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    Acidentphlosoph in his Philosophical Glory
    Acidentphlosoph trying to rock the red eyes and be Satanic

    File:Lj-favicon.png Acidentphlosoph might appear to be your standard Philosophy major at first glance, but when you notice that he has added himself to his friend's list, you can see that he is, without any doubt, your standard Philosophy major. Philosophy, as a subject, is valuable. It is analyzing the important things in life and trying to find a purpose. Philosophy majors have no purpose, except to recite out of context quotes in order to try and claim their lives are meaningful.

    The fact is, their lives aren't. Take acidentphlosoph himself as a prime example. Not only is he a member of Philo Majors, but also a member of Real Philosophy (a group that should be renamed Fake Philosophy done by "Philosophy Majors"), and the prestigious Philosophy.

    What to do when approached by Acidentphlosoph

    Just like any atomic blast, your standard duck and cover is only useful for kissing your ass, which seems to be exactly where File:Lj-favicon.png acidentphlosoph's head tends to stay. However, when dealing with any philosophy major, expect the lulz to lack and boredom to increase.

    Not only is he into philosophy, he likes to claim that his philosophical background gives him rights to mouth off about politics without providing either a philosophical connection, evidence to what he is saying, or anything that would make you want to not bash your head into a wall just to try and destroy the part of your brain that acknowledged his existence to begin with.

    When he isn't trying to flex his imaginary brain muscle, he is trying to show he is correct by showing off his man breasts. He claims it is muscle, when you can clearly see breasts that look like a 12 year old girl's. Like all philosophy majors, he likes to think he is perfect, which he clearly isn't, and thinks that his patchy facial hair is a sign of his intellectual superiority. This guy likes to try and be a political troll. Tons of lulz to troll him back, but his stupidity will eventually just confuse and sadden you. The lulz don't seem to last long as his black hole of philosophy sucks all logic, reason and humor into a dark place where it is destroyed under the force of poor grammar, bad facial hair and over heavy reliance on quotes that he lacks all comprehension for their real meaning.

    Beware, it is also known that he wishes he was possessed by Satan. Watch out. If he was really Satan, he could have gotten a better looking date. He also doesn't seem to understand that when you upload pictures to an open directory, everyone can see.

    40px Nobody Cares