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    Adam Laird Katswell

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    Adam Laird Katswell (Real name: Adam Laird) is a 23 year old manchild living with his mother, Donna Laird, in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Adam is convinced he is the son of a Nickelodeon cartoon character Kitty Katswell and believes to posses the ability to turn into a Super Sayain, Danny phantom and Optimums Prime. Adam should be reported to the authorities if seen within 50 feet of a school, not only because he's a well documented pedophile but also because he may try and fuck a school bus. Adams autism knows no bounds, Spider-man, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Transformers, and Power Rangers are a staple in the Larid household and their refrigerator is plastered with cross over fan-fictions.


    A self described "writer" Adam first became known from his deviant art account, that housed such works as Spiderman fighting Megatron, his inner monolog as he embraces his mother Kitty Katswel, or the various progressions of his Super Sayain transformations. It also provided a gallery of Buses pictures of pictures of Buses, literal power transformers and himself with a Dora the Explorer doll. Not only does Adam posses writing abilities rivaling Hemingway, he also believes he is able to kill people over the internet using his "Autism Blast" that he uses against his various trolls, the same trolls who coerce him into having cyber sex over Facebook by making him think he's talking to a 13 year old girl. Fortunately for the DA community he was hacked and subsequently banned.


    Shamed, Adam sought refuge in the most pathetic man child ridden place on the internet, Fur Affinity, here his bus fetish pales in peculiarity to the diaper furs, his pedophilia is consonant with most of the members so its really no big deal, all in all Adam has found his home. He is white knighted by OmniverseGirl and is still posting fan-fics to this day.


    Adam's JewTube is YouTube Favicon.png adamlaird22 where you can find such gems as his Power Ranger collection, Adam listening to the Humpty Hump while traveling in a bus, and he and his mother out for a Sunday drive. Every time he opens his mouth glass is prone to break as his voice sits at a respectable 120 decibels, his unbearable shrill causes his videos to be bombarded with dislikes.

    Adams totally non Autistic Power Rangers collction
    The voice of an angel
    Adams dream fulfilled
    Adam and his mothers big day out!

    Real life

    Thanks to him doxxing himself, you can find Adam at 139 Bluegrass Lane, Harper's Ferry, 25425, or you can check your nearest truck stop or bus depot, where he can be found lubing up his dick with motor oil and sticking it in the nearest tail pipe. His mother's phone number is (304) 283-6011, in case if you need to call that dumb old bitch and tell her what her dumb fat-ass son has been doing. Adam does nothing but sleep, eat, and rape little kids (such as his niece). He also watches children's shows in his room. Not that many people have seen his room, but faggots that have witnessed such horrid depravity have described the room as being small with only a TV and a computer and although the lights were off, they also saw baby toys. After that, the faggots rightfully decided to commit suicide due to the trauma.


    Hey i trying to change but you made me the most hated guy on DeviantArt and FurAffintity so thanks for nothing. (Crying for real).


    I don't know who to believe anymore because everyone makes me bad more than normal and the cold isn't helping.


    I'm finaliy going out friday because mom got her car back and picking up my new spiderman what I'm going to do with my old spiderman I'll tell you later.


    2014 will be the third year out of high school which will be to great year for power rangers and fast and loud also I'll be working soon.


    Spider man battles megatron but megatron gave him the slip. Meanwhile adam and cal fights snaptrap. They got him. Adam said cal we are a good team. They saw a guy with armor so they charge but they got hurt. Spider man shows up and said hello let me handle it he got megatron dead. Adam and cal said who are you? I'm a hero like you they call me spider man. Adam said can you meet my family? Spider man said yes.

    (Later). Adam said spider man this is my mom kitty Katswell. Kitty said hi. Spider man said who's this? Adam said this is kitten. Kitten was scared of him. Spider man hold kitten. A few hours later it was spiderman time to go. Kitty said who are you really? Spiderman reavels his real face and said I'm adam laird. Spiderman went back to his own world. Kitty,adam,cal and holding kitten do a pose the end.


    A new bad guy donmega is hunting don and rocko. Adam and cal was training their super sayian powers. Adam said cal you're getting better. Cal said thanks adam. Than don and rocko fall in. They explaned that donmega is hunting them. So kitty,adam and cal decided to help them. Donmega along with jack and snaptrap show up. They morphed into red rangers from different teams. Kitty and adam handle snaptrap. Cal and rocko handle jack and don handle donmega. Donmega have a ace the bomb inside tuff. Adam said no!! Adam slash donmega with his dragon sword and donmega's dead. So they said their goodbyes and don and rocko head off. Adam said cal,mom I'm hungry. They said aww adam. They do a pose the end.


    Adams gallery of Bus Porn and Transformers

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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