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    100px Ajjantis is going to be fixed up later...
    So stay tuned!
    File:Ajjantis face swap.gif
    Ajjantis and tubby.
    File:Ajjantis ugly ass baby.png
    Do they feed it lard?
    I couldn't tell the difference.

    Ajjantis (now known as Darkor ingame, Freeport side of Nagafen) is a retarded EQ2 player who tried to take legal action against EQ2Flames. It all started in early 2009 when he called for an "ignore" button for the forum unless someone actually moderated the Venekor forum section, and Niber immediately directed him to said feature. You'd think it'd end there, yes? Well, no. LFG was a little miffed with being accused of ignoring said Venekor forum section, and said that he'd never really bother with it (as it is the cool story bro server of the game, along with asking him to please point out why it needs to be looked at.)

    Ajjantis brought up multiple threads, usually involving Shade (some German troll) posting giant images of beavers, posting in really, really old threads, typical troll shit. LFG closed the threads and said that if it kept up, he'd send a W.T. Snacks to Nagafen (and he swore to Jesus on this.)

    Eventually, some pictures of Ajjantis himself, his girlfriend, and his fat, ugly nephew or son (who knows or cares?) were posted. LFG was out of town and didn't get to it early enough. That didn't stop Ajjantis though. He was going to OMG CALL THE COPS!!

    I could seriously care less if you were out of town or not. You did see the last pictures, you even responded me asking who they are and telling me i cant ask you to remove them unless the people shown on the picture is me. That was your chance to do so. If you think registrating an forum anonymously anywhere in the united states is going to make you superman and immune to the law then i hate to tell you, that you are wrong. But im sure you know better.

    Ofcourse you are not responsible for the action of your members, but its your responsibility to clearn the mess they make up on YOUR forum.


    —Ajjantis, flipping a shit.

    And LFG's response?

    Truth is, in a couple weeks we'll all be laughing at you even harder when you fail to deliver on your threats.


    —LFG, the Bible didn't say anything about that. But we still lol'd.

    Ajjantis once again freaked out on LFG, leading him to post this:

    Listen, retard, here's how it went. At first, I listened to your bitching and even suspended Shade for 3 days because of it.

    Then after getting my time and support you whined more and more, and then actually demanded I take immediate action on your behalf regarding some new pics Shade posted.

    I replied and said who are the pics of, back up a second here and tell me what's going on, I want to make sure the pics are in actual violation of our site rules before I remove them.

    And then I left town for two days.

    When I came back, you were threatening to sue me.

    You are like one retard short of a Special Olympics team, yet you are threatening to sue me for a bunch of made up bullshit, after I tried to help you?

    Fuck you and the Butterball bitch in the pic with you.



    However, the thread was eventually moved to the Hall of Flames, even after people were nagging Ajjantis for the police file records. Of course, Ajjantis pulled a Dave Chappelle and didn't post shit.


    Gallery of OMG CALL THE COPS About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
    Ugly Baby and Ajjantis Shoops About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Hey Ajjantis:


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