

That was until he met AkewsticRockR...

No one is truly sure how the war started, but the two would cock slap each other over anything they could instigate as a flaw in each other's work and would fly off carpel tunnel inducing page-fulls of pointless argumentative comments on each others YouTube channel accounts.

After a lulzless e-war, the Undercoverfilmer put his page on lockdown and hasn't released anything since, constantly bashing his fanbase in the process.

Vs. The Irate Gamer

In Kyle's tiny little mind, his greatest nemesis is the Irate Gamer. Unfortunately for Kyle, his satirical efforts are so lame, cliche, and piss-poor that not even the Irate Gamer himself gives a shit, as he hasn't even commented on any of Kyle's videos, let alone taken them down for copyright infringement like the plagiarizing little cunt normally does.

           An example of AkewsticRockR's excellent satirical talents 
           - Note the video is not on YouTube, as Kyle is a fucking pussy whom fears the wrath of Mr. Bores. 

Bores n' Doors

Last Thursday, in an amazing display of hypocrisy, AkewsticRockR created quite possibly the only note-worthy cause in his entire life, a Meme about him knocking on Chris' door and making some sort of mildly amusing comment along the lines of his plagiarising or lack of talent. This might be lulzy, until you realize that Kyle himself has committed plagiarism worse than Bores in the past, and is even less talented.

Vs. thevideogamebasher

It's not just well respected hated figures Kyle likes to pick on either, he picks on anybody who either finds something wrong with him, or is perceived by him to be a sinner of some kind. This includes newfags whom are brave enough not to back down to RockR's inferior intellect, and this is what happened to thevideogamebasher when he decided to jump on the Bores n' Doors bandwagon and created a video Kyle didn't like and got butthurt over LOL TOS'D.

Vs. Encyclopedia Dramatica

Aside from using his ED account to "add" to this article, the Lord hath attempteth to taketh away. Concerned that future employers eager to hand him a job might look up his name online to do a background check, he has asked that his full name (Kyle J. Hendrickson, in case you forgot) not be made available on this article. Specifically, the name Kyle J. Hendrickson, which is his name. Call Kyle J. Hendrickson, that's his name, that name again is Kyle J. Hendrickson.

Nevermind the fact that his own YouTube channel (which he makes no attempt to hide from potential employers, and which has his ugly mug plastered all over it) is far more embarrassing than this cheaply decorated wall of text: The fact that he lied about his full name not being a matter of public record in a pathetic attempt to milk mercy out of EDiots is something that should definitely be brought to a potential employer's attention!

On his own Suite101.com profile (an online job-hunting service for desperate writers in desperate need of work), he puts his full name on display as Kyle J. Hendrickson, for the whole Internet to see. As if for ED's own confirmation, he also put up his photo of his best 40-Year Old Virgin poster impersonation. So, it's pretty fucking safe to say that his name is a matter of "public record" now, isn't it?


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