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    File:Lj-favicon.png acidexia is a volatile, Jewish, Industrial artist hipster whose main talents seem to be screaming her lungs out and freaking out with her clit out. She has dabbled in visual art and various other projects of interest, including the Generation Hex project, founded by famed underground mystical cult leader Jason Louv. Her main interest is "internet charisma."

    September 23rd, 2001
    2:21 pm
    Things could be better than they are at the moment.
    I think I'm heading into a depression.
    I'm going to up my happy pills before it gets really bad.
    I don't know what's going on.
    Just that I've been sleeping for extremely long hours,
    and thinking about doing the suicide thing.
    Not that I WOULD do the suicide thing.
    Just that I've been THINKING about it.
    I even wrote a practice suicide note.

    Little more than a year after beginning her LiveJournal career as an typical mutant, Acidexia enjoyed LJDrama brief fame when almost nobody turned up at her highly self-publicized birthday party.

    November 21st, 2002
    6.21 pm
    Oh man. You have the ability to use the net as a beautiful form of social interaction,
    yet you throw a party in San Francisco catering to the twisted genii and get nothing.
    I also lost my cell phone tonight.
    It's all gonna be new. New friends, new contacts, a completely new social experiment.
    Maybe I'll stay somewhere long enough to establish a stable network of twisted genii friends
    this upcoming year, and we'll all rock the fuck out the day I turn 20.
    I take it that the majority of other LJ celebrities couldn't have done any better in my situation?

    Of course, what Acidexia is truly famous for is repeatedly deleting her LiveJournal.

    March 20th, 2003
    6.39 pm
    Journal has been deleted.
    If you are acidexia, you have a period of 30 days to decide to undelete your journal.

    Acidexia is also File:Lj-favicon.png antikorekore, a journal that has also recently been deleted.

    Recently, some more drama surfaced:

    // 20-MAY-09 //
    Hello all,
    Recently things have been a huge nightmare for me. Someone decided to create a fraudulent website to steal my identity, receive  money from my fans, and damage my reputation.
    Their fake website can be found here: experimenthaywire.com
    Then the website of my record label was hacked and replaced with some kiddie script crap: machinekunt.com
    I wanted to make the public aware of this situation as it could happen to anyone. Fucking over artists is not acceptable and we   do not need to sit back and take it. Just because this is the internet does not mean people have to freedom to damage our careers and exploit us for financial gain. This has gone too far. When you fuck with one artist you are fucking with all of us.

    Acidexia is also Rachel Haywire: