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    FoundationJanuary 2004
    Major Boards/b/
    Epic WinsBeing a 4chan alternative when dead.
    BarnacleEd, original 5chan's creator.


    A chan that had at least 4 admins.

    What it used to be

    It is now a man and woman text posting page that makes an image for each post using the first image found searching the post on google images. Since you can't post as a trap or an alien many manifestations worldwide and in the universe have occurred.

    Much later, it redirected to Anonmanon (dead), a shitty Web 2.0 site that failed to troll GETfags with random post numbers.


    5chan was an alternative to 4chan created in January 2004 by a former user of 4chan that had a beef with mootykins.

    It was unlike most normal chan imageboards in that it did not use the futaba image board software, and as a result suffered from frequent site crashes and slow load times. It attempted to cater to many kinds of sexual fetishes by having a stupendous amount of different boards, most notably, a furry board, which no other *chan at the time had catered to, but ultimately ended up failing for generally not being as no-holds-barred and chaotic as 4chan.

    Rise and Fall of Popularity

    5chan did not really gain any popularity until 4chan died for a 4th time in 2004 due to moot running out of money and a huge flood from the GNAA. These events were multiplied when 4chan's now non-existent /l/oli board caused the PayPal donations account to be locked, thus forcing nearly all subsequent donations to require the use of a credit card.

    As a result, many 4channers flocked to 5chan, expecting a 4chan clone. Instead, they got a /b/ which they couldn't flood with 4chan faggotry, as they would get b&. They were also greeted with a furry board, a shitty substitute for the futaba software, that was not only ugly but slow, and, being affiliated with Hentaikey, the feel of being on a pay-per-view hentai site with really shit content, like the "Yuri and Friends" doujins that everyone has read already, and "CLICK HERE FOR MORE HOT ANIME SLUTS" plastered all over the site. In other words, shit.

    5chan's problem was, perhaps, that it was too user-friendly. It did not have the same massive faggotry and chaos that 4chan did, and that upset many 4channers. Most of them jumped ship to iichan/idlechan (now a collection of hosted futaba-based boards known as Wakachan), a board run by Thock, which was originally intended to be a placeholder board for 4chan until it's return.

    Gay Rivalries

    A /b/itchfest ensued between iichan and 5chan (not helped by the fact Thock and Zabadab, 5chan's second owner, both hated each other's guts). Iichan generally maintained the upper hand due to a larger userbase and frequent DDoS attacks on 5chan (which Thock claimed was not the doing of iichan users). However, iichan's PayPal account, with $540 worth of donations, was suddenly locked, suspected to be the work of Zabadab.

    Thock was pretty pissed off at this, and proceeded to act like all real men do and had an INTERNET ARGUMENT with Zabadab. This eventually resulted in 5chan being taken down in August of 2004 after Zabadab had his period. 5chan returned one month later, but Zabadab had a tiff with his bum chums at Hentaikey, and the site went down a month later. A few returns were attempted, but because of the site's dangerously high levels of furfaggotry, it was never possible.

    Last time 5chan was a chan

    Used to redirect to Anonmanon (dead), a shitty Web 2.0 site that failed to troll GETfags with random post numbers. The 5chan overlord put the site for sale.

    YouTube era

    On Saturday, September 29th, 2012, the 5chan.org domain was purchased by a couple of 30 something yr old wannabe comedians. It soon after became a redirect URL to their YouTube account, with their most popular video being "The Sniffer", a video of a creepy lazy eyed nigger with horse teeth breaking into his own house to smell dirty laundry. Since the current owners of 5chan know that 99% of their traffic are people accidentally typing in a 5 instead of a 4, they made their slogan "You've made a mistake."


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