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Advice Dog

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Wandering onto /b/ in the Summer of 2008, the so-called Advice Dog (also known as Persuasive Puppy, Advice Puppy, Bad Advice Dog, Subversive Dog, Wisdom Dog, Danger Dog, Crafty Clever Canine of Conscience Corruption and that fucking rainbow dog) came to /b/ to grace its ignorant and misguided inhabitants with His infinite wisdom. Set in front of a bright, nearly hypnotizing background, the dog is a trusty sage who arms anonymous with knowledge.

While Advice Dog is a step above the endless waves of shit that continuously flow into 4chan, it's still a forced meme that is perpetuated mostly by trolls and newfags. But hey, at least it's original content NOT ANYMORE LOL. Making your own advice dog meme is a great way to piss off oldfags who feel bad because they never generated anything.

As of the May 6, 2013, the number of search results that "advice dog" merits exceeds those of "my little pony", which proves that advice dogs are truly the greatest cancer of memes.


Apparently the meme originated as a security measure devised by the Internet Police to prevent young kids from performing stupid, erroneous or otherwise fecal decisions on the internets. Others argue it originated on Mario's fansite forum. The original dog's name is Boba Fett, and the original photo was taken on July 2006. The original image was a meme on 4chan's /mu/ as a fake album, so as to confuse newfags. It is now used primarily as a means to piss off oldfags (and pretty much everyone else, really). Much to the disgust of /b/, on July 5th 2008 Advice Dog was the 76M GET giving it an undeserved forced meme status.

Proper Use

In reality, there is no "correct" usage, but the most effective seems to be to link two completely unrelated pieces of advice together. It's also somewhat typical to combine one helpful piece of advice with an even more helpful one, for instance: "Do the laundry. Rob a bank."

With the advent of the Advice Dog Generator, giving advice has become even simpler: ADVICE DOG GENERATOR

The shitstorm that hit /b/

In late '08/early '09, every newfag saw his chance to start his own meme and started to pump out Advice Dog spin-off's. You can view them here. Just ignore that shit and hope they'll go away.


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Advice Dog Song

Advice Dog Motivational video

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