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    Foundation27 April, 2010
    Major Boards/i/, /jb/
    Epic Winshosting /tpb/, pwning AnonOps

    808chan was a gay little site dedicated to /i/nvasions, porn and for a time Operation Payback. It started out in April 2010 as a simple replacement for 888chan, but later the site sprung an extremely shitty culture of its own, full of man sandwiches and aspergers.

    The Great Closure of /jb/

    Having carried 90% of 808chan's traffic for the best part of 11 months and allowing it to surpass the likes of 420chan in the Alexa rankings, you'd think that the 808chan admins would be mad to chop it? Maybe so, but this is exactly what they did. On one morning last month, 50,000 pedos across the world logged on to get their daily dose of bates, only to find a 404 error in the board's place, with no reason given for the abrupt closure. An almighty shitstorm brewed as the drudges turned on the owners, but this fallout was somewhat subsided with the grudging introduction of a /teen/ board. This board was too axed some weeks later, though the already reduced traffic meant the resulting uprising was more of a shitstorm in a teacup, and limited to some post flooding and reports allegedly being spammed.

    AnonOps Raep

    In the twilight of April, AnonOps users were casually going about their usual business of exchanging child porn and wanking each other off on their otherwise stable servers, when an xbox hueg DDoS rocked the entire network and took it offline for consecutive days. At first the perpetrators of the DDoS was unclear, but having seen a post regarding the attack on 808chan's /i/, it was determined that they were to blame. An attempted DDoS was swiftly put together against the site, but this failed to even slow it down, so their IRC network was instead targetted. Beautiful justice was served as it was pinned offline for a number of days due to DNS failure (because we all know Anon can't DDoS for shit), and on 2nd May 2011, even more epic win ensued as 808chan imageboard was haxed.

    They will go down as the first entity to successfully fuck AnonOps, and the very last. Lol no, burned again in August 2011.

    Major Boards/nam/, /don/
    Epic Winsnothing

    The Second 808chan

    In 2016, another 808chan was opened under .net. It was even faggier and had a total of 3 users.

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