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    Ajax (JavaScript)

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    AJAX is a series of web technologies developed by Micro$oft in 1999. Basically, it's just all of the non-standard, half-working JavaScript functions in a hugbox. Take any successful Flash portal and you'll find AJAX pouring maple syrup in the gas tank.


    Over 9000 years ago, the internet gods' servers were overloaded with so much furry porn that they needed to borrow some bandwidth from their customers. So, they created JavaScript, a funtastic scripting language for the web browser. But that wasn't enough. JavaScript was limited in what it could do, so Microsoft decided to unleash upon the world ActiveX, Macromedia Flash, XML, Java, CSS, and all of the things that cause browser incompatibilities today. Later, all of these web technologies were called AJAX, after the shitty cleaning product.

    Some boring facts:

    1. There are LOADS of frameworks-libraries to handle TL;DR AJAX codes.
    2. You will be demotivated before writing AJAX codes.
    3. It's hard to handle errors using AJAX. That's why AJAX sites often return "something happened we are fixing #t" errors. It's a lie, they aren't really informed about which part of the code failed.
    4. You can't just click "back".
    5. It's incompatible with platforms.
    6. Using AJAX framework makes you dependent to the framework

    The Risks

    If you mix Ajax cleaner with bleach, you might become an hero. This is a true fact from chemistry science, as is (un)explained by these rubbery hallucinations:

    (If you close your eyes, you can still see them.)

    Ajax is a good substitute for cocaine. Hippies can't tell the difference.

    (Good shit.)

    This is an exact similarity to the fact that if you mix AJAX frameworks with cocaine, you might end up in a Web job which will make you want to be an hero.

    List of Ajax

    AJAX comes in many forms, such as:

    Softwarez series.jpg

    Ajax (JavaScript) is part of a series on


    Visit the Softwarez Portal for complete coverage.

    Web 2.0 style example.png
    Ajax (JavaScript)
    is part of a series on
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