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    An AMV (Anime Music Video) is a music video created by animu fantards. The videos are made by splicing together clips from animé films or TV episodes and spliced together to fit whatever retarded song the greasy fanboys desires. The word "fit" is used lightly because 198% of all AMVs are made by cutting up a video without even listening to the song. Copious amounts of stock effects are often used, courtesy of their pirated version of Sony Vegas. Luckily, these editors are highly skilled at their trade. Generally, these "artists" create their "art" via the theft of other people's material and rarely create anything remotely original.

    It is a well known fact that 49% of all AMVs are of Dragonball Z set to Linkin Park's song "In The End" while the other 49% are Naruto clips set to songs by Three Days Grace - either Pain or I Hate Everything About You. The remaining 2% are set to They Might be Giants, but nobody wants to talk about that. However, if you ever use a Kitaro song for an AMV, you're doing it wrong It's also worth mentioning that 99% of amv makers are noobs that think that having subtitles and logos in their videos makes them more amazing!!!! Furthermore, seeing that the average Youtube user is under the age of 18, they'll actually get angry at people for not using Naruto in their amvs. Variety is not valued among these people. Tl; Dr, they are the cancer that is killing Anime and YouTube.

    (Video) Game Music Videos

    Another type of AMV is commonly known as a GMV (Game Music Video), or a VGMV (Video Game Music Video). These are generally made by fanboys that are too lazy to be bothered to watch animé. While AMVs are dominated by shitty Naruto and Dragonball Z videos, GMVs are 99% Kingdom Hearts (because Sora is, like, soooooo hawt!!) videos and the last 1% are made by totally awesome Nintendo fans.

    A pinnacle in human achievement. Not.

    Cartoon Music Videos

    This AMV does not use anime clips, but instead uses clips from Western cartoons (whether it be a TV series, a TV special, or a movie). Often abbreviated as a CMV (Cartoon Music Video), these videos are made by those who either aren't weeaboos in the slightest, like cartoons and anime but favor cartoons, or are cartoonfags. These kinds of videos are rarities in the YouTube world.

    The most popular of all these are crossover AMVs. Most of these crossover AMVs contain illogical pairings that are guaranteed to give many of their viewers facepalm-worthy material. The butthurt cult behind these often disgusting pairings will try to make ad hominem arguments and defend their kawaii OTPs, but fail miserably and get criticism. The video below is such an example.

    This rant video below on crossover AMVs was made by a YouTube user known as youngbloodfantasy91.
    Another rant made by tbone2004.
    Sometimes, these AMVs are usually just characters from multiple franchises singing songs that are
    usually musical numbers found in cartoons or anime. (For example, Baddwing.)

    The People Who Make These

    Are the total snobs of the weeaboo world. They think they're hot shit because they know how to pirate episodes of their favorite tv shows, add some rainbow colors and cut some scenes here and there, slap their favorite Linkin Park song on it, and upload it to Youtube! WOOOOOOOAH! So talented! There are three different breeds of this type, classified by their level of success.

    • Casual Newbies- Usually ages 10-13. They're new to this sort of thing. Not exactly snobby but a total red flag for trollbait. Their AMVs always consist of complete suckage due to the fact that it's probably a boring picture slideshow because they're too dumb to figure out how to get and use actual clips from shows. That or they're using Window Movie Maker and have no idea as to what the hell they're doing. Has little to no subscribers but some friends in the making.
    • Casuals- This is the larval stage of the Casual newbies. Casuals still suck but this time take their time to make it look half-ok. This is also the stage where they probably outgrow WMM. They also grow in subscribers and friends because of this... Unfortunately, their faggotry only gets worse from this. When popularity comes so does a big head, and the delusion that you have talent and can count it as "job experience". Maybe that's stretching it, but you never know when you have people roaming around the internet like.

    Every song used for an AMV evar

    Youtube Staff love AMVS

    Instead of deleting the minions of AMVs from obviously stolen copyrighted animation, the Weabooish admins spend the time deleting actually good content proving how much of dumbfucks they really are.

    "The Org"

    Typical Amv.org user.

    This is the real deal, folks. All those YouTube AMVs are child's play. If you want quality entertainment, come to the Org. Everyone knows that the Orgy only breeds top-notch editors, and the AMV makers of YouTube are just faggots that don't know anything. And don't even think of giving criticism to a video unless it's worse than your work, because only the Gods know what makes something good or bad. Furthermore, We aren't stealing anything. We buy the DVDs! But of course all AMVs are gay and all AMV makers are fags.

    AMV Hell

    AMV Hell was an comedy AMV created by 2 faggots known as (Zarxrax and SSGWNBTD) that somehow gained a bunch of popularity despite being less funny than any given ED article "written" by you (yes, that apparently is possible). After all of their success, one of them (Zarxrax) created a website that barely contains any info on the hells and instead is a haven for idiotic manchildren and general pedophiles to trade loli porn. Sometime around 2010, ex-AMV hell member Zuiichi , was apprehended by police for possession of child pornography. In order to keep the event low profile from warranting their forum to be shut down by authorities over potential traces of child pornography linked to their site, the members at AMV Hell forums have since remained tight-lipped about the matter.

    AMV Hell 1

    AMV Hell 1 was released in 2004 to much critical acclaim from fucking no one. The video was so stupid an poorly made that hardly anyone knows it exists. After being put up on YouTube nearly 5 years ago it has failed to amass even 100,000 views.

    AMV Hell 2

    Because they fail at life so hard, Zarx and SSG created the same exact video again and put the number 2 in the title. It is arguably worse than one but it is kinda hard to tell considering both videos are epic fail. Little known fact nobody knows because fuck if anyone reads videos descriptions anymore: AMV Hell 2 was made up of the more adult clips cut from the first video.

    AMV Hell 3

    OMG THIS THE BEST THING EVER!!111one11eleven


    Fucking Everybody

    Every AMV editor and their grandma watched AMV Hell 3, that is to say, all 20 or so that pulled themselves away from creating slash fic AMVs to watch it. Zarx and SSG warranted huge and undeserved popularity because they didn't even make half the clips and instead spent 5 minutes in WMM "putting it together". Zarx and SSG created this atrocity by opening up submissions for AMV Hell 3 and letting people send in clips they made themselves. They then promptly rejected all funny clips and edited in whatever shit was left. Oh, and did I mention that this crap is over a hour fucking long.

    AMV Hell 0

    Actually the 4th AMV Hell created, it is basically AMV Hell 1 with pronz. It's the best one because it contains copious amounts of "Corn".

    AMV Hell 4

    AMV Hell 3 except with tons and tons of Death Note and less funny.

    AMV Hell 0/0

    Repetitive snore-fest made by sick fucks just before #5 which gathered the remaining memes of the time and crammed them in together with what /d/ would describe as the best content they can offer.

    AMV Hell 5

    One of the worst pieces of crap ever to grace the internet with it's presence. Not only was it over an hour fucking long like the last 2 but it contained clips that barely even had punchlines. It also had a significant lack of boobies and far too many inside jokes that only weeaboos would laugh at, along with plenty of poorly made videos that obviously broke the incredibly serious rules of AMV.org, which this was posted on. The tits were the only thing that made the last two three watchable. Even the faggots that inhabit the AMV Hell website hate this video and constantly bitch about how bad it sucks. It was so bad in fact, that Zarxrax wanted nothing to do with it and instead left SSGWNBTD to make it himself.

    AMV Minis

    Zarxrax wanted to give unfunny children another chance to feel good about themselves through what is known as The Mister Rogers Effect, so he made a series of AMV Hell videos that came out much quicker than the other ones and were much shittier. He judged the clips along with a few autistic 12 year old children, leading to many lulz from the community in the form of butthurt complaining about incompetence, despite there being nothing stopping them from uploading their own crappy compilations of "funny" videos. But that wasn't the tip of the iceberg just yet, AMV Minis Challenges was the next installment of non-stop increasingly incoming shit, only this time, you got a chance of voting which clip was the shittiest. Instead of 2 judges, the whole AMV hell community decided it would be best to judge clips themselves. Instead of unfunny shitty clips, it was a meta-pandering/inside joke fest, no one would understand what was funny, even the youtube pleb audience were grown tired of the shit that was tossed onto at a faster pace than regular minis, setting the new standard for amv makers everywhere, on what is funny. Near the end of AMV hell's lifecycle, Zarxrax realized that amv minis was no longer relevant on the internet, letting the AMV Minis project finally come to an end and died out.

    Mecha Hell

    The best one, made by a single Mexican who managed to be funnier than an entire team of talentless white people. Of course, seeing that it is funny and contains little to no fail (for an AMV, anyway) it is considered unofficial and not part of the "true" AMV Hell series.

    AMV Hell 6.66

    The newest "installment" of AMV Hell. It managed to garner over 800 VIEWS GUISE.

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