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A Plus Newbie Award

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Police.gif We don't do this anymore, all of our new users suck. Prove me wrong.
Tell them what they've won Bob!


The A Plus Newbie Award is the award for the best newbie for a particular month. It's the Vox Dramatica prize for rookies.

Past Winners

Although a regular contributor for the past eight or so months, as a new admin, Ntg85 didn't know what the fuck. Still, she stuck it out, finally overcoming her obstacles and learning how to update her e-mail address (hint: it's under preferences). Now all she has to do is figure out them there fancy blue words in the interweb pages.
  • Tfo - August 2006
Tfo popped up in mid-July and has many lulzy edits, but is most famous for uploading many REALLY gross pictures. Specifically Image:MYSCROTUMISBLEEDINGOOPS.jpg and Image:!spidercock.jpg.
Appeared just a few days ago, and has since uploaded many lulzy images and made a lot of great edits including a lot of Mark Foley.
Somehow is very intelligent when it comes to memes. Has definitely done his share of lurking.
Both these n00bs arrived as ED arose from the ashes and soared like Icarus -reborn as ED 2.0- on wings of asbestos to touch the sun again. Oh yeah...these two stellar EDiots have slipped into the ED way so effortlessly, one would swear they were sockpuppets. ED salutes you n00bs!
Almost definitely another Blu Aardvark sockpuppet, this newfag has the wiki skeelz to pay the bills. Also managed to get under Blargh's skin (and survive the consequences) in record time and should get a fucking medal for that alone.
Singlehandedly rewrote NEDM from shit article to good example of an article on a meme.
Semiazaz is seemingly unstoppable. Managed to make Template:Pedoseries on his first day.
Miqrogroove has done a fucking awesome job on making our Megan Meier article one of the best pages on our site as well as the most useful Megan Meier resource on the entire goddamned internets.
Relentless. I come back from a break and there's new ('good) templates all up in this shit. Also edits like a mofo. Give that man a watermelonz.
Featured on February 1, 2008
Featured on March 1, 2008
Featured on April 1, 2008
Sheneequa's back, and so is this stupid award. Grimm came out of nowhere and has written excellent articles such as American Family Association, Steal This Wiki, and Profane Existence.
He wrote Cleveland and Memefag like a serious pro.
Writer of article of the month, Christian Spanking Blogs, as well as rewriting Oral Roberts, Matthew Shepard, Illegal, and Dave Chappelle. YEAH!
Although a regular contributor during 2006-2007, as a reborn admin, Zionistacat didn't know what the fuck. Still, she stuck it out, finally overcoming her obstacles and learning how to update the Main Page (hint: it's linked to from Talk:Main Page). Now all she has to do is figure out them there fancy blue words in the interweb pages.
He's French.
Congratulations to Dowat for winning the APNA. Dowat is famous for being fucking obnoxious to people who make edits he doesn't like, and we're looking forward to his autism helping ED out in the future.
Cheats at trivia, rocks at ED.
Kitties popped up in late August and has done a great amount of work in a short amount of time making her mark at Doutaini. Kitties came from the horror known as EDF and has proven to be one of the rare members that actually bother to work on the wiki.
I'm tired of writing paragraphs on rookies when the VD winners don't get the same privilege. He had lots of good edits in September THAT IS ALL.
Congrats to Hipcrime for winning the October 2010 APNA. Hipcrime has been recognized for his tireless efforts for fighting vandalism and generating hilarity within the community with a simple "lol."
We forgot to pick an A+ Newbie for November, so let's pretend like it was on purpose and Creative Username was such a great contributor we picked him for two months. Thanks bud!