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The most common variant

Admiral Allahu A. Ackbar is a fish faced character demonstrating the un-fishist Equal Opportunities policy of the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars movies and novels, which is not important anymore because no one gives a shit about Star Wars. Due in part to Admiral Ackbar's fuckatarded voice, vagina-esque face and over-acting, his famous line, "It's a trap!" achieved meme status.


Admiral Ackbar is really only a meme when used in conjunction with his famous line in Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It all started at eBaumsworld with some newfag posting a picture of Admiral Ackbar, to which another person responded, "ITS A TRAP!!!" That thread continued in that fashion; someone would post something that resembled the word "trap", be it tarp, carp, or snark. It stopped being funny after 10 posts, but the /b/tards wouldn't stop. Whenever newfags encounter their first epic thread, they always cling to the forced meme as if it were the best thing ever. This would ensure Admiral Ackbar's place in internet history.


For reasons unknown, the phrase "It's a trap!" is normally used when someone posts a picture of a shemale or a very woman-looking guy (i.e. a Trap). It's a trap! is used to warn others not to fap, as they will instantly be turned homosexual when the OP reveals s/he actually has a dick. Usually the OP will post a pic of a closeup of just their ass in panties, or a blowjob pic where their hair is covering most of their face and ask, "Do you think I'm hot?" Most of the responses will be "OH GOD YES MOAR" or "Tits or GTFO", but a select few will know the truth and warn others of the ruse the only way they know how, with a picture of an ancillary Star Wars muppet.


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