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ADoseOfBuckleyFedora icon.png (Powerword: Adam Buckley) is a Canadian edgelord that makes videos red-pilling the ignorant masses in a shitty MS Paint slideshow format. He believes that he's "not a YouTuber" because he doesn't like YouTube, and instead thinks of himself as a "comedian", but the only thing funny about Buckley is that he finds himself funny. Also anybody that uploads videos to YouTube is a YouTuber.


I'm an asshole, but I'm the most honest asshole you'll ever meet


—At least the first bit's correct

I never expected my channel to get 5,000 subscribers, let alone 500,000


—Sadly he couldn't have stayed at 5,000

ADoseOfBuckley started his venture through the tubes on the December 13, 2009, with his first video being an unfunny commercial parody lampooning Leather Daddy's furniture.
After this video, Buckley gained little subscribers, until he started his series "Musical Autopsy" and eventually gained a huge subscriber boost when he made his first "Top 10 Worst Songs of 20XX" list and his channel was thrown onto the limelight. This is what is known as a "failure". Past 2010, Buckley became more well known and gained serious street cred among the YouTube audience and as such his diarrhea content was spread out to a much wider group of people. Buckley, adding further insult to injury fails to acknowledge this and shrugs it off as if he hates his fans, which wouldn't be too farfetched really.

His series

Put a mustache on him and he looks like Hitler.
Obviously this "fan" doesn't know that Buckley doesn't drink, therefore he can't get drunk.

ADoseOfBuckley has many different series', many of which go unnoticed for years, left to rot (somewhat like his channel). He says that they're "not dead" and that he'll get back to them later, but this is bullshit, like everything else he says.


His main series. This is where he whines about recent topics and events, giving his insightful commentary on the situation at hand. The topics of his one-sided pseudo-intellectual rants range from the mediocre to the completely mundane. For example, he once made an entire episode about Tim Horton's cup sizes. No, really.

Musical Autopsy

This is the series when Buckley pretends to be a doctor and talks about bad songs, completely unbeknownst to the fact that he is ripping off Todd in the Shadows, except he is 10x worse.

Top 10 Worst Songs of 20XX

By far his most popular series, and also by far his worst series. This is where he talks about the top ten worst songs of any given year with his hilarous jokes being almost as ear grating as the songs he talks about.

Advice No-one Asked For

This is where he gives his advice to random people in the "help" section of a newspaper. This normally follows the format of "You're an idiot <insert joke here> <laugh at inserted joke>". The show involves taking an honest question and reading it in a snotty, breathy voice to make the asker sound stupid, then proceeding to completely shit all over the poor sod.

Scumbags of the Internet

Buckley gets butthurt about people on the internet and makes videos about them. The list consists of perverts, Chris Brown, literal retards, and a wikipedian. In that list the only person that deserves the title of "scumbag" is the wikipedophile.

Commercial Parodies

This is where Buckley tries to parody a popular commercial brand, while simultaneously failing in every way possible.

Bad Head

One of Buckley's dead very alive series. Despite the title, this is not where Buckley talks about a bad blowjob he was given. Really, this was a stupid thought as no girl would want to get anywhere near him.

Liked videos and Favourites

Not technically a series by Buckley, but the videos have enough comments from Buckley's fans for them to be considered his videos. Seriously, go into the comments section and you will see the videos are filled with "ZOMG BUCKLEY LIKED THIS VIDEO!!1!1!!!!"

Vs TheDrunkenPeasants

On the November 3, 2014, the Drunken Peasants podcast made a video about Buckley(SORRY I MEAN "FUCKLEY", HA HA HA). It ended up being possibly the most autistic thing on the entire Internet as it involved both TheAmazingAtheist and ADoseOfBuckley. Both sides ended up too enwrapped in their own ego to talk to each other and the battle ended with nobody caring and nobody winning.

Copyright drama

Like many different YouTubers, Buckley has been hit by multiple copyright claims by multiple companies. He also claims to be an expert at copyright, despite the fact that he blatantly abuses copyrighted material with his "Hatin' On Music" series, everybody rushes to defend him because "HE'S THE UNDERDOG, COMPANIES ARE EVIL, I LUV U BUCKLES!".

The irony in this is that Buckley defends the "big evil companies" in many of his videos and insults the people who mindlessly attack them, because he's smart enough to know that his fans are idiots. Sadly, however, he's not smart enough to know that he's an idiot.


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