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    FoundationAugust 15th, 2016
    Major Boards/b/ /dgn/ /64chan/ /news/ /loli/
    Epic WinsTaking down mewch, appearing on the news because of a school shooting threat buying konatachan trolling reddit
    Hanson exploitable fixed fromleft.png
    This article is NOT about the now defunct 64chan.org

    The site was previously under the domains 64ch.org, n64chan.me, but was originally an onion site. 64chan or FBIchan or fedchan for short

    maki !1zLolicons­## admin

    i wish my dad never raped me!

    On Aug 15, 2016, Maki rebooted 64chan, and shilled it on several 4chan discords. Of course it was nothing but another reddit cesspit filled with wannabee oldfags spewing shit like "we're so much better than 4cock lololololol" (despite the fact most of the userbase were 4chink refugees).

    i have a fetish where i liek to sleep like a dog


    —maki's fetish

    School shooting threat

    When the site was under the domain n64chan.me, an anon posted a pretty good school shooting threat which lead to the site being shutdown, and the school is now trying to press charges on Maki without any evidence. It also on the news.

    /sweets/ deletion

    64chan's lolicon board /sweets/ was taken down by the german government, some say that, after a raid performed by anons from 64chan, mewfags got mad and payed a blacklist company to blacklist the 64ch.net domain.

    sweets deletion

    Mewch raid & database deletion

    Maki continued to get raided by mewchfags for weeks until mewch got wiped after a raid by some randoms and Perpetual Abstraction#5775. The 64chan discord was the only thing left to talk to the userbase on after the IRC died, but Maki transferred ownership of the server to some random discordfag while stoned which led to even more fail. whoever wrote that has no idea what he is talking about, Maki occasionally deletes or gives ownership to some random, and creates a new one because the server fills up with faggots. Last Thursday Frank Slovborg an anonymous user spammed 64chan with a bestiality image over and over again until maki raged and locked the board several times. Maki announced he was going to give up on 64chan again and the spammer came back to jew maki out of the ssh key & delete the db.

    Anonn Today at 11:09 PM
    Maki you there?
    Key Today at 11:09 PM
    Anonn Today at 11:10 PM
    I wrote some  sort of captcha myself that can maybe help. It's a custom service that runs beside nginx.
    Key Today at 11:10 PM
    Nishikino_Maki Friday at 11:13 PM
    Anonn Today at 11:13 PM
    lmk if you want me to set it up for you
    i care about 64 alott
    Key Today at 11:14 PM
    I care about Maki
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:16 PM
    im gonna try to work on it
    Anonn Today at 11:16 PM
    r u sure
    i think this could work if you give me a shot
    ive been a long time lurker since n64chan.me
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:16 PM
    im not fucking retarded given ssh acsess
    (11:19 PM)
    Anonn Friday at 11:19 PM
    u use vnc maki
    you can watch what i do
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:19 PM
    Maki knows from stupid endevors
    Anonn Today at 11:19 PM
    why not
    the boards are gonna be closed if this continues
    im just trying to help
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:20 PM
    Because the site always gets shit on when you give the ssh key
    and just giving that shit out, is stupid all its own
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:20 PM
    Anonn Today at 11:20 PM
    make backup
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:20 PM
    post the script.
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:20 PM
    runit defaced the site in 2017
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:20 PM
    Anonn Today at 11:20 PM
    nish trust me dude
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:21 PM
    post the script or something
    Anonn Today at 11:21 PM
    i can post it but it uses nodejs
    its seperate from nginx
    i learn node in hs
    var svgCaptcha = require('svg-captcha');
    app.get('/captcha', function (req, res) {
        var captcha = svgCaptcha.create();
        req.session.captcha = captcha.text;
    <path fill="#444" d="M104.83 19.74L107.85 19.74L112 33.56L116.13 19.74L119.15 19.74L113.48 36.85...
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:22 PM
    i can try to fix it not to worry fren
    Anonn Today at 11:22 PM
    but this is unbeatable
    i tested it on a smaller chan
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:23 PM
    what was it called
    Anonn Today at 11:23 PM
    bots cant pick it up apparently like cp bot
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:23 PM
    i just had a thought, you could also make it tempban an IP when someone fails the captcha so many times
    about 2 hour temp ban?
    Anonn Today at 11:23 PM
    is what is cakked
    there is support for that
    just a little tweak
    i can add mongodb support
    but i'd need ssh access
    or postgres support
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:24 PM
    idk man
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:24 PM
    again, he's not gonna give the ssh key
    he's already learned that lesson
    a few times...
    Anonn Today at 11:24 PM
    im willing to help right now though
    not much time tomorrow
    are you positive? i already have blueprints and working structure
    all i need is to install mongo and nodejs
    ill send maki the root account for the database
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:25 PM
    i'm sure he'll implament it
    he just knows better than to give the ssh key\
    the site has actually been defaced 3 or 4 times via giving the ssh key to people
    Anonn Today at 11:26 PM
    chan i helped with was wakachan many years back
    Perpetual Abstraction Today at 11:26 PM
    infact, didn't someone wipe the drive at one point? @Nishikino_Maki
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:26 PM
    Anonn Today at 11:26 PM
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:27 PM
    i love that chan
    Anonn Today at 11:27 PM
    ME TOO
    they used to be small like you
    but with complex data structure like the softwarr i have itll work fine
    64chan will succeed
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:27 PM
    i was actually thinking about to switching to wakachan today
    since the bots keep coming
    i mean
    Anonn Today at 11:28 PM
    oh yes ive done that
    and wakaba
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:29 PM
    what chans did u run
    Anonn Today at 11:29 PM
    i can edit the html and add my captcha block
    many small ones
    i mostly do software
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:29 PM
    what were they called
    Anonn Today at 11:29 PM
    like your name
    but with an a
    i speak russian natevily
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:30 PM
    oh wait
    i think
    Anonn Today at 11:30 PM
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:30 PM
    i knew a friend that ran nowere.net
    seemed like a cool chan
    Anonn Today at 11:31 PM
    good site
    Nishikino_Maki Today at 11:31 PM
    u want to vc just to confirm you wont do anything shady
    Anonn Today at 11:31 PM
    no mic but i can listen to you
    Ten minutes later
    AnonnLast Friday at 11:41 PM
    @Nishikino_Maki @Nishikino_Maki
    @Nishikino_Maki @Nishikino_Maki

    Current events

    Maki likes to wipe the site and delete the discord server dedicated to it every time someone mentions the "good ol days" or runit, an old moderator/friend of maki that once modded 4chan/deleted /g/ and /fit/ and even told maki what to say to become a 4chan janitor (until he was invited to a private discord server for janitors and they found out he was underage). Him and maki often got v&/raided by the fbi, and runit later an hero'd in January of 2019.

    Maki also bought konatachan in February of 2019 because like all chan newfags, he went to ED to 'research' ancient 4chan memes and old IBs. Of course it failed miserably like every other imageboard he's ever hosted, from getting around 10 posts a day to five in a weeks time. On March 4, 2019, an anon on 64ch made a thread regarding the charges against maki due to the school shooting threat that lead to the shut down of the old domain. In said thread, anons were ordered to send more fake threats to the school's email and spam their phone number(s). On March 10th, it was confirmed that maki had to go to court because of all the emails 64fags sent.

    A couple hours later, maki stickies a thread saying a new owner will take over 64 if he goes to jail.

    see ya in hell stupid faggots goodnight this might be my last post here so i guess I'm going to bed MAN I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO JAIL AND GET RAPED BY A BIGGER FAGGOT THEN ME AND BE THE SLUT THERE I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT! THANKS FOR THIS ANONS


    —-maki, March 10th 2019

    On March 12, 2019, 64chan was shut down once again by maki's request, giving a random on the 64 discord the ssh key telling them to delete it since with him gone, no one could pay for the site to stay up, and on the 14th a mod locked the Discord server. Of course two days later maki came back and unlocked it, admitting he lied in court and immediately @'d everyone in the discord asking them to raid discord servers/imageboards. Every once and a while, Maki pops in different chan discords/IRCs and spergs within the first ten minutes and gets kicked. He'll likely be doing that exclusively until he can find a way to hide from the feds and figure out how to encrypt his CP

    After the time of these screenshots maki pretty much left the internets for good. Our favorite admin came back to the internet on the 20th of July.

    Gallery 64chan and memes

    Average 64chan user


    64chan trolls subreddits

    64chan went to random subreddits and started to troll reddit also they banned maki's account


    Its current members are:

    • maki - former admin/autist
    • Desu - only good mod there was
    • summer - bans everyone he doesn't like
    • runit - chill admin later killed himself in january 2019
    • Lo_s - russian soviet mod

    64chan raids mewch party thread goes hard after

    64chan partys hard

    Memeware vs 64chan

    runit was demoted from 64chan then he thought it would be a good idea to deface the site for memeware since 64chan raided memeware a shitty csgo website later that day maki's ssh keys we're leaked username: maki password: hOneyPOT74% then runit logged into ssh and defaced the website

    8chan vs 64chan

    on 64chan.me a anon threaten to raid 64chan later that day 64chan went to 8chan and found out 8chan was planning a attack on 64chan then anons from 64chan started to raid 8chan

    64chan revives konatachan

    maki discord tranny friend eiritana opened a discord server detecated on konatachan then they had the idea of reviving konatachan.org so they contacted nekoarc for the domain then eirtana brought the domain konatachan.org then it was handed over to maki and it was offically back on the net on febuary 10th

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