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    An insatiable drama whore who quit LJ forever, Adella was unsatisfied with her dark tendrils existing only on the cesspool of the internets and also spread her evil influence to World of Faggots. Her fanboys were quite sad when she was dramouted. Adella is an incredibly opinionated, self-absorbed cosplayer. Don't dare have a different opinion than her, or she will force it down your throat and remark how incredibly wrong your input is.

    Nudie pic

    Is it real? The whore would like us to think not, but why would anybody go through the trouble of photoshopping such a nobody? Maybe a bitter, life-less ex-boyfriend?. Probably Adella herself to fuel her selfish need for attention. Oh please. Ramian? Photoshop? Ramian can barely wipe his own ass.

    Early years

    Adella was first sighted at least 100 years ago in 2001 on her LiveJournal. Most of the older entries are broken because she quit LJ forever, but the short form of her story is that she was completely ignored as a painfully generic internet female until she started cockteasing 13 year old boys by doing cosplay as various characters in their masturbatory fantasies. When even LiveJournal proved too small for her attention appetite, she quit LJ forever and set up shop at an independent website, where she continues to commit statutory rape and masturbate over the fact that prepubescent boys drool over her.

    She also played World of Warcraft for a while in there, and has quit the game several times for various reasons. Now she claims not to respect anyone who plays despite the fact she herself used to be an avid player.

    LiveJournal/Website antics

    • Makes a point of detailing every wound she receives when putting together her costumes. Apparently she deserves pity for being an incompetent seamstress. Also tends to overplay the wounds themselves. For example, for a half-inch cut into her finger, she was playing thankful she didn't need stitches. Whatever happened to a novel thing called a Band-Aid, our expert team of researchers are still looking in to.
    • Constantly revamps the way she can be contacted, all the while complaining about the strange messages and spam she gets, as though it's a surprise these people find her when she's plastering her name everywhere she can possibly manage.
    • Posts fluff and filler whenever she has no new way to give little boys a woody, but needs her dose of attention for the day. Most recently "WHY IS SALAD SO GOOD?!!?!"
    • Known to use DeviantArt as a dump for most of her idiotic costumes, for even more attention whore power.

    World of Warcraft antics

    One of Adella's many sugar daddies, Nobunaga.
    • Engaged in cybersex in return for prestige favors, like expensive mounts.
    • Aggressively pursued using TeamSpeak with anyone she could manage, to spread her screeching, horrible, harpy-like voice to the ends of the earth.
    • Cried like a 2-year-old at the first sign of any opposition and expected people to compensate for her temper tantrums.
    • Whored posts on the realm forums to bring as many uninterested people into her maelstrom of drama as she possibly could.
    • Broke all ties and contact with her "best-friend" after a raiding incident in-game.
    • Broke up with live-in boyfriend of 4 years for a guy she met in World of Warcraft.
    • Broke up with that boyfriend for another guy she met in World of Warcraft.

    Real life antics

    • Obsessively narcissistic about her costumes. Known to turn into an ice queen and unleash THE MOTHERFUCKING FURY for commenting on a costume with "it's alright".
    • Is also known for going on insulted rampages when she is confused with other Aeris cosplayers. Apparently she expects everyone to ignore their real life to keep tabs on her costumes so they know who she has and has not cosplayed and what conventions she has attended so they will not get her confused.
    • A house leech. Relies on her cameraman for sustenance while she sits at home and sews her costumes. No 'real' job to speak of. This also explains why she has so much time to postwhore.
    • Spends HOURS on end working on her pointless costumes when ANYONE could spend a fortune and waste their time trying to become and "third world star" like she thinks she is.
    • Pays for ALL of her own gay-ass photo shoots. She'd break a digital camera, so she relies on her bribed camera-men and their expensive, professional cameras to get the pointless job done.
    • She also has a lazy eye. Yes, I know, gross.

    About her fanbase

    Most selfish cosplayer in history portrays most selfish Austrian woman in history

    What keeps this attention whore up is mostly the ass kissing compliments she feeds off of. Most of her fans are either fat drooling pedophiles who fap every time she posts an image of her dirty pillows bobbing around or a mindless horny puberty-hitting child. Their comments about ED never scandalized us, instead, their grammar and pathetic insults ensued lots of lulz. Even some of them pretending to beat us virtually with a light saber (which proves nerds do exist on her site).

    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Mindnumbingly idiotic fanboi-ism ahead

    One look at the comments on her cosplay site will tell you straight off that this cyberslut doesn't exactly appeal to the highest grade of human being. Otaku lingo, netspeak, and what are obviously the 13 year old boys she takes behind the trailers on a regular basis postwhore as much as they can manage in an attempt to gain the eye of their avatar goddess of attention whoring.

    A pretty good cross-section of the fanbase is below. It's worth noting that they found this article within a few hours of it being originally posted, and vandalized it soon after. Much lulz to be had. Link to the source thread:


    furfag much ? *cough cough* L4m3 and p4+h3+1<
    Posted by yadamnfurfags on 8/10 at 04:29 PM


    Eeeekies Adella-Sama~!! O_O;
    you’re famous ^.^
    Posted by tsukihime on 06/21 at 07:57 AM


    Oh my goodness, that’s such a horrible thing to write about someone! >:o I wish I knew who had written that, I feel like ... hitting them! *hugs Adella*
    Posted by aeris kisaragi on 06/21 at 08:09 AM


    Dear Lady Adella

    I checked out the link by tsukihime, How dare they!! calling you a whore, and so on!! I don’t care What they say, I know your a good person. Just say the word I will fight for your honor!!

    your loyal Knight

    Posted by uthardar on 06/21 at 08:13 AM


    I know, it’s so horrible! I’ve got a Wikipedia account now, and I’m going to delete all of that nasty stuff, if I can, or if you want me to, Adella.
    Posted by aeris kisaragi on 06/21 at 08:15 AM


    Don’t worry-the great and talented ChuckECheese has already edited that entry!Now it’s actaully a sensible entry instead of being all hateful lies.
    Posted by virtualpetz on 06/21 at 05:24 PM


    Oh ^__^ I’m so glad! ^^
    Posted by aeris kisaragi on 06/21 at 05:24 PM


    Omigosh you guys, our efforts were thwarted. -_-; someone keeps resetting it. I guess they have no life and are trying everything to tarnish dear Adella-Sama… ;_;
    Posted by tsukihime on 06/21 at 09:30 AM


    I don’t understand why people are so mean to such a artistic, kawaii, smexy person. ^^ *giggles*
    Posted by tsukihime on 06/21 at 09:49 AM


    I know, and all they’re showing by posting our comments is that Adella has more support and friends than they do(not part of the comment: yeah, for fucks sake, an entire... 4 ppl has been posting! omigosh! thats a big fucking lot of friends) :3 so that does us some good! ^_^
    Posted by aeris kisaragi on 06/21 at 09:57 AM


    Yeah.We’re the winners,and ED are the losers.They prove that they’re the losers,and that they’ll never win.It’s funny to see them dig themselves deeper and deeper into doggy dung.
    Posted by virtualpetz on 06/21 at 10:21 AM


    They also are afraid of people editing their entries.I guess they’re afraid of people finding out the truth about Adella,so they become unglued and scramble to revert the entry to lies before anyone finds out the truth.
    Posted by virtualpetz on 06/21 at 10:26 AM


    Exactly.. and they’re just jealous, anyway.. I bet they look like the rear-end of a donkey, and have no sewing/cosplay skills whatsoever, XD
    Posted by aeris kisaragi on 06/21 at 10:27 AM


    someone’s being mean to Adella? not on my watch! *ignites lightsaber* *readies thermo-nuclear device* *changes to Sper Saiyan 8 form* *Smiles sweetly* now, where are they again?
    Posted by magehound on 06/21 at 03:30 PM


    How the can they say so about Adella.My god!What kind of idiots are they!?!
    Posted by minerva on 06/21 at 11:45 PM


    OMFG!!! thats just wrong i haven’t read all the posts but calling adella a whore? WTF??? how can they be so quick to judge when they don’t even know the lady? geez thats just harsh… they should all be bitten to death by angry insects i can’t believe it i’m still in a state of shock arg! wtf!!!?
    Posted by lady_soha on 06/23 at 07:46 AM|0}}

    Editor's note: This person clearly hasn't read this article, hence a great irony.


    ED = 100% If by "libel" we're speaking up her nude image she'd have to prove it isn't her, which she knows she can't libel

    On deviantART her fandom of choice is Zelda rather than Final Fantasy. This is likely due to the fact that more TARTletts that are Zelda fans get into the daily top favorites than those who bow and kiss the feet of the almighty Cloud. One must wonder why she doesn't just leech off of the Kingdom Hearts fandom and ride the wave of popularity that would follow.

    In 2004 Adella was fighting off allegations that her character looked like Aeris, a character she is constantly raping with her cosplay. Of course, she looks nothing like Aeris with her hair down.

    She has begun commissions on deviantART, and actually expects to be paid for making poorly drawn pictures. This is the only known source of income she has earned herself, despite the fact she has only had about two commissions.

    In response to a recent comment on her DA site regarding this article, Adella indicated that if she wasn't so busy she would pursue legal action against ED and its "100% libel".

    Latest attempts at relevance

    Adella is still going at the same old shit in recent years, desperately grasping at what remains of her deviantart following. Only now she's going on 35 years old and has since had a nosejob and a baby (who needed surgery for a pacemaker at birth, due to her lupus apparently fucking over the development of his heart while in utero). Getting knocked up when you have an autoimmune disorder and know there's a possibility of passing on some sort of complication is definitely not selfish at all. On the plus side, Adella enjoys tossing her son in front of the microwave at parties for fun, "to see if anything happens".

    Realising her waning popularity as a coswhore, Adella embarked on her latest attention whoring journey, "The Zelda Project", a series of ridiculously overphotoshopped cosplay photos, mostly of some guy she used to fuck who looks nothing like Link. The "project", as it is, has been drawn out over a span of several years since it began in 2011. For whatever fucking reason, it also requires donations on Kickstarter from neckbeards and naive teenage Zelda fans (mostly so that Adella and her friends can cajole around in a helicopter, stay at hotels and go out to eat at restaurants). Since breaking up with The Zelda Project's first Link model, Adella eventually married a balding old rich guy and birthed his aforementioned lupus baby. But starting her new family wasn't a signal that the Zelda Project would finally die, as she has recently reeled in a new twink to portray Link and continues to slowly shit out a couple of poorly shot photos and videos a year for her loving fans, the latest installment being a shitty live action trailer in 2015.

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