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    I need /adv/ice!

    I need /adv/ice!
    Because nobody ever looks at me twice!




    /adv/ is a board on 4chan where 16-year-old girls and 13-year-old boys pretending to be 16-year-old boys bitch about their shitty lives and mistakenly believe that the rest of the internet gives a shit. It was created by some faggot in yet another pathetic attempt at cleansing /b/ from whiny teenagers asking for advice on the internet as advice/motivate me threads started appearing en masse on the random board and 4chan administration at the time gave a crap. This obviously did not work because /b/ is still flooded with underageb& users complaining about their anal warts and wanna-be alpha males trying to ridicule neckbeards even though they're lurking the same shitty website.

    If you're stupid enough to ask for relationship advice or compassion from an anime site full of basement dwellers who haven't even talked to a girl except for their imaginary gilfriends, frequent Adv/ and join the crowd that makes 9gag look mature.

    If you thought /b/ and /k/ were bad: it gets worse, WAY WORSE.


    Most threads are questions about relationship advice, that any person not born in the South could resolve on their own. Others are pathetic attempts at attracting fellow losers who haven't been gettin pussy lately as they spend all they time on Adv/. Such questions may include:

    • What does vagina feel like?
    • Did I cross the line raping my girlfriend?
    • I really like this boy in my class but I'm afraid he'll think I'm too fat
    • How do I convince my girlfriend to let me fuck her butt?
    • I'm in love with this loli but she's 14 and I'm 22. Do I wait for her?
    • Should I take my girlfriend to Burger King or McDonald's?
    • Will my girlfriend find my tranny porn cache creepy?
    • Is it just one guy posting girls in stockings pictures on /s/ or do boys really like them?
    • How do I tell my boyfriend I'm HIV positive?
    • Am I supposed to cuddle with my date?
    • tfw no gf
    • Do girls like it when I shower daily?
    • I want to go over to Good Korea and have sex with all the girls of Girls' Generation but I don't speak Korean! What should I do?
    • I want to be a girl (rarely, OP will want to be a boy), what do?

    For the remaining threads that aren't about relationships, I was just kidding. All threads are about relationships. If you see a thread not about relationships, odds are you're seeing a troll thread.

    What /adv/ is not

    (Besides a good board, that is.)

    Newfags occasionally pop in to /adv/ thinking it's Anonymous' version of Yahoo Answers, only to be told that they're trolling the board by asking questions that require some brainpower.

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