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    Agent Smith

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    Agent Smith was previously believed to be a fictional character from the orgy of faggotry known as The Matrix. In a surprising twist, it turns out that Agent Smith is real and is safeguarding your internets from the likes of EDiots, /b/tards, and Neo, but not 16 year old girls, pedophiles, or Melmo, the last of which he avoids entirely because Agent Smith has already been raped by a black person, named Morpheus.

    File:Agent smith.jpg
    Agent Smith is also a deafie.

    Not to be confused with Michael Argent Smith.

    Some Videos

    Interesting facts

    He demands moar

    He is really Megatron

    He is cosplays as Elrond

    He can divide by zero. OH SHI-

    When he says the word Neo more than once a year, the universe kills itself.

    He would beat Chuck Norris in a fight.

    He wears slick glasses to prevent his laz0r eyes from destroying the Earth.

    He can not kill Anonymous.

    He is Anonymous.

    He saved society from the evils of government oppression.

    He owns the FBI Party Van.

    Agent Smith's Caseload

    Agent Smith on Krautchan

    Agent Smith is also a funny forced meme on Krautchan and the text FICK JA AGENT SCHMIDT! (Fuck yes agent smith!) repeated ad infinitum.


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