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    Ae-tan and this article are perfect. Don't fuck with them!

    Ae-tan (also known as Æ-tan and æ-tan) is the moe personification and mascot of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Classy and elegant, she is the rival and serial molester of Wikipe-tan, the meager maid who serves this role for Wikipedia. Some used to argue that she was Girlvinyl herself, however this steaming load could be smelled all the way to the Moon as Ae-tan is not a walking whale.

    Ae-tan was envisioned by Sheneequa to be the counterpart to Wikipe-tan, because if Wikipedians can be anime faggots, so can we. However, Mungbean (aka Fapman) was the one who actually created the fucking thing in a thread on the old ED Forum where people were asked to make suggestions for a new ED mascot, but instead either tried to be edgy/LOLRANDOMXDDDD or nominate themselves. But eventually, via some miraculous power of divine providence, a modern wonder was created, and (after some shitty suggestions like "Helpedtan"/"EDTan" and attempts to outfit her with an owl named "Ed") dubbed "Æ-tan".

    Unsurprisingly, the first page of her creation thread already contains speculation regarding whether or not she has a dick.


    Our mascot in all her monocled glory About missing Pics
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    Birthday Gifts About missing Pics
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    When OhInternet was created, or rather, "shat out" by Girlvinyl (for the short time it lasted), she was unwilling to let the glorious beauty of our heavenly mascot slip through her fat fingers. To remedy this (while simultaneously trying to distance herself from ED to get more jew gold) the faggots of Ohi posted a couple pictures insinuating that ED's userbase was what was dragging the old Ae-tan down, and their new mascot, "Ohi-tan", is simply Ae-tan with a haircut.

    However, in the end, we all know how things turned out. Ohi was shut down because no one needed another KYM (no one even needs the first one), DeHippo still fantasizes about looking like the perfect mascot she deluded herself into thinking was based on her, and the "excess weight" that Ohi-tan "discarded" is still here in the from on the real ED. Proving once again that you don't quit Encyclopedia Dramatica, Encyclopedia Dramatica quits you.

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    In Chronological Order

    In the BeginningAttempted coup of the wikiRFJason CL ExperimentMay 2007Dancing sandwich warED turns 5Creation of the ED MascotED sued by Australian Human Rights CommissionsAustralian Media interviewSheneequa Turns FourGirlvinyl deletes "Niggers"DeHippo replaces ED with KYM cloneOperation RestorationNew ED founder v& ◆ We change domains over 9000 times for various, hilarious reasons ◆ EDF2 game on the newsED turns 10

    During the Great Reign of ED:
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