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Did it for the lulz
Aaron Alexis
May 9, 1979
34 years old
Americunt MiniflagUSA.png
Killed: 12
Injured: 9
FPS, Single player
An hero?
Killed by police
Chris Dorner 2: Electric Boogaloo
High Score?
Nope, close to Derrick Bird though.
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Scavenger Pro

Aaron Alexis was a pretty cool guy and a Buddhist who pwned the Washington Navy Yard after having been subjugated to the effects of millimeter waves reverberating through his apartment walls and running out of his precious peelz. As with every other nigger, he was born and raised in da hood. The leftarded media networks were quick to claim he used an AR-15 assault rifle despite the fact he only used a shitty rusted sawed-off Remington 870 shotgun (which every typical nignog has) and a Beretta 92FS 9mm semi-automatic pistol stolen from an incompetent security guard who was too occupied with tossing the salad. One day, he received an email from his crew-member, who was none other than Obama; conveniently titled "URGENT: NIGERIAN PRINCE OVER 9000 IRL MONEY", it enclosed a secret document that showed him how to become Black Jesus. Overall, just another wanna-be Chris Dorner attempting to get on the score-boards but failed (despite the fact he killed 3x more people than Dorner did). In the aftermath of the shooting, Jack Thompson was quick to blame Dorner's actions on the newly released Grand Theft Auto V, despite no evidence existing presenting Alexis as a GTA 5 player or even a player of video games at all. Despite getting 12 frags, in a military base no less, Aaron was a nigger so the media was quick to overlook the story. See, only white people are capable of committing a mass shooting -- and you can bet your ass old media will manipulate the facts to make it seem this way.

Mental Health Issues

Can't have a mass workplace shooting without a psychopath being the mastermind of it all, amirite? Immediately after the event, mainstream media had appropriately declared that Aaron was appearing to be suffering from what they assumed was a mental illness prior to the massacre, ranging from allegedly being a victim of harassment to hearing voices in his head which encouraged him significantly. Extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves was a large chunk of this encouragement, stating that it was what he had been "subjected to in the past 3 months", and what eventually led to the rampage killings. Other problems occurred throughout August 2013 (one month before the shootings) including naval police being called to his hotel room on August 4 and discovering that Aaron had taken apart his entire bed, believed someone was hiding under it, and observed that he had taped a microphone to the ceiling to record the voices of people that were apparently following him, plus showing up at an emergency room on August 23 to whine that he was experiencing insomnia and was properly treated for it in a Virginia medical center located in Washington D.C. on August 28, where he told doctors he was not depressed and was not actively thinking of harming others.

Aaron Alexis used his keycard to gain access to the naval base.
The microwave device his roommates used to send vibrations down his body.
Looks like someone forgot to have breakfest.

Game Play

Aaron infiltrating the UAC naval base

Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 12/20
Accuracy: 20/20
Style: 17/20
Butthurt: 16/20 Nobody cares about black people, at least the news doesn't.
Bonus: 20/20
OG black genepool purifier
Total score: 85/100 (B)
Pretty fly for a black guy!
See full ranking

Wanted Level:

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