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    Adam's Block

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    File:Adam's Block.JPG
    Where the action is.
    Good times
    If you like, you can go to this street to commit petty crimes, and wave to the folks as your friends at home document the action with screencaps.

    Adam's Block is the name of a site run by a guy named Adam who lives a few stories above the Tenderloin, a fairly crimey neighborhood in San Francisco. Adam is a n00b in town. Adam has HAD two very good cameras streaming video, with sound, of the streets below, 24/7/365.

    The 'Loin

    The Tenderloin is a place where in the course of 15 minutes on any given night, you can buy some crack, get a blowjob from a junkie tranny, step into someone's shit on the sidewalk, and order some Pho (noodles) at a Vietnamese restaurant. It is not a very nice part of town.

    Family style

    Yet for all its faults, the Tenderloin is a true microcosm of American culture. It is a melting pot for boat people, homeless people, whores in any flavor, Negroes, classic kops and their fists-full of donuts, petty criminals, juvenile delinquents, and lost Alzheimer patients. The Tenderloin reflects U.S.A. culture like a mirror polished with methamphetamine residue and the shiniest expectorations of tuberculous alkies. The "Glide Memorial Church" is where all of the above congregate for a weekly dose of local white liberal guilt, and meatloaf.

    What you see?

    Adam's cameras capture all the amusing antics you might expect to see in such a place. It can be pretty boring for a while, but suddenly you may see a car's window get smashed in, or someone get mugged.

    It also has a silly and fairly incoherent "chat" feature. There are signs, too, that Adam is beginning to take on an air of unwarranted self-importance.

    Still, it may be worth a look.


    • Crack Bush: A tree (lower left side of the screen) where bix noods seem to put things for other bix noods to retrieve. The assumption is that it is crack. It's crack.
    • Leroy: One of the Negroes. Usually wears a white shirt and has a somewhat deep voice. Tends to yell.
    • Toupee with legs.
    • Cart Man: Guy who pushes a shopping cart around the street. There is apparently also a mega cart man and a super cart man (larger carts).
    • "Why do we pay taxes" guy: A guy who was on one night trying to flag down the police and the police didn't stop. He was yelling "Why do we pay taxes?"
    • Party buses: Buses that bring partiers to the area, usually on the weekends.
    • Ponch: Motorcycle cop.
    • Glide Memorial Church (on the corner of Taylor and Ellis)
    • Leroy's Bus Stop: The bus stop where Leroy is usually pacing back and forth.
    • Ghostriders/Ghost Bike: Bike riders that are going so fast, their images appears as a ghost.

    Adam's Block Goes Off-Air

    Last Thursday, Adam's Block went off the air due to death threats and supposed stalking. Adam wrote an apology to those who threatened him and stopped recording.

    Plans to make a new channel with multiple web cams in various locations are about, but that's yet to play through.


    Put shoe on head

    Here it is


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