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Friggin' teams are stacked.

The Occupied Islamic State of Afghanistan, also known as "Jihadistan" or "Talibanistan", has been home to drugs, conflicts, dirty terrorists, much Muslim drama, devoid morality, and a fat-ass US invasion force. This country is inhabited by uneducated goat-fucking husbandmen and human penguins. The official currency unit is the goat, one goat being convertible into one six-year-old child bride on the open market.


Kabul, Afghanistan's largest city.

Despite being named Afghanistan, Afghanistan is the home of the Pashtuns also known as barbarian nazis 卐. Afghanistan was created by the ejaculation of Bill Nye as he whacked off to the remembrance of the time he nailed Soledad O'Brien. Throughout most of Afghanistan's history, it's been called "that piece of shit between Persia and India." When Russian and British Imperialism hit Central Asia (the Great Game), none of that mattered because the whole place became United Kingdom's bitch. However, Afghanistan is the only country that has pwned every invader except the U.S./Canada but the only reason why they didn't is because they used them to kick out Osama bin Laden and friends No. After that, they plan on turning back into what they were before; a narco-terrorist shithole who's only contribution to the world is decent heroin and lousy taxi drivers. A country that, if it weren't for everyone carrying an AK-47, would look very much like it did in the 12th century.

Afghanistan is also home of the true and real Aryans, not the trailer trash white people you see in North America or the skinhead wannabe's in Europe. Afghanistan was also known as Aryana, a state of Persia before they separated due to religion and Arabs raping them in the ass. The true Aryans are the pashtuns and tajiks, but the Mongolian left overs called "Hazaras" are chinks. Recently they have been enjoying freedom from their former Pashtun masters who enslaved them.

In recent history, Osama Bin Laden fell in love with the country and took it over with his Taliban. In August 2001 the Afghan Army was planning to attack the US with its mujaheddin, but it failed hard. One month later they blew up the World Trade Center (everyone knows Jews did WTC, not sandniggers). Butthurt, the U.S. declared war on Afghanistan. After years of looking for Bin Laden the Americans got tired but remained "devoted" to the cause by leaving the Canadian army in charge. The Canadians have since then installed peace and order and rule over the country from their dark and untakeable fortress in Kandahar Airbase, where they enjoy playing cards, torturing prisoners and playing hockey.

Since there are no telephones or internets in Afghanistan most people rely on smoke signals for communications. Families that are rich enough have a donkey or flying carpet to visit family across the country. But since one place in this shitty country is as bad as any other, not much travel takes place.

Let's recap:

  1. Nothing happens
  2. Nothing happens
  3. Nothing happens
  4. Arab goat fuckers forcefully convert them to islam then in turn these sandniggers raeped their indian counter parts
  5. Nothing happens
  6. Nothing happens
  7. Nothing happen
  8. British come
  9. ONE British leaves (Seriously!) (+16,500 killed or wounded [1])
  10. British come
  11. British leave (+1,630 killed or wounded [2])
  12. British come
  13. British leave (+1,751 killed or wounded [3])
  14. Afghanistan is a monarchy
  15. Afghanistan goes atheist/communist
  16. Pashtuns get butthurt
  17. Mujaheddin forms with US help to fight communism
  18. Soviets come
  19. Soviets leave (+67,000 killed or wounded [4])
  20. Kabul falls to the Mujaheddin. A Pashtun and a Hazara get butt hurt and fighting ensues.(90% of the population in Kabul die).
  21. Mujaheddin become Taliban to fight Western influence
  22. Taliban start leading country according to Islamic law
  23. Americans come in, kill current leaders and appoint a puppet president
  24. But in order to make the puppet legal, they stage an election and he wins with 55%.
  25. Next election noone who voted before shows up, quarter of all votes get discarded, millions of votes get added, ballot box intimidation... and the puppet wins with 90%
  26. But in order to make it seem more legitimate, there is a reelection... in which the opponent is forced to back out
  27. US loses massive amounts of money by first funding the terrorists and then fighting them
  28. ????
  29. Profit! (for the jews)

Where is the fucking profit?


Afghan jailbait

Afghanistan contains about 29.8 million people with beards and diapers on their heads, and a few confused lost wiggers. The women all have to wear oversized binbags, although whether this is due to the vaginaphobic attitude of the populace or the general fugliness of the women is debated. According to Godwin's Law, Afghanistan is the origin of the Aryan race, as proved by this one little white girl from Afghanistan. Historically, the Aryans invaded early civilization on the Indus Valley and asspwned the dark skinned yet ironically more intelligent inhabitants, giving them the Vedas and the Indo-European influenced language. If you are wondering why, if those dark skinned people were so intelligent, they got utterly pwned; shut up you racist.


The terrain of the country is highly unknown as the Arab turn into werewolves at night and raep outsiders in the ass.

A rape survivor described Afghani terrain as:


The only known leader of Afghanistan that was known until now was Osama Bin Laden, who is most known for being a ruthless terrorist and lulz exporter. In 2001 he was unfortunately killed in the attack of the Jews as he tried to save his fellow humans from 9/11. When his death was confirmed, the country bowed down to the Canadian lead invader forces. Since then, the provisional dark emperor claimed the country in the name of the Canada.

Afghans? in my internets?

A Taliban activist found on Stickam.

It's more likely than you think. Just look at the following websites taken over by the Afghans. They all redirect to some low budget Persian Afghani music videos. It may be many different videos, or all the same one. We really can't tell. Behold the fearmsome soldiers of the taliban.

Add more if you see any. We don't know whats going on but it is pretty scary.

How to Troll an Afghan

Really this not a hard task. Afghans (especially Pashtuns) are really fucking anal if you make fun of them.

  1. If they hate Pakistan because they help the Taliban, just say how much Pakistan is far more superior than Afghanistan.
  2. If they are Hazara, just make fun of them as if they were Asians. You cant really spot a difference.
  3. If they are Pashtuns, say that they are really filthy Jews that were kicked out of Israel.Seriously its true. Just look at their noses.
  4. Ask them if they have any connections with any opium farm growers.
  5. Most Afghans are born out of incest so you should probably make fun of them for that.
  6. Bring up the fact that Afghans are butt hurt when electing a winner for a presidential election.
  7. If they are offended by someone making fun of Afghanistan, just show them this article.
  8. If they believe the Afghan National Army is doing a good job, just bring up whats happening in Northern Afghanistan. Especially the takeover of Kunduz by the Taliban.
  9. If they talk shit about you behind your back when trying to be nice to them, which will happen 100% of the time, start a rumor about them. Afghans do this all the time and they will be really paranoid.
  10. Make fun of them for liking Bacha Bazi (basically boys dressed up in girls clothes dancing in front of men and then after they are don they get raped.NOT A FUCKING JOKE.) and call them a pedophile.

Famous Afghan exports

Afghanistan is well known for its modern industrial and technological economy.
  • The Afghan Hound
  • The Afghan Coat
  • Afghan Carpets
  • The Afghan Afghani, the official currency of Afghanistan
  • The Afghan Snowball [5]
  • Afghan Goo
  • Afghan Kalashnikovs
  • Afghan Pipeline
  • Afghan Tea-bag
  • Afghani Sauna
  • Afghanistan Skunk
  • Afghanistan Haze
  • Afghanistan Slurpee
  • Afghanistanimation [6]
  • The AK-47
  • Dead American troops
  • Opium
  • Dead Hajjis


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