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Afro Ninja is an ancient internet meme that spawned from a series of TV advertisements for the vidya game Tekken 5. The ad soon found its way to YouTube and took the internet by storm. The meme then got old, and people stopped caring and forgot about it, as is the way of things on the internets. Afro Ninja is considered to be among the ranks of other such old YouTube memes as Numa Numa, Star Wars Kid, Chris Crocker, etc.

The Story

The aforementioned Tekken ads ran in early 2005 as a sort of teaser to promote the PS2 game prior to its release. They basically featured what might be considered "normal people" (i.e. fat, uncoordinated nerds) trying to perform the various super-awesome martial arts techniques that the imaginary characters in the game can pull off with ease. Thus, the commercials were sort of like watching shitty actors trying to emulate America's Funniest Home Videos clips. Nobody's really sure what the ads were supposed to convey; maybe that RL will never be as good as the comfort of your pretend videogaming universe - which is completely true.

An example of one of the commercials

Anyway, one of the many different ads featured a nigra with some nunchaku (or "nunchucks," for those of you who aren't weeaboos), trying to do a back flip. Of course, he failed to do this, landed on his afro, then jumped up disoriented and fell out of the camera's view while waving his nunchucks around.

Afro Ninja

Whether the footage used in the videos was filmed for the sole purpose of the Tekken ads or was taken from another source was originally unclear. Some liked to claim that they were outtakes from the failed auditions to an action movie. Still, others claimed that it's all fake. However, it has recently come to the attention of the internet that the Afro Ninja's video was taken from an audition for a Nike commercial. No word on the outtakes of the other losers, though.

Afro Ninja and The Tubes

DuffyAttack Ninja.gif
Afro Ninja on South Park

Once the easily amused masses of the interwebs found the video, they happily embraced it as the next big thing. Much e-fame, internet money, and hookers and blow followed for the nigra star of the video. Although the video eventually went the way of all old memes, it has gained a fair bit of attention in recent times. For instance, Afro Ninja was featured in the now infamous Canada on Strike episode of South Park. Afro Ninja was also featured in the internet-themed YouTube Favicon.png music video of alternative rock band Weezer called "Pork and Beans." The Afro Ninja would then make one final grab at media attention by appearing on Tosh.0 and reliving his original audition. Unfortunately, he no longer has an afro :(

<video type="comedycentral" id="229204" width="332" height="316" frame="true" position="center"/>

Just in case you needed more proof that Eric Bauman is a self-important asshat.

One interesting thing to note about the Afro Ninja video is that very few people seem to have any clue where it actually came from, so everyone just assumed it was some stupid nigger with a misdirected desire to become a martial artist. This has led to numerous retards making up stories and trying to claim the video as their own finding. People have even added watermarks to their uploaded videos, even though each one is the same damn thing. As expected, ebaumsworld even got in on the action, trying to take credit for something that isn't theirs, a time honored tradition for Eric Bauman. Think of it as a bunch of European settlers coming over to colonize the Americas (internet memes) and going, "LOL LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!" and trying to claim everything as their own and raping the continent with their fail. That's kind of how this is; except, in this case, it's really not that big of a deal, since this particular video isn't all that special. I mean, you can only watch a nigga fall on his head so many times before it stops being funny (850 as of the last count).

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