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    6-chan new.png
    FoundationOfficially July, 2008
    Major Boards/a/, /b/. Mexican
    Epic WinsNone yet.

    6-chan is a Chilean board created in July, 2008. The administrator is Takato, a straight man who does nothing with his life. This chan begins as a Chilean-style 4chan by some guy that manages other SO KEWL forum for anime fans. During its first half, 6-chan acievement acquired a large sum of /ñ/oños (chilean version of /b/tards), happy to join the mass of the site.

    Now is directed by Sebastián Piraña, Emperor of Chile.



    When God created heaven and earth, Madonna gives birth to a inappropriate, sexual problems and delusions of grandeur; Takato, who wants to turn his biggest dream in reality: be the chilean little girl and to be officially recognized as the world's global bitch. The site is set up at some point in 2006 as a beta testin, and Takato begins to plan how the site'll be, making some boards for personal use, and much yaoi and shota only to maintain his fapfolder full of porn.


    In October 26, Takato launches a website just for his gay friends, announces it on the Ippai Forums, and quickly runs the site along with 3d0, creator of the Fail Planet and possibly the unknown father of Takato. This site remains empty for eight months, with two post per week, until in July 6, 2008 Takato creates /ñ/ and all the chileanfags of 4chan migrating to /ñ/. The activity of 6-chan gets duplicated and so much original content and forced memes was posted.


    In July, Takato decides to launch the site again with new boards, for all tastes and faggots from other imageboards. Then he creates a thread on 4chan announcing the creation of a new board called /ñ/, with chileanons who felt roneries at 4chan and decided to aim Takato.
    Quickly, 6-chan became notorious and with no-cancer (I-I-I-Impossible!!!), but only with the moderators posting in the board, but with a little /b/lackup and some anons inviting his friends and family, /ñ/ become a board with great Chilean power.


    At the beginning of this year, the cancer and AIDS started spreading. Noone knows how this was possible. At mid-2009, 6-chan started to look like a fucking 4ch0n-wannabe, so every oldfag started to cry and the most of them just left the imageboard. A new age of cancer and shadow started. ;_;


    The cancer has been rectified by the grammar nazis, now at least the retards write good enough to understand what their saying. A lot of people post on 6-chan, the rate of post grow up like an 400% since 2009(shitty threads, boring stuff, etc etc). But the day of the cancerkiller will COME!

    This day was a August 11th, day he assumed control of the administration, the highest excellence, Twitter-favicon.png sebastianpirana Lord Sebastian Piraña]

    In his welcome message, promised to change the way the rule the new empire, but until today, nothing has changed, only the cancer and AIDS has grown to alarming levels, especially now that accept proxy connections from foreigners.


    Because of a mistyping from Takato, the boards are now well-known as bards.


    /cl/ - Noticias Nacionales
    /noticias/ - Noticias Internacionales


    /o/ - Oekaki


    /a/ - Anime y Manga
    /b/ - Random
    /ñ/ - Chileño
    /p/ - Pedidos
    /t/ - Tecnología
    /fan/ - Fanarts
    /v/ - Videojuegos
    /sug/ - Sugerencias
    /tv/ - Television
    /co/ - Comics
    /m/ - Musica
    /kiwi/ - Kiwidiape
    /x/ - Paranormal
    /mr/ Minas Ricas

    Faggot's Imagebards

    /cm/ - Cute Males
    /cr/ - Cocina y Recetas(same as /kit/)
    /drg/ - Flaites (drug experiences, shitty people)

    Baleeted bards

    Because of the new software

    /f/ - Flash Nop.
    /yt/ - JewTube Keep dreaming.

    Because they were lame

    /ct/ - cap-tan This is not fair.
    /w/ - Wallpapers
    /cm/ - Cute/Male
    /to/ - Torrents
    /up/ - Uploads
    /y/ - Yaoi
    /yu/ - Yuri
    /sbw/ - Bellas Mujeres Sexys

    Because they were created for the lulz


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