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    A poetry club

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    veritasinverse about to eat a good book

    Live Journal's A Poetry Club is a good place for bad poetry, co-moderated by File:Lj-favicon.png veritasinverse and his sock puppet, File:Lj-favicon.png catpuzzler. In fact, any member that is not a sock journal of veritasinverse has been banned from the community.

    The Semi-Death

    After writing doggerel to, for and about himself for six months, veritasinverse became tired of real people attempting to join the conversation and changed membership to invitation only, commanding that all future entries should be marked as private reading, saving casual browsers from being assaulted with the worst poetry since the Douglas Adam got into limericks. For the first and only time in his writing career, critics approved.

    The Reawakening

    Unfortunately, veritasinverse reopened A Poetry Club to public viewing about one month later because his sock puppets couldn't get their tongues very far up his ass and that made him lonely. In celebration of once again inflicting his pig ignorant opinions on the world at large, he posted a poem that, in theory, is a sterling example of iambic pentameter:

    Typical audience reaction to encountering any poem posted at LJ's A Poetry Club
    A Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech 
    was walking down the road;
    he didn't see it hopping there--
    a brown-eyed little toad.
    But Toad saw him and jumped away
    just in the nick of time,
    and doing so provided me
    the perfect ending rhyme.
    -- veritasinverse

    Those who survived reading this tripe did not point out it veers from iambic pentameter and, even when it doesn't, it sucks like a black hole. This is because the only three people whom the moderator allows to comment are fucktards who wouldn't know a decent poem if Poe rose up from hell and read one to them. (See Also: Sheep)

    The Second Death

    After a few weeks of being reopened to the public, veritasinverse decided to be weirder than ever before and, without warning, banned all members of the group including the other moderators. (See Gawn Bowlin')

    Reasonable requests to let someone else take over the group fell on deaf ears, though veritas did recommend The Writer's Guild community to baffled APC refugees. He said he thought they were a good writing workshop because they used the same mental-institution-gray page layout as he did.

    One last, horrible threat emerged from veritasinverse when he was grilled about his latest insanity:

    "I haven't deleted APC yet for three reasons. For one, I posted
    a suggestion for  another LJ writing community that might interest
    some of our membership. Second, some members might want a chance 
    to copy something they had posted at APC. Third,  there is the 
    slimmest possibility I will use the space for another, totally 
    different writing community." --veritasinverse

    Only time will tell if he will indeed set forth to butcher yet another form of literature.

    Example of typical contribution

    Sweetheart - a poem written by veritasinverse to one of his many cats:

    I couldn't write your poem today,
    so this will have to do;
    it isn't any good at all,
    but still too good for you.

    Which can be lazily improved by anyone. For example:

    I cannot write a poem at all,
    so this will have to do:
    iambic rhythm, kiddy-like,
    and rhyming "do" with "you".

    See also