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    60's Spider-Man

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    60's Spider-Man is the name of an image macro that pulled itself from the depths of /co/, when all the basement dwellers would stream episodes of the 60's cartoon TV series for Spider-Man and invite in fellow loser anons of the board to watch. They did this so as to gain some semblance of friendship and togetherness in their otherwise pathetic lives, even though they were all really just watching a children's cartoon show on their own.

    The show has understandably underdeveloped animation due to the fact it was made at least 100 years ago, and the sad fat people watching it decided that the strange static poses Spider-Man would occasionally adopt were SO FUNNY LULZ!!111! So naturally 13-year old boys everywhere, and the shit-fondling cockbags at Tumblr, immediately decided to spew a rainbow of textual diarrhea over any screenshot of the show they could find, giving a painful messy birth to this friendly neighborhood rapist.

    Spidey has now become commonplace in many anon's reaction face arsenal, most notably the "that post gave me cancer" image, which can be used quite often these days because /b/ and most of 4chan is completely riddled with cancerous cancer. Occasionally Spider-Man has entire threads dedicated to him, but one of his other uses is to spam the shit out of cancer or just general faggotry on 4chan, by declaring that THIS IS NOW A SPIDER-MAN THREAD, and posting picture after picture of spidey's sexy web-swinging shenanigans.


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