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    AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck

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    File:4horsemen cucks.jpg
    The Four Horsemen of the Cuckpocalypse
    File:Aids skrillex brony.jpg
    Aaaaand he's a brony
    Mighty cucks.png
    Carl areyouserious.jpg

    AIDS Skrillex (Powerword: Benjamin Allen Teter), Carl the Cuck (Powerword: Tomas Daniel Contreras), Tyrese the Urban Zulu, and Banshee (Powerword: Madeline Beckett) are the four most cucked cuckolds to ever get cucked in the history of cucking. Finding time between commenting on SJW reddit communities and posting on tumblr, the four made their way out to a Lord Emperor Donald Trump protest and spent their time yelling at old men for being FUCKING WHITE MALES. Their footage was recorded and shit hit the fan when Alex Jones played it on Infowars. Since then, legions of /pol/tards have meme'd the shit out of the four and forced them all into hiding. It is speculated that Carl and AIDS Skrillex sadly jacked each other off while watching the fat black guy with the Guy Fawkes mask and Tyrese the Urban Zulu ass and mouth fuck Benjamin's girlfriend, Banshee.

    You're Fucking a White Male!


    AIDS Skrillex

    Benjamin Teter (Ethnicity: White guilt) grew up without a father. His mother yelled at him constantly. He was raised in Missouri. He screams for a shit emo garage band. It's no surprise that he turned out to be a self hating brony once he got to college. Nor is it a surprise that he's an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. What is surprising however is that he has a girlfriend. However, that surprise is quickly sedated by the realization that his sex life consists of sitting in the other room posting on Tumblr while Tyrese the Urban Zulu fucks his girl so thoroughly that her howls can be heard from across the dorm and she forgets that she's white.

    AIDS Skrillex is known for coining the meme "YOU'RE FUCKING A WHITE MALE!" shortly before going viral and making a mad dash to erase his Internet footprint. Unfortunately for him, his entire life was mirrored by thankless chantards within a split second of becoming a meme. All is not lost however as he can use this experience to write a thesis for his gender studies degree, and possibly get invited to the UN to speak on cyber bullying.

    Some random AIDS

    Did we mention he's a dogfucker?

    Carl the Cuck

    CuckCarl VoteSanders.png



    Not much is known about Carl the Cuck. Aside from memorable quotes such as "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" and "Are you serious?!", Carl has thus far evaded the collective Internet's dox cannon and managed to walk away reasonably unscathed. Based on what's available, it's fair to conclude that Carl the Cuck is an avid Redditor and his nerdy submissive white male appearance lends to him living up to his name. There may be a Carl the Cuck in your own neighborhood if you happen to live near a liberal arts college. His receding hairline and bean-pole physique give way to the theory that he is also a vegan.

    His real name is Tomas Daniel Contreras and he lives his parents live in San Diego, California and is a student of Washington University. Reddit claimed credit for his doxing.

    Tyrese the Urban Zulu

    File:Tyrese the Urban Zulu.png
    Tyrese the Urban Zulu sheds blood for Bernie
    Moar info: Nigger.

    Tyrese the Urban Zulu was used as a shield against the logic wielding FUCKING WHITE MALE, Owen Shroyer aka #BasedOwen. Tyrese maintained his calm during the heated exchange, but the shrill virtue signaling coming from AIDS Skrillex proved too much for Tyrese's eardrums and nasal passages, which bled profusely after the exchange. An ambulance was called, and Tyrese was treated and released.


    Banshee, also known as Maddy or Madeline-kun if you're a filthy weeb, won the hearts of many tards with her insanely exploitable "I'm about to suck an 8 inch black cock" O-face. After becoming a meme, Madeline deleted her Tumblr which contained years and years worth of GOTIS and third-wave feminism. Efforts to unearth these artifacts have mostly gone ignored as people are too busy shooping dicks in her mouth to be bothered with what she had to say.

    Madeline Memes and Rule 34

    2017 Sighting of AIDS Skrillex

    A long time after these millennial twats made an ass and meme of themselves, some anons spotted AIDS Skrillex working at a Lucky's Market in St. Louis. What followed was an IRL harassment and trolling campaign, where trolls would show up to the store simply to fuck around with that marxist. Trolls too scared to leave their basement resorted to making several lulzy reviews of the specific store, as seen below:


    Original Alex Jones Infowars Upload - Where it all began

    Ben getting cucked by a Trump supporter

    AIDS Skrillex Prank Call

    Amazon AIDS Alexa

    Fucking White Male Remix
    White Male Trap Remix

    AIDS Skrillex ft. Safe Space Sally

    Scary White Males & Nice Sprites

    My Mom Loves My Music

    Cucked Colosseum
    White Male Holy Grail
    AIDS Skrillex EP
    Deport White Males
    White Male Trap Remix


    Skrillex Law: As a political discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving FUCKING A WHITE MALE approaches.


    Memes, Photos, and other Misc About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Did you know?

    File:Owen Shroyer.jpg
    A FUCKING WHITE MALE mourns for America
    • That you're a fucking white male?
    • That AIDS Skrillex is the lead singer of a screamo band called Strangers Now?
    • That Carl the Cuck has done his research?
    • That nobody has been able to dox Carl the Cuck?
    • That Carl the Cuck was doxed?

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