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    80-year-old Chinese man in panties

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    Hawt amirite?

    An internet subculture of close relation to that of 16 year old Japanese schoolgirls, which is commonly found on IRC and in chatrooms rather than in internet gaming sessions.

    You know that cute little Asian princess you cybered last night, the one you told you blew your man-load all over her face as orgasms racked her small breasted wasabi-hot ricer body? Sorry mate, it was actually the guy on the right, doped up on tiger penis and looking for love. The only thing he didn't lie to you about was the simultaneous orgasm. Yes, this does make you gay.

    A Typical Encounter

    Him rove you rong time

    The 80 year old Chinese man in panties does not attempt to meet a chosen victim in real life, preferring raw voyeurism or fantasy instead. He is easily detected as he will, without fail, send a photo of the lastest AV-girl, claiming it as a portrait of "herself". In this respect the 80 year old Chinese man in panties can be said to be a deliverer incarnate of e-justice, as anyone who gets off on that softcore, airbrushed and repressed Japanese shit is a sick fuck of the worst order, and utterly deserves everything they fucking get.

    Fun Facts

    • Scene kids fap off to the picture of the 80 Year old Chinese man in panties
    • Michael Jackson claims (now "claimed", HAHA HE FUCKING DIED) he is related to this guy
    • The fat ass listens to rap music

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